Conservatives are Realists, Which is the Best Way to Be

Modern-day liberals believe that the world can be made perfect if we work hard enough, and that it is the failures of man that prevent the world from being ideal. And that Democrats, liberals, socialists and leftists have the ideas, imposed by government, to make the world flawless.

This approach comes out of liberal strongholds like the universities and the media where an alleged utopia is created through words and ideas, not deeds. And also through massive handouts of taxpayer money to select people.

Liberals also see nature as being perfect, and that if man simply would get in tune with the perfection of nature that we could create utopia on earth. This is another canard but it shows why liberals embrace militant environmentalism while ignoring the harsh reality that nature is the most brutal killer of all.

Unfortunately this intentional pursuit of perfection is a dead end. Perfection is unattainable and the pursuit of it leads to disappointment, anger and worse. That is why Democrats feel perpetually disenfranchised since society always will fall short of their idealized vision.

In short liberals are “idealistic” which is the most dangerous ideology of all since it cannot be attained

On the other hand, conservatives are “realistic”, which is the best approach. In fact we conservatives much more often approach the ideal state when we are “realistic”. Just look at the great technology and art of Western civilization. Or how every poor person in the world wants to come to America, but does not want to go communist China or Cuba where everything was supposed to be theoretically perfect under an all-caring government.

Modern-day conservatism begins with the concept that the world is chaotic and that the only way that man can better his lot is to be realistic and then work hard to escape from chaos, and to look up to the only real perfection which is God, who represents universal order.

Conservatives see nature as being beautiful, but cruel and arbitrary. They do not wish to model man on nature but on a better and higher form of man attained through scholarship and discipline and finally a belief in and embrace of a Supreme Being who reigns over nature, which He created.

Atheistic communism, on the other hand, has been summarized in a theory that predicts a utopian society once its principles are applied. The theory says that each person should receive “according to his needs”. Yet when this principle has been applied in communist nations the result has been economic deprivation, starvation and mass genocide.

The Christian Holy Bible, on the other hand, preaches in Romans 2:6

Who will render to every man according to his deeds

Notice how the communists have taken almost the same phrase and very deceptively turned it completely around 180 degrees, saying that each should receive according to his “needs” and not his “deeds”. This is totally devious, but intentional. This is how the devil works to deceive man.

The Bible is infinitely wiser. After all, a homeless bum living in the street may decide that he wants to live in a nice apartment, and this may be called his “need” by the socialist left.

But the bum may not be doing any deeds that prove him worthy of living in a nice apartment. He may be a thief and a liar. Or lazy, dirty and manipulative. After all, we know that you must give something to the world in order to get something back. On the other hand communism says that there is no such requirement to give, only to receive according to you “need”. And everyone has “needs”.

This forms the foundation for socialism – whatever you want, you can get and you just need to ask for it.

What does conservatism want for man? Perfection?

Hardly. Conservatism wants freedom so that man can attempt to better himself in the only way he knows how, by his own hands and abilities, i.e., by his deeds and by being realistic about his capabilities.

Men and women have proven to be amazingly creative and efficient at bettering themselves if given the opportunity to do so. In fact they will come vastly closer to ideal perfection under conservatism than they ever will under idealistic socialism with its crushing government control and subsequent corruption and inefficiency.

Conservatism, and freedom itself, are by nature unruly. In its extreme form conservatism is like a neighborhood that has no zoning laws such that a factory may appear next to a residence. This is the criticism that liberals offer, that there is not enough government in conservatism, that it is far too dependent on individual initiative and whim, and that we need the heavy hand of government in order to create the perfect neighborhood.

But conservatives also believe that individuals, when empowered with their freedom and prosperity, will ultimately figure out realistic ways to police themselves, and that that is the way that people best can govern, from the bottom up. And that prosperous and free people ultimately will make good laws, like zoning laws and all of the other laws governing every other kind of behavior.

In fact we are seeing today that liberal themselves contradict their claim that they stand for something as simple as good zoning. For instance, they are sticking massive solar panel arrays and windmills in places that they should never be. In my town in Massachusetts there is an ugly black solar array of several acres right next to a beautiful historical village museum.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe in perfection from the top down, from the government down, not trusting the people.
Ultimately conservatives, believing in God, see man as thoroughly imperfect in the eyes of the Supreme Being, and that only through His guidance can we ever begin to approach the better and higher nature that we seek.

In free Christian nations like the United States we have seen man rising to his highest level as if a gift from God. Our great freedom, along with scientific advancement, technology, architecture, art and literature, all come from a knowledge that is nurtured by individuals in the context of a greater and better society. And only by believing in people as channels from a higher power do conservatives see man as able to do his best.

The liberal pursuit of idealized perfection, on the other hand, is a never-ending series of disappointments and failures since they see the triumphs of relatively conservative and individualistic societies – like the great symphonies of Europe – as something that they can emulate in their radical utopian societies, but never can achieve.

When socialists expect the unexpected from people who cannot deliver it, disappointment is bound to result. As well as failure, anger and much, much worse.

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