Hillary and Bill – America’s Most Desperate Couple

America’s most desperate couple certainly is Bill and Hillary Clinton. These two are incorrigible. Since the day that they arrived on the national scene in 1991 when Bill Clinton announced that he would run for the presidency, Bill and Hillary have shown themselves to be the most needy, overbearing and annoying presence in our lives for 26 years now.

They are slimy and sleazy. From the federal attack on Waco to the China-gate campaign contribution scandal to wide suspicion about the Clinton Foundation to Hillary’s e-mails to Bill’s ‘tarmac’ meeting with Loretta Lynch, these two are constantly under doubt.

Even when Bill was laying low for a few years after leaving the presidency under a cloud in January 2001 – the Clintons even were found to have stolen some of the White House furniture – Hillary took the baton and was in the spotlight every day as US senator from New York (2001-2009). In short the Clinton ‘tag-team’ did not miss a moment in the limelight.

Then it was Hillary’s turn in 2008 to be president. She had gotten 17 years of positive media coverage but lost in the primaries to Obama. Then she became secretary of state in 2009 and was in the news every day that the media could possibly squeeze her in, grooming her for the White House in 2016.

But she lost – again. And now she is pointing out myriad reasons that she lost even after 25 years of free, fawning media coverage while Donald Trump spent 17 months as the target of bottomless media hatred, and another 10 months on the hot seat since election day.

Now Hillary is promoting her “why I lost” book on a tour that has produced an unending litany of grievance and finger-pointing. It is insulting and embarrassing to watch, particularly from someone who has portrayed herself as a “strong woman”. In fact she has turned out to be stereotypically bitchy, angry and small.

Hillary’s biggest problem is that her strongest critics today are members of her own party. But then again Bill Clinton already had been undermining himself for years among Democrats by constantly injecting himself into politics, often with bad results, like his feud with Obama during the 2008 primaries.

In short, it is not your enemies who confound you; you know who they are. It is when your friends turn on you that it really hurts. And Hillary now has plenty of friends turning on her. This is not going to turn out well for our First Woman Almost-President.

Meanwhile Mr. Bill cannot help himself. He is utterly obsessed with power and publicity. He cannot stand not to be top dog and telling everyone how the world should be, and thus he must run his mouth constantly and insert himself into every situation imaginable (pun intended).

It would have been fantastic to have been a fly on the wall at the Clinton home after election night 2016. Who could forget Hillary showing up for a speech a week later with bags under her eyes looking like she had been drunk for seven days.

It is being conjectured that she has spent a lot of time drunk and depressed after her loss, and we all know that she is still reeling. She says that she will never be a candidate again, but you can never trust this female.

This whole tale reinforces something we often see in people who have become addicted to the spotlight, who expect royal treatment but who have visited the well too many times. This is what the Clintons have done over and over. They simply think that they are owed everything and that if they just keep coming back again and again that they will get their wish.

There is only one other family in American history that has actually hogged more attention than the Clintons and that is the Kennedys. They are another classic example of narcissistic socialists who won’t leave us alone, like an aging Hollywood actor who long ago passed his prime but keeps showing up in bad movies.

These Kennedys have been in our faces since the 1950s, and only now are they fading away after the JFK generation (JFK, Bobby, Teddy) failed in its bid to become American kings.

The sooner they fade out the better. It must be difficult for even the most ardent Kennedy lover to continue smiling and supporting that sad bunch. The recent arrest of two Kennedys – a father and daughter, no less – for drunk and disorderly conduct only serves to illuminate their sinking ship in a dark and dreary light.

Now the Clinton dynasty is vanishing fast since Hillary lost the election and there is only one child, Chelsea. This must be terribly disturbing to Bill and Hillary, particularly with Chelsea being repeatedly embarrassed on the internet. In short she is no Slick Willy or Crooked Hillary. Chelsea would never have the presence of mind, or the audacity, to delete 33,000 emails.

Recently Chelsea claimed falsely in a tweet that a Michigan law that was proposed to protect religious freedom would allow emergency medical personnel to deny care to homosexuals. This was just her latest gaffe of many. She just can’t stay away from that SEND button.

The Clintons must be most disturbed that their cash flow has been severely interrupted. They were raking in mountains of dough for their family foundation and by giving speeches and making deals, but they no longer are even vaguely as valuable and invincible as they were one year ago.

Together these two have changed our perception of what it means to be leaders. While US presidents traditionally have receded into the background after their time in the White House Bill Clinton has tossed that mold out the window with more than a decade of in-our-faces activism.

It now seems like Hillary is heading for the same thing… even though she was never even president.

What irks Hillary most is that she was supposed to be The First Woman President, and thought that she deserved to be. Meanwhile two women leaders in Europe – conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher of Britain and moderately conservative chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany – both beat Hillary to the punch to lead major nations. The wonderful and courageous Lady Thatcher (1925-2013) took office way back in 1979.

Hillary has even said that she won’t rule out challenging the 2016 election results over suspicions about Russian interference. What nerve. This comes after proof finally has emerged in the last few years about the many ways that Democrats have been stealing elections for decades. The same-day-registration voter fraud in New Hampshire probably cost president Trump that state’s electoral votes, and cost Republican US senator Kelly Ayotte her seat.

The Clintons really need to go. Now. We desperately need relief, like a wall around them or an off-grid home in rural Alaska with no roads in or out, and no communications. Or a Cone of Silence to put their ever-running mouths and egos to rest. Enough is enough.

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