‘Green’ Energy Disrupts Climate/ Anti-Trump Hysteria Backfiring

First here is a word about Hurricane Harvey which has dumped historic amounts of rain on Houston.

*Hurricanes are products of nature. Yet environmentalists tell us that nature is benign. This is a lie. Nature is the most brutal killer of all. Man has spent thousands of years seeking to distance and insulate himself from ‘mother nature’.

*After 50 years of radical ‘green’ policies we are having this unprecedented storm Harvey and others like it. Thus it is certainly time to abandon militant environmentalism. It appears to be doing great damage.

Case in point: For decades now we have been forced under ‘green’ laws to burn ethanol fuel mixed in with our gasoline, i.e., for every 10 gallons of “gasoline” that we put in our tanks, one gallon is ethanol.

Ethanol is a man-made fuel created by distilling large amounts of Midwestern corn into alcohol. American ethanol production in 2016 was 15 billion gallons.

Gasoline, on the other hand, is made from oil which is a natural carbon-based fuel that we find all over the world.

Ethanol is nasty stuff, and ethanol fuel emissions are the one pollutant that has been entering the atmosphere in increasingly massive quantities over the past few decades, while many other types of pollution have decreased. Thus we should focus on ethanol as the culprit in ‘global warming’ and other climate disruptions.

A website called Natural News reported in 2014 about ethanol:

Corn-derived biofuels release even more greenhouse gases than conventional gasoline, according to a study published in Nature Climate Change on April 20.

The $500,000 study, which was funded by the federal government, is expected to be a setback for the Obama administration’s plan to promote such biofuels as a way to meet renewable energy targets set in a 2007 energy law.

This news is everywhere. It is easy to find many stories on this subject. Here is Scientific American magazine reporting in 2014:

Running vehicles on ethanol rather than petrol can increase ground-level ozone pollution, according to a study of fuel use in São Paulo, Brazil. Ozone (O3) is a major urban pollutant that can cause severe respiratory problems. It can form when sunlight triggers chemical reactions involving hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted by vehicles.

Here is CBS News way back in 2002 talking about the facilities that make ethanol:

Factories that convert corn into the gasoline additive ethanol are releasing carbon monoxide, methanol and some carcinogens at levels “many times greater” than they promised, the government says.

In an April 24 letter to the industry’s trade group, the Environmental Protection Agency said the problem is common to “most, if not all, ethanol facilities.”

Nikitas3.com believes that the production and burning of hundreds of billions of gallons of man-made alcohol/ethanol ‘bio’ fuel worldwide over the last 20 years finally has significantly upset the environment, causing ‘climate change’, as we have seen in Houston.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

These relentless attacks on president Trump are going to backfire, predicts Nikitas3.com. They already are backfiring, Nikitas3.com believes, but the media will never report it.

Example: An arts advisory committee recently resigned, saying that it won’t work with Trump. Look at this from the Politico website:

Another advisory group is walking away from President Donald Trump after his equivocation on neo-Nazis and white supremacists, with the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities resigning en masse Friday morning.

“We cannot sit idly by, the way that your West Wing advisors have, without speaking out against your words and actions,” members write in a joint letter to Trump obtained by POLITICO, which ends by calling on the president to resign if he does not see a problem with what’s happened this week.

The group works with American educators and leads cultural delegations to other countries. Members include artist Chuck Close, actor Kal Penn, author Jhumpa Lahiri and Vicki Kennedy.

Nikitas3.com says: Who cares? Trump was not elected for the arts. He was elected to fix the country. In fact this “committee” is precisely what is wrong with Washington. Why does it exist in the first place? Trump wants to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts anyway. He wants to let the artists raise funds on their own from their rich leftist friends, not from the taxpayer.

In fact an expanding Trump economy will produce more money for the arts, even after he cuts out the NEA.

We all remember how “the arts” adored Obama. But Obama left the nation in tatters, the economy gasping for air, illegal immigrants flooding in, violence against police officers spiking, and the Middle East on fire. So who cares what “the arts” think? What do they know?

By the way, “the arts” are not even “the arts” anymore. They are a platform for mediocrity, opportunism, political rage, political correctness, hateful anti-conservative content, self-aggrandizement and self-dealing.

Trump is not going to be intimidated by these media clowns or by an arts committee resigning. He continues to be strongly supported by the military, police, Border Patrol and business community. That is what Nikitas3.com cares about first and foremost – national security and the economy. “The arts” can take care of themselves when we have peace, security and order. “The arts” have nothing to do with the president except when they are politicized.

Consider the last two years: After ruthless attacks since the moment that he announced his candidacy in June 2015, along with one poll predicting with 95% certainty that Hillary Clinton would win the White House, Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote by 14 points, by 57% to 43%. At the same time Hillary Clinton received tens of billions of dollars’ worth of fawning media coverage over the last 25 years.

A 14 point victory is virtually a ‘landslide’ yet every “expert” – except Nikitas3.com – said that Hillary would win. Nikitas3.com predicted as far back as 2011 that Trump would be elected.

Now all of the media skunks and Democrats and even some Republicans are saying that it’s over for Trump, that everyone hates Trump, that Trump will be impeached soon, that he will never be re-elected. This is part of a media ploy for mass hysteria which is the way that nefarious and evil people have manipulated public sentiment throughout the ages.

Even Al Gore said that Trump should resign. To which Nikitas3.com responds: “Hey Al! Maybe you should resign from making your fake end-of-the-world movies. The latest one flopped big-time even after it got weeks of slavish media promotion.”

Friends, it is not over for Trump. You have no idea who Trump is if you believe that. Nikitas3.com already predicted in April 2017 that Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

Consider recent reports that Republican fundraising is going through the roof while Democrats are struggling. How can that possibly be true if everyone hates Trump?

Answer: It is happening since there is no mass anti-Trump hysteria out in the real world. Life is going on as normal and tens of millions of people are silently supporting Trump for what he is actually accomplishing, not what the media are saying about him, or if an “arts committee” quits. On top of that Hillary’s defeat has made many Democrat contributors angry about what the party has done with their cash.

Here are some of the reasons that rational Americans are pleased with president Trump:

He has stood up to North Korea, sealed the border, energized the economy, slowed illegal immigration to a crawl, expelled violent illegal alien gang members, banned trannybaggers from the US military, stood up against the mobs that want to tear down our historical monuments, smashed the terrorists in the Middle East, and pulled out of the phony Paris ‘climate’ pact. And on and on.

There is not even going to be another major election until the mid-terms in November 2018 and thus Trump does not threaten the whole Republican party with his very existence, like some are saying, including frightened Republicans.
In fact fundraising shows the opposite happening, which must be immensely frustrating to the Democrats who, by the way, are still in colossal disarray almost 10 months after Hillary’s defeat.

Even many top Democrats are warning that simply running against Trump is not going to win elections. We already saw that in the ‘special’ Georgia congressional election that the Democrat candidate lost after throwing everything at it including national media coverage, rabid Trump hatred, tens of millions of dollars, aggressive campaigning by an army of volunteers, and even Follywood star power.

Trump was elected by a Silent Majority that wants results, and his supporters are not being swayed by these media-generated firestorms from the Access Hollywood tape to the Middle East travel ban to Charlottesville.

These same attack-dog media hounds and Democrats warned conservatives for years not to criticize Obama, that there would be a backlash of sympathy for our First (Half) Black President.

They were correct to the extent that relentless criticism sometimes stops working and reverses when it gets too strident. And Nikitas3.com believes that this endless criticism is causing a silent backlash in favor of president Trump.

There is an old saying that “a week is a lifetime in politics” which means that emerging national and world events can shift the political spotlight rapidly.

For example, Trump’s favorability polls spiked significantly and quickly after Trump acted decisively on North Korea. The same thing will happen again when he addresses other important issues.

That is precisely why the media and Democrats must concoct a new anti-Trump narrative every day. They know that Trump is a strong leader against liberal interests and they therefore must do everything in their power to bring him down, and can never let up.

Oh, certainly Trump has a unique style, and he brings some criticism on himself. And this style is what drives the liberals up a wall. Yet they would certainly be criticizing a Scott Walker or Ted Cruz, but Trump’s brashness is what really rankles them.

Then again it is Trump’s brashness that won the election. The media were expecting him to cower in fear and run away every time Megyn Kelly or CNN or Chuck Todd criticized him, but it did not happen, and it never will.

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