Solar Eclipse Showed the Hand of God at Work

The solar eclipse was a spectacular and rare event. The next one will be in 2019 (visible in South America) and then the next one visible in the US will be 2024. So I will definitely experience that one, which is expected to be visible at its peak in New England.

I live in Massachusetts and so it got a little grey for the August 21 eclipse. At one brief moment with the clouds almost blocking the sun I glanced up quickly and saw the dark disk of the moon covering part of the sun’s bright face.

Wow. It sent chills up my spine. And when I thought about the lunar eclipse of 2015 which I witnessed in full, when there was not a cloud in the night sky, I realized that we had had two awesome shows in a brief period of time.

I watched the lunar eclipse alone in a field. Not a soul around. Dead quiet and under a bright moon. And I remember thinking at the time that I was certain once again that God had created the universe.

Think about it. The sun is a sphere. The moon is a sphere. The earth is a sphere. So are the planets. Yet somehow we are supposed to think that all of this happened without any kind of “intelligent design” or “master plan”.

I don’t think so…

Why is the earth not shaped like a potato? Or like a potato chip?! Or a lump of coal? Or a string bean? How did our earth just happen to be a sphere that just happens to rotate on its axis every 24 hours? And circles the sun every 365 days. And the sun just happens to be the perfect distance from earth to give us life, but not burn us to a crisp.

Yet some people still believe that this whole system evolved out of the random chaos of the universe, just like the same people say that man evolved from fish.

No, friends, let me tell you what really happened. God created the universe, and the world, and the earth and the sun, and God created man and woman and the animals and the trees and lakes and oceans. And the mountains. And the clouds. And everything else. This is only one rational explanation for the world that we live in.

Atheists can argue all day long that the universe miraculously evolved out of chaos and nothingness, like the so-called ‘big bang theory’ seems to suggest.

And that that chaos somehow miraculously evolved into the order that we know on earth today as created by man – the order that built the Parthenon in Ancient Greece, that allowed Leonardo da Vince to create his masterpieces, and that now lets us send messages across the globe in an instant.

No. Consider this example: A person has 27 wooden blocks. Each block is a perfect cube 3 inches on a side. He/she arranges the blocks into a perfect bigger cube that is 9 inches on a side. Then an earthquake comes along and shakes the ground and the blocks are scattered.

But can you imagine another earthquake causing the scattered blocks to jump together into a perfect cube? In other words, can you imagine the chaotic shaking of the earth creating the order of the perfect cube?

Of course not. Only a force with a “master plan” could create the order that man has created in the world today. That force is God.

Consider this solar eclipse, or the lunar eclipse. An atheist anti-Creationist would say that the sun, moon and earth just happened to have fallen into place in space at the perfect distances such that the moon would block out the sun (solar eclipse) or the earth would cast a shadow on the moon (lunar eclipse).

Or that it was a random chance that the moon would be the perfect distance from the sun during the solar eclipse such that the moon perfectly blocked out the sun without an inch to spare, that they would end up appearing the same exact size to us on earth.

No, that could not have been random. These three celestial bodies must certainly have been placed in this perfect arrangement by God. First he gave us a beautiful earth for man’s delight. And a sun to sustain us. And then he even gave us the moon so that we could enjoy a special kind of light even in the night, and mark the seasons.

Think about the cycle of the day. We start at dawn. Then we move into morning. Then noon, afternoon, late afternoon, evening, dusk and night. What a fantastic cycle. It is constantly changing.

On the other hand, imagine that every single minute of every 24 hour period were composed of a bright sun directly above us in the cloudless sky. That we had no morning, day, evening or night.

Wouldn’t that be tremendously boring? Isn’t the cycle of day and night something that God created so that we all could have variety in life?

And just think – people need to sleep. What is more perfect for sleeping than the night?

How about a nice gathering of friends in the cool Summer evening air after a hot, sunny afternoon. Is there anything else so pleasant as the day trending into night?

Or how about a trip on the lake on a boat at dawn? Or a beautiful snowstorm? Or a stroll on a chilly Autumn morning, stopping to chat with neighbors? Or a wedding on a perfect June day?

How about our seasons, with the calendar changing as we progress through the year from cold Winter into optimistic Spring to welcoming Summer and then the harvest time in Autumn, when things cool down again and the colors change spectacularly?

Great. What about the sky and the clouds? Can you imagine if the sky were just white, and there were no clouds. Or if the sky were brown?

No, the sky is beautiful beyond belief. Blue is the perfect color. Because that is what God gave as a gift to mankind.

Every day we see a different cloud formation. They are never the same. Aren’t clouds gorgeous? Can you imagine that we had never seen clouds, and that they suddenly appeared? And how extraordinary we would think they are? Yet we take the beauty of the clouds for granted.

Now think about the trees and the mountains and the rivers. Who created them? Was it just a random act of the universe?

No. Where did we get this awesome system that constantly recycles water for man’s use in the streams, rivers, oceans, clouds and rain? Is this just something that happened randomly?

Of course not. God made it. There is no other explanation.

How about the greatest creation of all – man and woman? God created two types of people with complementary dispositions. Men are strong and handsome and can do hard work, while women are dainty and beautiful and great with the kids. Each can do something that the other cannot. They are attracted to each other. They create new life in their union. It is a perfect system.

How about our bodies, which are, in their ideal states, perfectly geometric? How do we happen to have two arms, two hands and ten fingers, which are perfect for us to build the world to better ourselves? Where did this come from? How did the human eye just happen to be the most perfect camera ever to exist?

God created it all. Every bit of it. And if you don’t believe it then you have a lot of explaining to do.

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