More Media Distortion to Smear the President

There was a post on the internet recently that president Trump had allegedly lied about a story from the 1980s in which he claimed that a certain New York City restaurant had hired some expensive consultants and had built a new kitchen after the consultants recommended it.

Trump allegedly said that the consultants were unnecessary, in order to make a point about hired consultants and outside “experts”. Trump said that it was just common sense that the kitchen be re-designed. But then the restaurant owner was contacted by the media and said that the Trump story was false, that he had never hired such consultants.

So first, notice that the media immediately sought out the restaurant owner to verify the story. This is what they do with every word that Trump utters. They have to constantly find ways to attack the president by finding something, anything to impugn him over.

Second, Trump was allegedly telling the restaurant story as a harmless anecdote. And we all know that we sometimes get the details wrong, particularly about a minor story that happened decades ago.

It gets worse. Trump’s alleged telling of the restaurant story was only “reported”; there is no audio recording of the comment. So perhaps the person who reported the story reported it wrong or made it up. This would comport with the abhorrent behavior the anti-Trump media of the last two years.

But still a major website claimed that Trump had “lied” as if he set out to deceive us over a story that indeed did happen in the 1980s, perhaps at another restaurant and not at the one that Trump had mentioned. In fact the restaurant that Trump allegedly mentioned, the elite 21 Club, did build a new kitchen in 1987. So some of the story appears to be true, but Trump may have gotten some details wrong. To which says: So what? Give the man a break!

Meanwhile these same media skunks never have asked whether the restaurant owner may have mis-remembered the incident or even lied about it in order to smear Trump. No, as far as the media are concerned it is always Trump who is wrong.

And this, friends, is what we are up against every minute of every day. If president Trump says “Have a nice day” some media rat will report that he said “Have a nasty day”.

The Washington Post recently published “transcripts” of phone conversations that president Trump held with the presidents of Australia and Mexico. One of Trump’s alleged comments to the Mexican president was about widespread drug use in New Hampshire.

This would obviously create a negative image for Trump among the people of New Hampshire in a crucial state that he needs when he runs for re-election in 2020. How convenient for the Trump haters.

But who says that these “transcripts” are genuine in the first place? has not heard the original tapes. Nobody has. These transcripts could have been doctored anywhere along the line, from the person who leaked them, to the Washington Post itself. After all, the Washington Post certainly got the transcripts electronically and it would only take a few key strokes to re-word them in an unflattering way.

The transcript also said that president Trump told the Mexican president to stop opposing the border wall and that Mexico must pay for the wall because Trump campaigned on the issue of Mexico paying.

This would obviously create more animosity toward Trump in Mexico and among many Americans. But again, who says that president Trump actually said these things?

This goes along with dozens of media stories over the last two years about Trump in which sources are anonymous or unnamed, i.e., unverified “fake news”.

In short, everything that the media say and do is intended to undermine Trump, like one internet site reporting that Trump had called the White House “a real dump”. Yet there is no proof at all that he said it and president Trump has denied it.

In fact Rush Limbaugh said that he had visited the president in the White House in February 2017 and that the president was very respectful of the White House. So the “dump” quote does not sound legitimate to begin with. never believed the “dump” quote anyway.

On another subject, the media are reporting that Trump’s approval numbers are down in the 30s. But these are the same media hounds that said that Hillary was a shoo-in to win the White House. Why should we believe them now?

One of America’s top election prognosticators named Larry Sabato said on the day before the 2016 election that Hillary was going to win the Electoral College by 62% to 38%, or by 24 points. Yet Trump won 57% to 43%.

In other words Trump won the Electoral College by 14 points and thus Sabato was wrong by a whopping 38 points out of only 100 points. Wow. Amazing. Even Sabato was shocked, and he acted like he had done nothing wrong except to miscalculate according to the data that he was given.

In fact Sabato is just another media figure who is guilty of gross professional malpractice. He obviously had no idea what was going on, only what his media friends told him, just like we do not know what president Trump said about New Hampshire – or even if he said it – but only what we are told. Or what he said about the restaurant. Or the border wall.

So why should we believe Sabato or any of these pollsters? Or the Washington Post? They can make a poll or a transcript say anything that they want. Polls can be easily rigged in any number of ways to say anything that the pollster desires. suggested many times before the election to add 5 to 10 points for the Republican candidate to most polls to see what the election is going to do. In Sabato’s case we needed to add 38 points. Wow.

Look at the economy. Reported the LA Times:

The U.S. economy rebounded this spring after a weak winter, expanding at a solid 2.6% annual rate as consumers picked up their spending pace, the Commerce Department said Friday.

This goes along with skyrocketing economic confidence across the nation while we know that the mere presence of Trump in the White House has had a major positive impact on the economy. If Trump gets his economic plan passed we will see 3% to 4% growth within a year and maybe 5%. This will put millions more people back to work and give them hope, and reduce our deficits and debt.

Meanwhile several polls say that Trump’s approval numbers are in the 30s. But how can this be true with the economy improving so much?

This is happening because the media are setting out each and every day to bring down president Trump while hiding the good news – that the economy is improving, illegal immigration is way down, violent gang members are being deported, confidence in our police and military are growing. Etc.

It recently was announced that the international electronics giant Foxconn would invest $10 billion to build a plant and employ 13,000 people in Wisconsin. The plan came at the urging of president Trump, who sealed the deal with his personal appeals for the plant.

But lo and behold this Foxconn story was in the news only briefly since it reflected well on Trump and would push up his poll numbers, like so many issues would if they were reported honestly.

Meanwhile economic growth under Obama averaged a dismal 1.5% over eight years. And when you look at Obama’s daily poll numbers from Gallup over 8 years he spent a lot of time at or below 40% and that was with a sycophantic press.

If the press treated Obama like they treat Trump, Obama would have had a 10% approval rating during some of his presidency, and never would have gone above 40%. If the media treated Trump the way they treat Obama then Trump would be at 65% approval today.

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