Sissy War on Terrorists/ Why is College So Expensive?

First, here is a quick word about terrorism:

A group of 300 ISIS terrorists, along with their wives and children recently were fleeing on 17 buses from Syria into Iraq after cutting a deal with local terror groups for safe passage.

The US military bombed the road behind the bus caravan, and ahead of it too, along with a bridge, stranding 11 of the buses in no-man’s land in the open desert. The US then started picking off individual terrorists who left the caravan to seek help, or who came to try and help it. More than 85 terrorists were reported killed.

But the US did not obliterate the caravan itself because of the women and children on board. This means that dozens, or maybe hundreds of terrorists will live on to fight for many more years, along with their male children who may pick up the gun.

These surviving terrorists could kill thousands of people. And this, friends, is how traitors intervene to weaken us. They force a politically-correct approach on us which is actually prolonging the agony and war in the Middle East and all over the world.

We should be wiping out these terrorists as quickly as possible whenever we have the chance, women and children included. They won’t feel a thing. They will all die at the moment that they hear the explosion.

Now here is a editorial originally posted in January 2016 about the outrageous cost of college. While some of the numbers have changed since then, the basic idea still is pertinent today.

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