to John McCain: Drop Dead/ Fake Polls Continue

We all have heard the term “drop dead”, referring to someone whom we do not like, or who has angered us.

Well, has said this often about many politicians including Obama, Hillary, Biden, Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Boehner, ‘Miss America’ Susan Collins and Arizona senator John McCain. And now that McCain has brain cancer, am I going to stop saying it?

Heck, no. I repeat: “Senator McCain, drop dead. The sooner the better… “

Why should I change now? I know that I speak for tens of millions of Americans who do not have the courage to say it now that McCain has been diagnosed with cancer.

Oh, sure, we are supposed to all of a sudden love poor ol’ senator McCain now that he is dying. We are supposed to say that we wish that he could be with us forever, that we really adore him.

Uhh, sorry. After he has stabbed us conservatives in the back over and over and over, I have no sympathy for McCain.

McCain is and always has been a political skunk. I personally am disgusted at the sight of this man, and his whiny Bugs Bunny voice and that deformed cheek of his. I wish that I never had to see him again, along with a lot of other people in Washington. My wish may soon come true.

The last straw was McCain’s despicable speech on the Senate floor before the Obamacare vote in which he castigated the “loudmouths on talk radio and the internet”. He obviously was trying to be Mr. Nice Guy Moderate so that the media would be nice to him now that he has one foot in the grave. But then, bingo, he screwed us – again – by stopping the Obamacare repeal with his one vote.

Well, senator, is one of those “loudmouths” and I don’t have a rich wife like you do. I live among the real people in America who need some relief from the terrible policies that you and your Democrat friends have inflicted on America over the last few decades.

Oh, I know, senator, that you are allegedly a “war hero”, that you could have left the Vietnamese prison camp but stayed behind to be with your buddies. believes that that probably was a political stunt too, like everything that McCain does, that he calculated that someday he would be able to run for office as a “war hero”. It certainly has sold well; he has been milking it for 50 years. Otherwise nobody would care about this guy.

But McCain is no hero to the tens of millions of Americans who are tired of his political opportunism and grandstanding, doing whatever appears to be in his political interest at any given moment and leaving us holding the bag.

McCain is a loser, from his failed presidential primary run in 2000 to his failed presidential run in 2008, when he put on the most lame campaign in modern American politics. The less we see of him, the better.

Beware of Fake Polls about Trump Popularity

We keep seeing polls about president Trump’s popularity, that he is going down the drain, that he can’t survive.

Don’t believe them, friends. They are part of a huge media scam. The polls in the 2016 election were off by as many as 24 points, i.e., some polls showed Hillary Clinton winning by 10 points, while Trump won the Electoral College by 14 points (57% to 43%).

The “expert” and long-revered election prognosticator Larry Sabato even predicted that Hillary would win the Electoral College by 62% to 38% (24 points) and so he was wrong by an astounding 38 points.

Another “genius”, the election forecaster Nate Silver, had Hillary with a 92% chance of winning at one point. But on election night Silver’s meter went to 91% for Trump, and then to 100%. So that is a swing of 192 points. Wow. That is as wrong as you can get.

So who says that any of these recent polls are any better?

You never should believe them. Now we see these “polls” that show Trump’s popularity or ‘job approval’ is at 41%. And says: So what. Trump will still win re-election easily, for two reasons:

*These polls are intentionally biased by Trump haters, and they usually over-sample Democrat by a big margin.

*If Trump remains at just 51% in the counties and states that he won, then he will win re-election. And believes that he is easily maintaining that margin. In fact the so-called 41% could be an average of 57% approval in Trump counties – which is possible – and 25% in liberal counties, which is also possible. Averaged out, that is 41%… and Trump still wins re-election handily.

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