Silicon Valley $$$ Now Investing in Marijuana

Let’s face it – marijuana is a disaster. Here are some of the reasons:

*Drug testing blocks marijuana smokers from getting and holding jobs. So the more marijuana smokers that we have the more that we are going to have unemployment. And the more that marijuana is accepted and legalized, the more smokers we will have and the more unemployment we are going to have.

*Millions of people nationwide who are homeless and poor could have had normal lives but they had their brains and their lives destroyed by marijuana. It just is never reported in the pot-friendly media. Don’t believe it? Here is an excerpt from Columbia University:

Smoking (marijuana) causes changes in your brain’s chemistry… This accounts for what happens when a person is ‘high’ — s/he loses her/his short-term memory and often experiences impaired coordination. Smoking (marijuana) interferes with intellectual performance and impairs thinking, reading comprehension, and verbal and arithmetic problem solving, too. For chronic users, these effects may continue long after the ‘high’ is gone. … Increased rates of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and schizophrenia have all been linked to long term marijuana use.

This is just one paragraph from one study, and there are dozens like it. Multiply this over 50 years and you have a major problem.

*Marijuana is a “gateway” drug that leads to harder drugs. I have witnessed how this works over many years since the 1960s. I have seen people harmed by marijuana and also have seen people “move up” to other drugs from marijuana and be harmed. As you get into cocaine and heroin and the others, the story goes from bad to much worse.

*Marijuana turns millions of young people into lazy “stoners”. It is a lifestyle.

We should be doing everything in our power to stop – and to reverse – the increasing use of marijuana, from severe penalties for dealers to a federal crackdown on “legal” marijuana.

Attorney general Jeff Sessions can stop “legal” marijuana overnight by enforcing federal law against it. It is only “legal” because federal officials are not enforcing federal law in states where marijuana has been legalized. Sessions can end this with the stroke of a pen.

He should do so and then announce that any marijuana sales, distribution or growing operation will be subject to federal raid and seizure, and arrest for anyone on the premises. Just a few well-publicized federal raids will intimidate the rest of them out of business.

*The American Medical Association has termed marijuana “dangerous”. Here is tragic news about younger people in Colorado, which legalized marijuana in 2014:

Colorado hospitals have experienced a surge in visits involving teenagers and young adults testing positive for marijuana since the state legalized medical and recreational pot, according to research.

The annual number of marijuana-related emergency room visits logged by Colorado’s children’s hospital system spiked from 106 in 2005 to 631 in 2014, Dr. George Wang of Children’s Hospital Colorado wrote in a study scheduled to be presented Monday in San Francisco.

The rate of marijuana-related visits among total hospitalizations involving 13- to 21-year-olds increased over fourfold that same span, with about four visits per every 1,000 patients in 2015 involving marijuana in one regard or another, Dr. Wang reported.

Legalizing medical marijuana in 2000 and the nation’s first retail pot shops in 2014 may have played a part in the uptick of hospital visits, according to the report’s author.

Emergency department and urgent care visits “increased at a rapid rate after commercialization of medical marijuana and legalization of recreational marijuana,” Dr. Wang wrote.

Colorado’s children hospitals treated 3,443 patients from 2004 through 2014 who were either admitted for marijuana use or subsequently tested positive for THC, the plant’s potent chemical, according to the report.

*Auto accidents in Colordao involving marijuana also have increased significantly. Here is the Denver Post reporting shortly after legalization:

Two new University of Colorado studies paint an ominous picture of the direction of the state since marijuana commercialization … One study shows more drivers involved in fatal car accidents in Colorado are testing positive for marijuana — and that Colorado has a higher percentage of such drivers testing positive for pot than other states even when controlled for several variables.

There is one major force that is doing everything in its power to legalize and legitimize marijuana and that is the socialist/Democrat left. They see big dollar signs since they have always promoted marijuana since the 1960s.

Now mega-rich investors, including left-wing Silicon Valley, are getting in on marijuana. This is how the leftist elite thrives on the suffering of others.

Here are excerpts from an article on a website called Stat News about marijuana and its connections to Silicon Valley. Each Stat News excerpt is followed by a comment:

Stat News reports: Wealthy investors are pouring tens of millions into the cannabis industry in a bid to capitalize on the gold rush that’s expected when California legalizes recreational marijuana on Jan. 1. They’re backing development of new medicinal products, such as cannabis-infused skin patches; new methods for vaporizing and inhaling…

Among the noted investors: tech and biotech mogul Peter Thiel, who co-founded PayPal and made a fortune with the cancer drug startup Stemcentrx. Thiel contributed $300,000 to the California ballot campaign that paved the way for legalization. And in the first public endorsement of the industry from a major biotech investor, Thiel’s Founders Fund has sent millions to Privateer Holdings, a Seattle private equity firm that backs research into medical marijuana products, among other cannabis-related ventures. comment: Thiel is allegedly a Republican who may run for California governor. He should not be supported by any Republican or conservative. And don’t be fooled by “medical marijuana”. That is just a fake way to get recreational marijuana legalized.

Stat News reports: Pot has been legal for medical use (in California) since 1996, but with broader legalization, the industry is poised to explode. Experts say the market for marijuana and related products in California will reach $6.5 billion in 2020, and likely spark legalization efforts elsewhere. comment: So the legalization of recreational marijuana is like everything that Democrats do. It hurts America while making liberals rich, as ‘green’ energy does, for example.

Stat News reports: The federal Drug Enforcement Agency continues to classify marijuana — like heroin and LSD — as a Schedule I drug, defined as highly prone to abuse and having “no accepted medical use.” comment: So there you go.

Stat News reports: Given that most states have already legalized cannabis for medical use, and seven states plus the District of Columbia allow recreational use, most investors think that federal officials eventually will relent and regulate marijuana more like alcohol. comment: Notice that “most states already have legalized cannabis for medical use”. This shows how the pot-heads have used the incremental approach, to first get it legalized for medical use to soften up the population for recreational marijuana to be legalized.

Medical marijuana is a giant fraud. We have the world’s finest pharmaceutical industry and medical technology. So if you think that patients have to rely on an ‘herbal remedy’ like marijuana for medical applications, then here’s a cauliflower pill to cure your cancer.

Stat News reports: For now, most publicly traded companies — including pharmaceutical and biotech giants with the resources to develop FDA-approved drugs — have shied away from the (marijuana) industry. Most large venture firms, which receive money from public companies and pension funds, also have steered clear due to both risk and morality clauses in their investor agreements. comment: ‘Morality clauses’ means that they are not supposed to invest in bad things. This is what the pot-heads are trying to change – to make marijuana acceptable not only for use, but as an investment.

Stat News reports: But California legalization opens such huge profit opportunities that many individual investors have eagerly jumped in. Los Angeles-based private equity firm MedMen, for instance, has raised about $80 million for cannabis projects in the last year. It recently held its first investor conference in San Jose.

Nearly half of all investments into cannabis companies nationally come from California, according to the finance-tracking firm Pitchbook. comment: No surprise there. California is a state that is becoming hostile to life for middle class people who are departing by the millions, leaving behind a classic socialist paradise – the rich and the poor.

Stat News reports: Ben Larson, founder of Gateway, a cannabis business incubator in Oakland … said some of his investors and entrepreneurs come from tech giants like SpaceX, Oracle, and Facebook. He said many of them are interested in medicinal foods and nutraceuticals — or, as he put it, “aesthetically pleasing, de-stigmatized products” that don’t play into stereotypes of long-haired, perpetually buzzed stoners. comment: They want it to be fashionable for doctors, lawyers, engineers, businesspeople, actors and billionaires which it already is, behind closed doors. This shows what a bunch of losers are using, and have always used, marijuana. It is a cheap high for people with empty lives.

An acquaintance of who was a successful businessman with a $10 million fortune, a beautiful wife, 3 kids, 3 grandchildren and more grandkids on the way, recently died in an accident when he was ‘high’ on marijuana. Yet he often laughed at me for opposing it.

Stat News reports: The Bay Area is a logical epicenter for the industry — with its rebellious pot history that traces back to San Francisco’s “Summer of Love” in 1967. comment: Anyone who knows the truth about the so-called ‘Summer of Love’ knows that certain San Francisco neighborhoods became ‘hippie’ magnets in the summer of 1967, with widespread drug use that was touted in the ‘anti-establishment’ media. But two years later the same neighborhoods were filthy dumps and their streets were filled with stoned-out and homeless bums as a result of that allegedly wonderful ‘Summer’.

Stat News reports: Some of the interest is deeply personal. When Morgan Paxhia was 12, his father was dying of cancer. A hospice nurse suggested marijuana to ease the pain, but his father declined — largely to avoid breaking the law. “It’s unbelievable that the [federal] government continues to see dying patients as criminals,” Paxhia said. comment: Oh, sure, as if marijuana is the only pain killer. This is a total lie. We have many legal pain killers that are safe and tested.

Stat News reports: Even Dora, Paxhia’s rescue dog, has joined the revolution: Pet pot nibbles from Oakland-based Treatibles — dosed with CBD, a chemical in cannabis that is not intoxicating — help her chill out, quelling anxiety that led to late-night barking, he said. comment: So now they want marijuana for animals. This is another travesty to “soften” the image of marijuana. And by the way, ma’am, that late-night barking can be stopped by smacking the dog with a rolled-up newspaper like somebody should do to you for giving marijuana to your dog.

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