Media, Democrats Ignore Trump Success at their Own Peril

First, here is a quick question: If these ‘global warming’ fanatics cannot tell us where a hurricane is going to strike land three days from now, how can they purport to tell us what the temperature is going to be in 100 years?

Excellent thought. And now here is today’s main commentary:

President Trump has accomplished more since he took office last January than most presidents do in years. For instance:

… the economy has improved significantly; economic confidence has skyrocketed; the stock market has attained record levels; unemployment has dropped; critical mining and manufacturing jobs have increased after decades of decline; illegal immigration has slowed; the military is much more confident with Trump’s leadership; Middle East terrorists are being killed in big numbers in US bombings, and the wars in Syria and Iraq are now winding down as a result; regulations have been reduced and oil drilling expanded; and president Trump has appointed a conservative Supreme Court justice, rounded up and deported many illegal alien gang members, and begun construction on the border wall. The list goes on and on.

In Wisconsin the international electronics giant Foxconn, which is based in Taiwan, is planning to build a $10 billion factory and employ 13,000 people. This will be the largest electronics factory in the world and it is directly a result of Trump talking personally to the Foxconn CEO and asking him repeatedly to invest in America. Foxconn is even being reported to be considering a second Wisconsin plant.

This Foxconn deal is perhaps the most significant of Trump’s many achievements in that he is overturning the decades-long narrative that America can never get our jobs back, particularly in manufacturing.

Yet from the drumbeat of negative coverage from the media and Democrats you would think that Trump has achieved nothing. They barely mentioned the Foxconn story. Many outlets did not mention it at all.

Every day the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, etc. report on some fake scandal or unsourced bad news about Trump, none of which has panned out. CNN even has been caught in massive journalistic malpractice. Here is the New York Times reporting about an elite unit called CNN Investigates:

But within months of its introduction … CNN Investigates had been rocked by damaging reporting errors — including another flawed story about Mr. Trump and Russia earlier in June — and its mistakes had disturbed network executives who were already embroiled in a public feud with the White House.

It even was reported all over the news recently that president Trump had called the White House “a real dump” in a private conversation. As soon as saw that story I dismissed it as nonsense, and president Trump has called it “fake news”. This story, like virtually all of the negative stories about the president, never had any proof.

On the other hand, the US media are totally ignoring the horrendous situation in Venezuela where one of the most oil-rich nations in the world is spiraling down into poverty, deprivation, starvation and energy shortages under its hard-left government. This demonstrates once again how the global media collude with apocalyptic communism.

Rush Limbaugh said recently that he had visited the president in Florida in February 2017 and that Trump had told him that his biggest surprise up to that point in his young presidency was that there was no unity in the country after he took office.

That shows Trump’s naivete and we can excuse that. Had he been seriously observing petty politics instead of tending to his real estate business all of these years he would have known that the Democrats have zero interest in unity anytime, anywhere.

So the question is: Will Americans vote in elections in 2018 and 2020 based on the negativity that the media put out about president Trump, or on what they are seeing in their own lives or nationally, like the improvement in the economy and the slowdown in illegal immigration? believes that it certainly will be the latter. This thesis was proven true after Republicans won four ‘special’ elections for the US House of Representatives just since Trump was elected, along with the mayoralty of Omaha, Nebraska. This came after almost two years of relentless media trashing of Trump.

Consider the Foxconn deal. believes that a clear majority of Wisconsinites are going to vote Republican in 2018 and 2020 after decades in which it had been considered a “blue” state.

These voters are not fretting that president Trump fired his chief of staff or had two scoops of ice cream for dessert. They do not believe for a second that the president called the White House “a real dump”. They are paying attention to the positive effects that Trump/Republican policies are having on their state, their lives and the nation, as Americans are doing across Trump Country.

This Foxconn story has been building for almost 7 years since Republican Wisconsin governor Scott Walker was first elected in November 2010. At that time the state was in dire straits after 8 years of a corrupt pro-union Democrat governor, like America under Obama. Walker pushed through strong reforms that brought the economy back.

But those reforms significantly pared back the power of state public-employee unions. Democrats, unions and their media cronies were furious and launched an all-out assault on Walker, just as they are doing to Trump. There were weeks of loud and confrontational protests at the state capitol, and even outside of Republican legislators’ private homes. One activist followed Mrs. Walker in the grocery store and harassed her.

The Walker-haters were confident that Walker was finished, like we are supposed to think about president Trump today. Yet Walker handily survived an angry recall election in 2012 by almost 7 points(!) and was re-elected to a second term easily in 2014. He ran for US president in 2016 but did not do well since Trump took command of the race.

Now predicts that Walker will win the Wisconsin US Senate seat in 2018 from far-left lesbian Democrat Tammy Baldwin if he chooses to run for it. And that Walker will then run for president again in 2024, when he will be only 57 years old, after two successful terms as a governor and one as a US senator. Wow. Great credentials.

Thus in Wisconsin we can see a parallel for Trump. A clear majority of the voters in Wisconsin did not accept the negative and angry Democrat/media/union narrative about Walker. They looked at the state around them and voted based on what they saw Walker achieve. believes that this will apply nationwide to Trump and the Republicans in 2018 and 2020.

This is indeed a tale of two nations. One nation is the East and West coast leftist elite enclaves in Washington, DC, the major cities, the universities, the media and Hollywood. The other nation is The Rest of America that elected Trump and will re-elect him in 2020.

In 2020 president Trump only has to win 270 electoral votes, and he is on track do so. He won 304 electoral votes in 2016. He could even lose two or three states that he won in 2016 and still win in 2020, but predicts that he won’t lose them and that he will pick up a state or two, like Colorado and/or New Hampshire, maybe Maine too. And Virginia? Perhaps.

The day after president Trump was elected there were international protests against him. But no more, not even national ones. As has said many times, the Trump-haters cannot keep their followers 100% agitated forever. Meanwhile the Trump agenda is moving so fast that the Trump-haters can’t even keep up.

In the 2018 mid-term elections, when Trump will not be on the ballot but all US representatives and 33 US senators will, voters are going to decide based largely on what is going on in their localities, congressional districts and states.

The media will continue to seek to nationalize the 2018 elections, sway the vote and bring down Trump with relentless bad coverage. But if you see Trump at one of his massive rallies or addressing the Boy Scouts or a police group you see “the other side of the story” that the media will never tell you, that “the people” and The Silent Majority love this president.

This is the side of the story that the media ignored in the 2016 election, and which Democrats paid dearly for.

Now here is commentary about another US state that is in fiscal trouble:

Public Employee Union Greed Hammers Kentucky

In an article on the Zero Hedge website, the writer Tyler Durden explains how the unionized public employees in Kentucky have created a fiscal nightmare for the state. Each excerpt from the article is followed by a comment:

Durden writes: Slowly but surely it is becoming increasingly clear to public workers in states with massively underfunded pensions that they’ve been lied to for the past several decades as their states can’t possibly afford to pay for the retirement they’ve all been promised. comment: No, these workers have not been “lied to”. They simply were typical unionized government workers who demanded and expected a gold-plated retirement. They are just like unions everywhere – me first.

In Massachusetts unionized toll collectors on the Turnpike were earning $70,000 a year for starting pay (they now have been eliminated by an EZ Pass system), along with full benefits and pensions.

One guy with whom I was acquainted retired after only 12 years on the Turnpike. Then he moved to Pennsylvania, which has a low income tax rate compared with Massachusetts, so that he could keep more of his pension.

Durden writes: More (Kentucky) state workers retired last month than the (entire) year before amid concerns that the legislature and Gov. Matt Bevin will make changes to state retirement plans. comment: This is typical union behavior – they bail out at the first sign of trouble. Forget about the well-being of the state.

Durden writes about future state workers: “Who are they going to replace them with if they truly offer up what they’re proposing or what was proposed? Who is going to want to work for state government? I wouldn’t,” Smith said. comment: Gee, Smith, believes that Kentucky will get a new generation of state workers who don’t expect unlimited paychecks, benefits and retirements and who won’t bankrupt the state.

Durden writes: As we pointed out last week, Kentucky’s public pensions face a daunting funding hole of $33-$84 billion, depending on your discount rate assumptions, according to a recent analysis conducted by PFM Group. comment: Do we see Exxon Mobil with similar pension liabilities that are sinking the company? Or Microsoft?

No. Because their workers are not union members who live like kings on the backs of customers. Exxon Mobil counts its money before they promise it to someone else.

Durden writes: The problem is that the aggregate underfunded liability of pensions in states like Kentucky have become so incredibly large that massive increases in annual contributions, courtesy of taxpayers, can’t possibly offset liability growth and annual payouts. All the while, the funding for these ever increasing annual contributions comes out of budgets for things like public schools… comment: This is being repeated all over the nation. This is not the fault of the people of Kentucky. This is the fault of the unions and the public employees and their Democrat friends in the Kentucky state government who stacked the deck in favor of the unions in the first place.

These pensions must be cut. And they can be. These pensions are always bloated in the first place. This is how the private-sector unions destroyed the American economy in the 1960s and 1970s with outrageous wage, benefit and pension demands. That is why the American economy has moved significantly to the non-union and low-tax South where it can survive the long run.

Durden writes: An independent consultant recommended sweeping changes to the pension systems that cover most of Kentucky’s public workers… If the legislature accepts the recommendations, it would effectively end the promise of a pension check for most of Kentucky’s future state and local government workers and freeze the pension benefits of most current state and local workers. All of those workers would then be shifted to a 401(k)-style investment plan that offers defined employer contributions rather than a defined retirement benefit. PFM also recommended increasing the retirement age to 65 for most workers. comment: Retire at 65? Heaven forbid. Now the state workers will have to live like the rest of us. Good.

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