‘Redneck Revolution’ Hits Michigan with Kid Rock

First, here is a quick word about North Korea. Defense secretary Jim Mattis said about North Korea after its recent nuclear test: “We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea, but as I said, we have many options to do so.”

This is just the right note. We have appeased evil many times in the past, and it always leads to much bigger problems down the road. President Trump will appease no more.

North Korea’s strategy is dangerous but predictable. It is like the “antifa” tactics here in the US but on an international scale – North Korea provokes and taunts the peaceful nations, occasionally attacking them like they have done to South Korea. But if president Trump responds with an all-out attack on North Korea’s ballistic missile base, much of the world will blame Trump and not the communist provokers.

Now here is today’s commentary:

The election of Donald Trump has changed American politics fundamentally and forever. Now anyone from billionaires to Hollywood actors to talk-show hosts to fringe activists think that they can be elected president.

Nikitas3.com calls Trump’s victory The Redneck Revolution, or the rising up of the white working class. And today that revolution is being manifested by a nationally-famous white musician from Michigan known as Kid Rock, who may run as a Republican for the US Senate in 2018.

Robert Ritchie (his real name) already has been shown in one early poll to be beating the 3-term Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow by 8 points. Nikitas3.com believes that Stabenow is going to lose one way or another, that Michigan is trending strongly Republican after decades of Democrat domination.

Stabenow is a colorless old Democrat cow. She is virtually unknown outside of Michigan, or even inside much of the state. Nikitas3.com even predicts that she will drop out of the race to allow a younger and more charismatic candidate to try and keep the seat Democrat.

Kid Rock is a libertarian/conservative, and he is on fire. He was born and raised north of Detroit in the town of Romeo, Michigan; he came from a fairly privileged background (his father owned multiple car dealerships); he still lives in and loves Michigan and is a cheerleader for the state; and he is very popular within Michigan.

Younger working-class and middle-class white people love him. His famous hit song about Michigan is called All Summer Long. You can rest assured that that would be his campaign theme song in the Summer of 2018.

Ritchie was born in 1971 and thus he saw the tail end of the good old days in prosperous Michigan and then decades of bad news as the unions drove the auto industry out of the state.

Ritchie is tapping into resentment against the establishment Democrats that took Donald Trump to the White House. Trump was the first Republican to win the presidential electoral votes in Michigan since 1988, by just 11,000 votes in 2016.

In contrast Obama won Michigan by 450,000 votes in 2012 over Mitt Romney even though Romney was born in Michigan, while his father once was president of American Motors, and also was a Michigan governor. The elder Romney also ran for US president, in 1968.

Ritchie recently visited the White House with fellow Michigander and rock-music legend Ted Nugent, along with Sarah Palin. The hilarious photo of the trio has been widely circulated on the internet. It shows them (Ritchie on the left) mocking Hillary Clinton big time.

Now Kid Rock is stirring up Michigan politics and already the establishment is trying to stop him. After Ritchie hinted at a possible candidacy in an internet statement the so-called ‘good government’ group Common Cause charged that he had violated campaign laws by not filing for his candidacy officially within a certain period of time.

Ritchie hit back hard. He posted that Common Cause should “go f**k yourselves”. This Common Cause charge is precisely the kind of establishment nitpicking that sends voters up a wall and drives them to candidates like Ritchie or Trump. This Common Cause challenge alone may spur Ritchie to run… and win… in order to get back at the arrogant establishment with all of their rules and regulations, perks and entrenched power.

Nikitas3.com might suggest that Ritchie should think twice about running because the US Senate requires discipline and decorum, while Ritchie is a rough-edged guy who has lived a rock-star life. He is often profane, which Nikitas3.com opposes strongly in anyone, much less a political leader.

Indeed Ritchie may be seduced by the prospect of being a respected senator, but he may not care much for the strait-laced US Senate lifestyle if he thinks about it seriously, which he is apparently doing right now.

On the other hand Ritchie would be the classic “citizen-legislator” that the Founders envisioned for America. His election would enshrine him as a folk hero.

And Ritchie may have so much political momentum going that his candidacy is inevitable. Already a website maintained by his music label is selling campaign merchandise.

Then when Ritchie sees his name on yard signs and bumper stickers across the state, and hears from enthusiastic supporters, his candidacy would become very real to him and that he would be hard-pressed not to run. Ritchie wrote on the internet:

I am starting to see reports from the misinformed press and the fake news on how I am in violation of breaking campaign law.

#1 I have still not officially announced my candidacy.#2 See #1 and go f**k yourselves.

Everyone else, Have a great Labor Day (I will be spending mine WORKING in one of the greatest cities in America – Grand Rapids, Michigan!!)

He also has tweeted that

[t]he 2018 Political Revolution is nearing.

Wow. This stuff is in-your-face. Ritchie also wrote:

We will be scheduling a press conference in the next 6 weeks or so to address this issue amongst others, and if I decide to throw my hat in the ring for US Senate, believe me… it’s game on mthrfkers.

Nikitas3.com suggests caution with speculation about Kid Rock. There are other formidable Republican candidates who may also run, and thus Ritchie could face a tough primary race when voters give him a serious look. If he runs and turns profane or wild or fails to grasp the issues, voters will say that they love him but not as a US senator.

He even might opt out of running and take on another important role. He could act as a vote-getter for a Senate run by a more mainstream candidate of his choosing, like Michigan’s current Republican governor Rick Snyder, a real reformer who was first elected in 2010, re-elected in 2014 and who will be term-limited out in 2018.

Snyder is a stand-up guy, a solid conservative and very well-equipped for a seat in the august US Senate.

Snyder has improved the state significantly, even turning union-strong Michigan into a ‘right to work’ state. Michigan was very Democrat for decades because of the unions. But as the unions destroyed the auto industry and their own jobs, they lost power.

Snyder was elected to fix the withering state and has done a stellar job. Michigan has been rebounding strongly under Snyder. He even forced Detroit into bankruptcy which compelled the kinds of reforms that now are revitalizing the city, something that was considered impossible 10 years ago.

Nikitas3.com believes that Snyder’s record of achievement would appeal to voters compared with a rock musician with a big name but a non-existent political resume.

Snyder is also a potential future US presidential candidate, probably in 2024. He could win the Senate election in 2018, serve one term, and then run for the White House with both executive and legislative experience on his resume, which is rare.

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