Media Skunks Soft-Soap Murderous MS-13 Gang

Fox News reported:

President Trump gave an impassioned speech on Friday, vowing to “destroy the vile criminal cartel” MS-13 — but some in the media lambasted him for talking tough about the brutal gang, and instead presented sympathetic coverage of the group known for carrying out gruesome murders.

Trump’s Friday speech on Long Island, where MS-13 gang members have wreaked havoc, highlighted his plan to crack down on gang violence and enforce immigration policies to prevent criminals from illegally entering the United States.

“(MS-13 has) transformed peaceful parks and beautiful quiet neighborhoods into blood-stained killing fields. They’re animals. We cannot tolerate as a society the spilling of innocent, young, wonderful vibrant people,” Trump said to an audience of law enforcement officials, who mostly cheered in approval.

But despite the president’s pledge to stop the killings and keep Americans safe from gang members, several left-leaning outlets asserted Trump was making the gang “stronger” with his rhetoric.

CNN claimed Trump’s speech was “emboldening” MS-13, allowing the group to more easily recruit members because, the network said, the president and his policies were instilling fear in illegal immigrants. CNN’s Dan Lieberman even went so far as to interview two gang members who complained “murders from MS-13 don’t only hurt one family, but hurt both.”

OK, so first, MS-13 gang members are illegal aliens from El Salvador, a fact that liberal media outlets conveniently omit.

Second, we have seen this type of soft-on-crime narrative everywhere in the hard-left US media over the last 50 years – bad people are made out to be good and good people, like police and military, are made to seem bad. This is intended to undermine our social stability, which is the goal of our media.

This quote in the Lieberman story also is a new media theme – that when, for instance, an MS-13 gang member murders an innocent person that the innocent person’s family is obviously hurt but that the gang member’s family is also hurt since they are going to lose their MS-13 family member to jail (sob, sob…) This also applies to black murderers and illegal immigrant rapists.

These leftists also claim over and over that anyone who opposes criminals and terrorists and who wants to kill terrorists is “emboldening” terrorists and encouraging more young terrorists to join the ranks.

This is nonsense and is intended to undermine the whole idea of law and order, to suggest that it is a bad idea to deal harshly with evil people. But since president Trump has taken office and has hammered terrorists with relentless bombing attacks, both the wars in Syria and Iraq have wound down as terrorist ranks are decimated by the thousands. And rest assured that these killings of terrorists are discouraging new terror recruits.

This is no surprise since the only thing that evil gang members and terrorists understand and fear is force, and now Trump is applying heavy force to criminal gangs in the US. Good.

But alas, look at this quote from the CNN story from a kid living in an MS-13 area:

“I started growing up in that type of neighborhood. I didn’t really get love from my family. Where I grew up, [MS-13] were there, almost all of them,” one member told Lieberman. “They seemed like really nice people. They were there for me through tough times.”

This is the same meme from the socialist left that they have been promoting for decades, i.e., that criminal gangs are really role models and “family” to millions of young kids. This is intended to corrupt the idea of what a “family” is.

But there is an antidote to MS-13. Fox news reported:

MS-13 doesn’t fear prison, President Trump or even death. But there is one thing that scares the hell out of tattooed members of the murderous Central American gang: La Sombra Negra.

Spanish for “The Black Shadow,” La Sombra Negra is a mysterious paramilitary organization that is part death squad, part vigilante group, and dedicated to responding in extreme kind to MS-13’s ruthlessness. MS-13 members captured by La Somba Negra purportedly have been sexually tortured and dismembered before being dispatched with a bullet, their bodies left to be discovered by family or fellow gang members.

While La Somba Negra, believed to be made up of police and military members, is not active in the U.S., where President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have declared war on MS-13, they have proven a major deterrent to the gang’s activities in its homeland.

We can be sure that the American and international media are waging a publicity campaign against La Sombra Negra for hurting poor little MS-13.

We conservatives have said for decades that liberals and their media cronies are relentlessly pro-criminal. They defend criminals at every turn with special legal groups, media coverage and tactics; exonerate and excuse criminals; use every technicality to get lenient treatment for them; explain away criminal behavior; claim that criminal behavior is not really bad, etc. Fox News reported:

(Liberal commentator) Jemelle Bouie said Trump’s speeches on MS-13 and illegal immigration used words to “make white people afraid.”

“Trump wasn’t just connecting immigrants with violent crime. He was using an outright racist trope: that of the violent, sadistic black or brown criminal, preying on innocent (usually white) women,” Bouie wrote.

Unfortunately for Bouie, who is black, most of the people living in fear of ‘black or brown’ criminals and MS-13 gang members are hispanic, black, and low-income immigrants and illegal immigrants who live in bad neighborhoods.

But Bouie would not care. He is part of the left-wing black media elite which has no regard for the lives of poor people who live in bad neighborhoods.

And by the way, white people should be afraid. White people have spent thousands of years building stable societies based on hard work. That is why the US and Europe are the main destinations for the world’s poor, while nobody is desperately running to black Africa or Yemen or to El Salvador where MS-13 comes from.

Yet the media narrative is that the fear of black criminals by white people is “racist” when in fact it is perfectly natural. Fox News reported:

Washington Post columnist Philip Bump used this tact to criticize Trump, too, when the president, on Wednesday visited Ohio and told a story about gang violence.

“This anecdote, referring to a murder in Virginia, is Trump’s graphic depiction of Hispanic immigrants in the United States: Violent, bloodthirsty animals,” he wrote.

At another point in the column, Bump added: “To cheers, he returned to the tactic with which he launched his campaign: Painting immigrants as criminals who must be thrown out of the country.”

Note to Bump from Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are bloodthirsty animals and criminals who should be thrown out of the country.

If you want to know how bizarre this situation has become, look at this from Breitbart News on another issue involving illegal immigration:

Police in New York City expressed frustration about not being able to stop naked panhandlers from harassing the public because most of them are illegal aliens. Their status makes it difficult to enforce tickets because of Mayor de Blasio’s sanctuary city policies.

The city established “Designated Activity Zones” (DAZ) in 2016 to provide a place for “costumed characters” a place to work for tips. Some of these panhandlers, called desnudas, are nude women wearing painted on costumes. Law enforcement officers frequently decline to ticket panhandling violations because most of them are illegal aliens, the Daily Mail reported.

A proposal to license desnudas and other street merchants failed because “most of the panhandlers are illegal immigrants and they wouldn’t register anyway,” a law enforcement source told the New York Post. “Besides, the administration at City Hall isn’t interested in going after illegals in this capacity.”

So now families from Ohio who visit New York are being accosted on the streets of a prime tourist destination by naked illegal alien women. This is typical of what happens when a far-left mayor takes over. recommends that conservatives avoid New York City.

Meanwhile the mainstream media are silent about illegal immigrant crime, like MS-13, but routinely defame law-abiding America and president Trump. A commentator named Fareed Zakaria said on CNN that America was “becoming irrelevant” to the rest of the world under president Trump. He added:

“The world has gone through bouts of anti-Americanism before. But this one feels very different. First, there is the sheer shock at what is going on, the bizarre candidacy of Donald Trump, which has been followed by an utterly chaotic presidency. … People around the world increasingly believe that they can make do without America. Trump’s presidency has made the U.S. something worse than being feared or derided. It is becoming irrelevant.”

Thus challenges Zakaria to explain why billions of people want desperately to come to the US, and why millions of illegal aliens continue to come to the United States and then refuse to leave, and hide in churches and ‘sanctuary cities’.

Why do millions of skilled and educated people from all over the world continue to come to America to succeed? After all Zakaria himself is a muslim from India. And so wonders why Zakaria criticizes America after he consciously and intentionally migrated here.

Why doesn’t he go back to India if America is so bad? Or go to Pakistan or some other muslim nation where he would fit in?

Why haven’t these Hollywood goons like Cher left the country after they promised to do so if Trump got elected?

These are good and serious questions…

Now here is a quick word about allegedly “rising sea levels”, not from the ‘green’ huckster Al Gore but from someone who should know. This is from The Daily Caller about Chesapeake Bay, which is a large inlet of the ocean surrounded by Maryland and Virginia:

Al Gore was challenged on climate science Tuesday night when the mayor of Tangier Island, a community threatened by coastal erosion, told (Gore) he hadn’t seen the sea level change since he began his first career as a commercial crabber in 1970.

Gore was taking questions from the audience on a CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper when the fisherman and Tangier Island mayor James Eskridge refuted Gore’s assertion that rising sea levels were endangering coastal communities.

“I’m a commercial (crab fisherman) and I’ve been working the Chesapeake Bay for 50+ years. I have a crab house business out on the water and the water level is the same as it was when the place was built in 1970,” Eskridge said. “I’m not a scientist, but I am a keen observer and if sea level rises are occurring, why am I not seeing signs of it?”

Eskridge went on to say that erosion was slowly eating away at the island, but it was a natural force caused by “wave action [and] storms.”

Enough said. And then we wonder: When was the last time Al Gore went crabbing or fishing to observe the actual long-term effects of non-existent “rising sea levels”?

Answer: Never. Everything Gore says is theoretical nonsense that is unrelated to the real world. It is all designed to make Al Gore rich.

Now here is one final word about voter fraud in California. The Gateway Pundit reported on August 2, 2017:

Over 900,000 illegal immigrants own a California driver’s license and that total is expected to climb to over 1 million by January of 2018.

The numbers will only continue to rise from there.

By the time June wrapped up, over 900,000 illegal immigrants took advantage and were registered under California Assembly Bill 60, which requires ONLY proof of identity and residency – NOT immigration status – to receive a license to drive a vehicle.

Now here is National Public Radio reporting on October 11, 2015:

In a move lawmakers hope will drive more Californians to the polls, Gov. Jerry Brown approved legislation that automatically registers citizens to vote when they obtain or renew driver’s licenses or state identification cards.

The measure, known as the “New Motor Voter Act,” was signed into law Saturday. California joins Oregon as the second state in the nation opting to register voters through its department of motor vehicles.

So, to summarize:
*illegal immigrants can easily get driver’s licenses in California;
*you are automatically registered to vote when you get a driver’s license in California;
*thus illegal immigrants are automatically registered to vote when they get driver’s licenses.

So no wonder California is a radical leftist state. They are cultivating an illegal voter base that is growing every day. This is a classic Democrat party tactic.

Thus it is no surprise that Democrats are terrified of president Trump and his voter fraud commission. Let us pray that this commission succeeds in wiping out the cancer of fraud that Democrats have been foisting on our election system for the last 150 years.

Perhaps the commission could start by requesting the deportation of all one million illegal immigrants in California who are unlawfully registered to vote. And jailing the elected officials who have allowed this to happen.

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