Media Glamorize Fake ‘Green’ Fuel Economy Standards

For decades now, the media have glamorized environmentalism even though the “solutions” offered by the ‘greenies’ always harm both the economy and the environment too.

For instance, the ‘greenies’ are conducting a crusade to halt the construction of, and even to close down existing nuclear power plants and coal-fired plants to generate electricity.

Their main alternative is windmills. Yet windmills are grossly inefficient; they push up power costs; they have high rates of failure since they are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions; new power line corridors need to be slashed through the forest to get power from mountaintop windmills down to the electricity grid in the valleys; estimates that wind power can consume up to 1,000 times as much in steel, copper, composite and concrete as a nuclear power plant for the same amount of power; windmills are massively expensive to maintain in good operating order; their power production is intermittent; they cause ‘climate change’ by interrupting the natural flow of winds; they kill millions of birds; and worst of all they destroy the countryside with their ugly industrial presences.

If ‘greens’ had their way every mountaintop, rural meadow, farm field, coastline, small town, suburb and desert plateau in America would be blanketed in giant 400-foot tall windmills and our electricity prices would be 10 times what they are today.

Remember the Golden Rule: Every windmill installed subtracts from our energy supply because we are investing scarce resources in INefficiency. This eventually will kill our energy supply. It already is doing so. That is why electricity prices are going up.

In another example of loopy environmentalism the state of Massachusetts now has a tree-planting program aimed at “low-income neighborhoods” (what else…) The trees allegedly are supposed to bring down heating costs by blocking Winter winds, and cut cooling costs by offering shade in the Summer.

So after the state wastes millions of taxpayer dollars on the program, you get the tree delivered to your yard and then you do all the work of making sure it is properly planted, fed, watered and straightened with cables, which is no easy task. Then voila!, in just 30 short years you get the wind blocked in the Winter and the sun blocked in the Summer.

Expectedly the program is finding few takers since it actually requires homeowners to do a significant amount of work in exchange for those long-term benefits. If you ever have tried planting trees, you know that it is a big job that can easily fail if not done properly.

Now the same deranged ‘greens’ are criticizing president Trump over his proposal to roll back fuel efficiency standards for cars. Yet these standards push up the price of cars, offer Americans smaller and lighter cars that are more dangerous in a crash, and they actually waste energy.

How? Well, it is a statistical fact that the owner of a more fuel-efficient car drives it more and more miles and, in the end, often equals or surpasses his previous car’s fuel consumption level, i.e., fuel-efficient cars lead to higher overall fuel consumption, not lower.

In short most drivers tailor their energy use to how much they can afford to drive, not on miles driven or gasoline consumed.

Now here are excerpts from an article on CBS News to expose how this fuel-efficiency standard for cars works (or rather, does not work). Each excerpt is followed by a comment:

CBS News reports: The so-called Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE, standards may be a mouthful, but it’s fair to say that all motorists in the U.S. today have experienced their impact.

The federal fuel-efficiency requirements have their roots in the 1970s, when Americans tended to drive gas guzzlers, only to face sticker shock at the pump following the 1973 OPEC oil embargo. comment: That ‘Arab oil embargo’ was a political, man-made event, and it was temporary. The crisis was then exacerbated by long lines at service stations that resulted from gasoline rationing – another man-made problem.

Today we have historically low gasoline prices and no shortages since we are allowing the US industry to produce abundant oil using super-efficient ‘fracking’. This prevents the OPEC cartel from manipulating global oil prices for their benefit, which happens when oil supplies are restricted by ‘greenies’.

CBS News reports: Under the Obama administration, the standards were tightened again, with the goal of pushing fuel economy standards to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. comment: This is intended to cram us all into unsafe and uncomfortable small cars and limit our freedom by limiting our choices, as all environmentalism does.

CBS News reports: Under President Donald Trump, that goal is now in limbo. Mr. Trump on Wednesday announced plans to re-examine the fuel mandates, taking a step back from Obama-era environmental regulations. Trump administration officials contend that the rules stifle economic growth. By contrast, fuel-standard advocates say the rules help consumers save money by reducing their costs at the gas pump, while also making automakers more competitive with foreign competitors. comment: These fuel efficiency standards are totally artificial. They are set arbitrarily by environmentalists. There is no established number. To say that Trump is going to “roll back” standards is nonsense. He simply wants to allow the free market to produce the cars that it wants to produce. And by teaming up with an oil industry that is allowed to produce fuel as it is able to do with existing technology, these fuel efficiency issues will be solved naturally, without the need for massive government intervention.

CBS News reports: American automakers also stand to lose if they fail to produce vehicles that are competitive with overseas manufacturers, said David Richardson, executive director of Impax Asset Management, a $7 billion investment firm that focuses on strategies including renewable energy and energy efficiency. comment: OK, first, this guy Richardson is a ‘green’ profiteer and so he is going to say bad things about cars and traditional energy sources like oil.

Then he implies that American automakers are going to follow a strategy that destroys their industry if the government does not intervene. This is preposterous. These car companies are free today to make as many small economy models as they want, but they don’t. They make bigger cars intentionally because most Americans or Europeans do not want tiny cars.

CBS News reports: CAFE standards are mile-per-gallon targets for cars and trucks set by the U.S. government. The standards are based on size and are weighted by sales. Each manufacturer has a different requirement based on the models it sells.

Congress required the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to develop CAFE standards in 1975 after gasoline shortages during the Arab oil embargo. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency began regulating greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles in 2007. The agencies work together to produce CAFE standards.

The standard for passenger cars stayed at 27.5 mpg from 1990 until 2007. In 2009, the government set a fuel economy standard of 34.1 mpg for cars and light trucks by 2016. In 2012, it set a new target of 54.5 mpg by 2025. The number can change depending on the mix of vehicles customers buy. Right now, it stands at 51.4 mpg because people are buying more SUVs and trucks. comment: Look at all of that government intervention. Yet the ‘greenies’ want even more government control. This is how they always work. They are never satisfied. Britain’s eco-loons even want to ban all gasoline and diesel cars starting in 2040.

CBS News reports: President Trump wants automakers to expand production in the U.S. and hire more workers. In exchange, he has promised to cut regulations and taxes. Gasoline is more than $1 per gallon cheaper than it was in 2012, when the standards were issued. The low prices hurt demand for more fuel-efficient cars. If those cars don’t sell, their high mileage can’t be counted toward an automaker’s corporate average fuel economy. comment: See that last part – ‘If those cars don’t sell, their high mileage can’t be counted toward an automaker’s corporate average fuel economy.’ This is how the ‘greenies’ totally micro-manage everything their way. We cannot get away from these people unless we defeat them at the ballot box, which we started doing by electing Trump.

CBS News reports: Manufacturers have introduced all-electric cars like the Chevrolet Bolt and increased the use of lightweight materials like aluminum. Engine technologies, such as direct fuel injection, and more efficient transmissions are also contributing. The standards give manufacturers extra credit for new technologies, such as hybrid engines for pickup trucks and stop-start systems, which automatically shut off the engine when the vehicle stops in traffic. comment: calculates that electric cars use two to four times as much energy per mile as gasoline powered cars. Electric and hybrid cars are expensive novelty items that only sell because they are subsidized by taxpayers.

Then imagine the car shutting off and turning back on at every stop sign and red light, and every time the car stops in traffic, or sits in the driveway for 30 seconds. This is totally absurd. This is classic crazy environmentalism.

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