Widespread Voter Fraud is Finally Being Exposed

After decades in which Democrats have told us that voter fraud is a figment of our conservative imaginations we are seeing increasing proof that it is very real and that it is nationwide.

Nikitas3.com believes that Democrats are responsible for virtually all voter fraud and benefit exclusively from it.

If you would like to read a Nikitas3.com commentary from June 8, 2017 about the many forms that voter fraud takes, go here. This editorial exposes fraud that goes far beyond ballot stuffing and dead voters.

Here are some recent cases just since June. Nikitas3.com believes that this first case cost one Republican US senator her seat in 2016 and cost Donald Trump the state of New Hampshire in the election. The Washington Examiner reports:

Over 6,000 individuals registered to vote in New Hampshire on Election Day Nov. 8 (2016) using out-of-state driver’s licenses — and since then the vast majority have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle.

Speaker of the New Hampshire House Shawn Jasper, a Republican, issued the findings on Thursday based on inquiries he made to the Department of State, which oversees elections, and the Department of Safety.

Since election day, Republicans have charged that a significant number of non-resident Democrats, principally from Massachusetts, flowed into New Hampshire to vote illegally, tilting close elections to their party. Mr. Jasper’s findings give credence, though not outright proof, to those allegations.

The numbers read this way:

6,540 people voted using out-of-state licenses

As of Aug. 30, 1014, about 15 percent had been issued N.H. driver’s licenses.

Of the remaining 5,526, only 3.3 percent had registered a motor vehicle in New Hampshire.

Over 80 percent, 5,313, who used non-N.H. driver’s licenses, had neither a state licenses nor had registered a motor vehicle.

There are 196 people today who are being investigated for voting illegally both in New Hampshire and in other states.

Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in New Hampshire by 2,736 votes.

Democratic (US senator) Maggie Hassan defeated incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte by 1,017 votes.

Last February, while meeting with senators at the White House, Mr. Trump said he lost New Hampshire because thousands of Massachusetts residents crossed state lines to vote. He also said Mrs. Ayotte lost for the same reason: illegal voting.

The liberal media dismissed his allegations. The Boston Globe called them “groundless.”

Oh, sure, “groundless”. Don’t they wish. Then don’t forget that same-day voter registration is heavily advocated by Democrats and opposed by Republicans precisely because it is highly prone to fraud.

It gets worse – same-day votes are counted on election day in New Hampshire. There is no setting them aside for verification of the voter, or counting only verified votes in the case of a close election.

So you can see that the fraud works well. That is why the Republican governor of New Hampshire Chris Sununu wants to outlaw same-day registration.

And remember that this New Hampshire case does not even account for other types of fraud in New Hampshire that benefitted Democrats.

Liberals are terrified about these increasing voter fraud revelations because they have been winning elections for decades on fraud that is never exposed. Good for president Trump for getting a national voter fraud investigation rolling. Now look at this from Fox News about Chicago:

The head of the Chicago Republican Party is claiming the city reported thousands more votes cast than voters in the 2016 election — sparking a battle with Chicago officials who call the allegations overblown.

First reported by the Chicago City Wire the Chicago GOP filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Chicago Board of Elections in January for a list of voters who had cast ballots in November. According to the party, the board responded with a list of 1,101,178 individuals, though its website reflects 1,115,664 votes cast.

“There should be never be more votes than voters—every ballot cast should be recorded against a registered voter,” Chairman of the Chicago GOP Chris Cleveland told Fox News, explaining that after receiving the data, the party “immediately” contacted the board for “clarification.” “This is either massive fraud or massive incompetence, but we have no way of telling the difference because they won’t give us the data.”

The discrepancy totals more than 14,000, though Cleveland claims it could be as high as 16,000.

Cleveland told Fox News he filed a number of FOIA requests—the original in January, and “several follow ups” for updated numbers.

“They ignored them,” Cleveland said. “They have been stonewalling us for six months.”

OK, so this was 14,000 to 16,000 extra votes reported in just one city. Nikitas3.com believes that this was a case of falsely reporting higher vote totals for Democrats (padding the vote totals) which probably happens in every election as a routine form of Democrat fraud. The same phenomenon was reported in 37% of Detroit voter precincts in the 2016 election. Nikitas3.com believes we would find this in every big city in America if we investigated it, and in most other Democrat strongholds.

We probably saw this in Pennsylvania on election night 2016. After it appeared that Donald Trump was on his way to winning the presidency, the vote count from Pennsylvania was delayed for more than three hours. This was unprecedented as far as Nikitas3.com can remember from decades of watching election returns.

Nikitas3.com, along with many other observers, believes that crooked Democrat vote counters all across Pennsylvania were using those three hours to desperately try and pad the vote count by reporting fake totals for Hillary that were higher than what had been cast.

It works like this: A few dozen or a few hundred extra votes are added here, there and everywhere. Added up over dozens, hundreds or thousands of precincts and we get major fraud that sways entire elections to Democrats, like the US Senate race in Minnesota in 2008 or the US presidential election in 1960.

But the small number in each precinct makes it look like just a small human error. This is how Democrats have been stealing elections for decades by a few votes, or ten votes, or 100 votes at a time.

Nikitas3.com believes that an accurate count of those Pennsylvania votes would show that president Trump won by tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands more votes than were finally reported. Ditto every other state. This even may explain how Mitt Romney lost in 2012.

If you extrapolate all this by the many different types of fraud, and extrapolate it across the country you see millions of fraudulent votes in every election, just as conservatives have always warned. This certainly has shifted America to left.

Just think: 5,313 suspicious votes in a small state like New Hampshire just involving same-day registration. That translates to hundreds of thousands of votes nationwide from just one type of fraud.

Now here is word about voter integrity from The Gateway Pundit:

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, has sent a letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla on behalf of the Election Integrity Project, noting that there are 11 counties in the state with more registered voters, and alleging that the state may be out of compliance with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

The letter reads, in part:

NVRA Section 8 requires states to conduct reasonable list maintenance so as to maintain an accurate record of eligible voters for use in conducting federal elections.1 As you may know, Congress enacted Section 8 of the NVRA to protect the integrity of the electoral process. Allowing the names of ineligible voters to remain on the voting rolls harms the integrity of the electoral process and undermines voter confidence in the legitimacy of elections.

… As the top election official in California, it is your responsibility under federal law to coordinate California’s statewide effort to conduct a program that reasonably ensures the lists of eligible voters are accurate.

Judicial Watch lays out the specifics: “[T]here were more total registered voters than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following eleven (11) counties: Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%), Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%), Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%).” The letter notes that the percentage in L.A. Country may be as high as 144%

In June California Secretary of State Alex Padilla told the Trump administration the state will not cooperate with the election integrity commission because it would “only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud.”

This story really is much worse than it looks because it says, “[T]here were more total registered voters than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following eleven (11) counties:” Yet not everyone over the age of 18 is even registered to vote anyway.

Here are three other cases. This list comes from the Washington Times on October 17, 2016:

*Voter rigging triggers probe in Texas. This week, allegations of voter fraud in Tarrant County, Texas, prompted a state investigation. The suit focuses on mail-in ballots, which allows for people to vote from their homes without any ID or verification of identity. There’s concern of so-called “vote-harvesting” were political operatives fill out and return other people’s ballots, without their consent.

*Indiana voter fraud investigation grows to 56 counties. According to a local NBC report, Indiana State Police are in the midst of a statewide investigation into possible voter registration fraud.

“Police believe there could be hundreds of fraudulent voter registration records with different combinations of made up names and addresses with people’s real information,” NBC 12 reported.

*Voter registration cards sent to illegals in Pennsylvania. In September, the secretary of state’s office in Pennsylvania mailed about 2.5 million voter registration postcards to people who are not registered voters, but are licensed drivers. Secretary of State Pedro Cortes admitted to the House of Representatives that seven people had reported that they received voter registration cards in error, self-reporting.

Now here are the facts about these three cases:

*Regarding the Texas case, Democrats have been fighting against ID or verification requirements for decades in order to weaken our election system while Republicans always want stronger verification.
*Those Indiana probes involve all Democrats; many Indiana Democrats have already been nailed for fraud.
*Pennsylvania has one of the most left-wing governors in America, a guy named Tom Wolf. Pedro Cortes is the same type of Democrat. This was blatant fraud but it was so huge that it would never be seen as such. This is one of the reasons that Democrats want illegals to have driver’s licenses.

Now here is a short second editorial on a different subject – labor and immigration:

Some seasonal employers are being forced to pay higher wages to Americans to do jobs that usually are done by lower-wage illegal immigrants.

In other words wages are going up naturally and jobs are going to Americans as president Trump has cracked down on illegal immigration. Great. That is a win-win for the US.
This also proves another point – that these are not jobs that “Americans won’t do”. Americans just have not been doing these jobs because illegals are undercutting the wages.

Meanwhile people on the Democrat left who oppose the immigration crackdown are the same ones who are demanding that wages like the $15 minimum be imposed artificially by government. Thus we have a divide between raising wages naturally or artificially.

So here is the Nikitas3.com solution: There are tens of millions of people in America living on welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, etc. Thus we should institute a government policy that able-bodied people can no longer collect welfare, but must work.

This will flood the labor market with millions of American workers and will keep labor costs down.

This will have two other major benefits:

*end the need for an army of illegal immigrants; and
*save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, or more, every year in handouts.

Now here is an additional commentary about the environment. Look at this from the Los Angeles Times:

China plans to eventually ban vehicles powered by traditional fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, as the country looks to cast itself as a global leader of environmental initiatives and possibly become an auto-export powerhouse.

… China — which is the biggest investor in renewable energy, even as it’s still the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases — has vowed to cap its carbon emissions by 2030. The streets of Taiyuan, a manufacturing city in the heart of China’s coal country, already are filled with electric taxis.

… California aims to put 4 million to 5 million electric cars on the road by 2030.

Britain and France are proposing the same thing and this is a disaster for the environment as Nikitas3.com has explained previously for this reason:

We should not waste huge amounts of electricity on cars which today have very efficient gasoline engines. In short, cars are the “wrong use” for valuable electricity.

Most of the world’s electricity is generated in turbines, which spin to produce power. The technology was developed in the 1880s by the scientific genius Nikola Tesla, a legal US immigrant from Croatia in Eastern Europe.

It takes a lot of energy to spin those turbines. If you tried to crank a turbine generator by hand to light one single bulb your arm would be tired out within a minute.

Now imagine that you connected an electrical generator to a gasoline-powered engine to spin it. Then imagine that you put ten gallons of gasoline in the tank and you run the engine until the fuel is gone.

The total energy content in the electricity that comes out of the generator would be much less than the energy content in the 10 gallons of gasoline, i.e., you “lose” a lot of energy in the conversion, up to 50% or even more depending on the system, even as much as 80% loss.

And thus running a car on electricity is 2 to 4 times less efficient over the same distance than running it on raw fuel, i.e., electric cars waste large amounts of energy, which is obviously harmful to the environment. They also need big battery packs, and we know that making batteries is bad for the environment.

So why are ‘greenies’ promoting electric cars?

Answer: Because they get rich on electric cars, that’s why. Period. End of sentence. They couldn’t care less about the environment.

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