Unions Lose Again/ How to Shrink Government Easily

First, here are two quick notes about labor unions. Fox News recently reported:

For years, workers at auto plants in the U.S. South have been saying ‘no’ to the idea of joining a union. The outcome was no different … at a Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. plant in Canton, Mississippi.

In a vote of 2,244 to 1,307, Nissan workers rejected a proposal that they be represented by United Auto Workers (union).

This is great news for the American economy. Workers in the booming South see what the unions did to the industrial economy of the North over only a few short decades after World War II, i.e., they destroyed it with outrageous wage demands and absurd work rules, corruption and violence.

The steel industry, auto industry, railroads and hundreds of companies, big and small were ruined by union action. Whole towns, cities and states were devastated, i.e., the Rust Belt. The Nikitas3.com hometown in Massachusetts was destroyed when the big employer, General Electric, pulled out after decades of strikes. 11,000 jobs were lost in a town of just 55,000.

Today’s workers in the South do not want this. Here is another illustrative story about unions from Fox News:

Four Teamsters (union) members acted like real bottom-feeders toward “Top Chef” TV star Padma Lakshmi, her producer testified in court.

Show (assistant) Ellie Carbajal said in Boston federal court on Wednesday that Teamsters Union members physically threatened the reality show’s crew and hurled racist insults at Lakshmi while they were picketing a 2014 shoot, leaving her “paralyzed with fear.”

Carbajal recalled the members of Teamsters Union Local 25 — John Fidler, Daniel Redmond, Robert Cafarelli and Michael Ross — swarming Lakshmi’s car and growling at her in 2014, Deadline reported.

“They were furious,” she said in court, adding that one man stuck his face just inches away from Lakshmi and said, “That’s the pretty one. We want to smash her face in.”

A video of the incident was played in court, showing Redmond calling Carbajal a “c**t” and a “towel head.”

OK, so you may think that this is an isolated incident. And indeed it is somewhat isolated today simply because unions have lost so much power. But this type of thing used to happen every day in every town and city that unions operated in all over industrialized America. Union thugs ruled the roost.

This is why American workers are voting against unions, as we have seen repeatedly throughout the South where they have done so at Boeing and Volkswagen, along with Nissan. These major defeats for the unions are setting a distinct tone, that the unions should give up on organizing Southern workers.

Even in Northern states like Wisconsin and Michigan, where unions once were powerful, they have been stripped of much of their power after voters recognized how much damage they have done.

Now here is today’s main commentary about shrinking government:

It is a known fact that high taxes and big government bureaucracies stifle economic growth and have done so throughout history.

It is a known fact that every government employee that is added after a certain level necessary to maintain vital services costs the private economy more and more.

In short, as the bureaucracy grows, the private economy shrinks disproportionately. And as the bureaucracy gets bigger and bigger, and gets more power and makes more economic demands, it takes a higher and higher toll on the private economy as has happened in liberal states like California, Illinois and New York state.

Nikitas3.com believes that we can trade 8 million government jobs for up to 25 million private jobs. All it takes is political will. And this is why Democrats are hysterical about Trump. He is going to stop their gravy train dead on the tracks.

Kris Kobach, the Kansas Republican secretary of state (and also vice chairman of the Presidential Commission on Election Integrity) has written a brilliant piece on Breitbart News about how to shrink government naturally. The article, called The Opportunity of a Generation to Shrink Government Through Attrition, is excerpted below with a Nikitas3.com comment after each excerpt:

Kobach writes: In 1940, federal spending was a relatively modest 9.6% of GDP – or $9.5 billion out of $98.2 billion. In 2009 under President Obama, federal spending hit a high water mark (excluding the World War II years) of 24.4% of GDP – or $3,517.7 billion out of $14,414.6 billion.

The growth of the federal civilian workforce has slowed since 1960 – levelling off between 2.5 million and 3 million – but this has masked the transfer of federal programs to state and local bureaucracies. Since 1960, the number of state and local government employees has tripled to over 18 million. This growth has been driven by a tenfold increase in federal grants to cities and states.

Nikitas3.com comment: Wow. This means that a whopping 15% of the entire 2017 US workforce (roughly 21 million out of 150 million employed) now is in the government sector (excluding US military).

This is a huge drain on private jobs. This is the main reason that tens of millions of Americans have no jobs, or lousy jobs. Government workers – excluding essential services like police and firefighters – have sucked tens of trillions of dollars out of the private economy to fund their own jobs, often with redundant, useless, no-work or no-show jobs.

Kobach writes: Fortunately, there is now hope in the fight against big government. There is a demographic sea change at work – something that has the potential to shift the forces in favor of conservatives who are serious about shrinking government. The baby boomers are retiring.

The baby boomer generation – those born between 1946 and 1964 – includes 76 million Americans. Over a 19 year period that started approximately in 2011, virtually all of them will retire. That’s an average of four million people retiring every year, or nearly 11,000 every day. And a large percentage of them are working for the government. Government agencies across the federal government, as well as in state and local governments, are seeing a slew of retirements.

Nikitas3.com comment: OK, we are listening… Sounds good.

Kobach writes: Take the Social Security Administration. Starting in 2011, the SSA began seeing 4,000 retirements a year. The same is happening throughout the federal government. The bureaucrats see this as a crisis. Conservatives should see it as an opportunity.

Attrition through retirement is causing federal and state workforces to turn over. Many of these retirees need not be replaced. The size of government can be dramatically reduced simply by making the decision not to fill every vacancy. And it doesn’t take an act of Congress to do it. All it takes is political will in the executive branch not to fill vacancies. The only exceptions should be law enforcement agencies and the military.

Nikitas3.com comment: Indeed there is hope. And the good thing is that we do not need convoluted or controversial legislation to cut government. We just need to let it happen naturally. There is no law requiring that these jobs be filled.

Kobach writes: But can it really be done in practice? The answer is yes, it can. I know because I’ve done it. Shortly after I became Kansas Secretary of State in 2011, I saw baby boomer retirements occurring in my own agency. Realizing this opportunity, I directed my deputies to reassign the duties of retiring employees to those who remained. Wherever possible, the open positions were not to be filled. We left approximately one-third of the vacancies unfilled.

Nikitas3.com comment: Fantastic. Look at how much we can do with the right policies and leaders. It is common sense that will definitely lead to a better future.

Kobach writes: Over the course of six years, I was able to shrink my agency’s workforce by 18 percent. We did it through natural attrition, without massive layoffs. The smaller payroll, along with other cuts, also allowed me to reduce agency spending by over 30 percent. And the agency is still carrying out all of the same responsibilities that it was back in 2011.

The same must be done in the federal government and in state governments across the country. President Trump has already taken the first steps. In January he imposed a freeze on hiring. And in March he issued an executive order directing agencies to find redundancies and other ways to make cuts.

Nikitas3.com comment: Look at that… a 30% reduction in one agency in one state without any reduction in services. Ultimately this type of action applied nationwide at all levels of government can save hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars every single year, which can then be invested in private job creation.

And the good thing is that you only have to invest in private job creation once and then it takes care of itself. But you have to fund government jobs year after year after year.

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