Conservative Texas Succeeds as Socialist California Fails

California is the most socialistic state in the union. Every statewide office is held by a Democrat leftist. Democrats have overwhelming control of both houses of the state legislature. State public-employee unions are very powerful and get everything they want. Both US senators are very liberal. Nancy Pelosi is a nutty militant as are most US House members from the Golden State. California’s governor is an aggressive and outspoken socialist radical.

California has some of the highest taxes in the nation and the most restrictive and absurd ‘green’ laws. Zealous regulations and nanny-state warnings are everywhere. recently received a small commemorative gift to mark a young child’s Christian baptism and it says on the bottom of the package:

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Who knows what that is all about. In other words California is full of power-mad lunatics who need to control us and even frighten us about absolutely everything, as liberals always use fear and pessimism to control us. We cannot even enjoy an uplifting occasion like a baptism without these humorless goons sticking their noses into it.

California was once one of the richest places on earth, and still is wealthy. It was built up over more than 100 years by conservative, can-do people and it was strongly Republican throughout much of the 20th century. After all president Ronald Reagan came from California.

But as we see anywhere that there is wealth, the socialists then moved in and thrived after all the comforts were there for them. They seized political control and stole every nickel they could.

With Democrats in total control today socialist lore would tell you that California would be a model of prosperity and equality but compared to conservative Texas it is not.

Here are excerpts from an article from Fox News by Chuck Devore, a Republican member of the California state assembly from 2004 to 2010, about the two states. Each excerpt is followed by a comment:

Devore writes: California’s poverty rate is 20.4 percent and the Texas rate is only 14.7 percent, based on the Supplemental Poverty Measure, which accounts for the regional cost of living, out-of-pocket medical expenses and other items.

Three big factors are responsible for California having more poor people and Texas having fewer as a portion of their state populations:

California has high state and local tax rates, while the rates in Texas are low. California has a generous welfare system that acts as a disincentive to work, while Texas incentivizes people to get jobs. And California’s many burdensome regulations raise the cost of living and act as roadblocks to development, while inflating housing costs. So a family needs to have a higher income to get out of poverty in California than it needs in Texas. comment: Yessiree. Taxes, easy welfare and zealous regulation. These are three of the factors that destroy prosperity everywhere and they are products of the Democrat party that allegedly are going to “save” us and reduce poverty.

If you are a productive person who is going to move to a state with either high taxes or low taxes, which will you generally choose? If a person can earn $20K on welfare or $20K working which will he often choose? If you want to start a business, will you generally choose a state with many regulations or few?

The answers are obvious. In other words socialist policies produce the opposite of what they claim. For instance Democrats routinely publicize people who are in dire need of food stamps without explaining that their problems very often are a direct result of Democrat policies.

Devore writes: California has the nation’s highest marginal state income tax rate – 13.3 percent. Texas is one of seven states without a state income tax. A ranking of all state and local taxes for median income households in every state shows that California ranks No. 8, while Texas comes in at No. 30 on the list. comment: California is so anti-business that Intel, the “grandfather” of the Silicon Valley computer industry, has not created any jobs within California since the year 2000 while expanding in other states like Arizona, Utah and Oregon.

One athlete will pay a whopping $4.1 million in California state and local taxes alone on $34 million earned in the coming year.

Devore writes: The higher taxes are, the less money families have. And higher taxes mean employers have less money to hire new workers and raise the salaries of workers already on their payrolls. comment: No argument there. Companies are fleeing the high corporate tax rate in California and in the US. More than 1,700 companies are reported to have fled California in the last 20 years including big ones like Nestle and Toyota.

Devore writes: California has a generous and costly safety net that discourages work, while raising state spending and the need for high taxes.

Some 1 out of 3 Americans who receive federally qualified welfare payments –Temporary Assistance for Needy Families – are Californians. And California has expanded Medicaid (called Medi-Cal there), to cover 13.5 million people. About one-third of state residents are enrolled in the health insurance program for the poor funded by the federal government and the state. comment: One of the most powerful words in our vocabulary is “free”. And when you can get everything for “free” tens of millions will do so. They have no conscience. This is unfair to people to work and pay taxes, and it harms the overall economy too. It is a horrible role model. Sloth is a terrible way to live your life. It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Devore writes: On the jobs front, California’s environmental and energy policies have created costly and burdensome regulations that have accelerated the shift of manufacturing and other jobs out of the state and out of the country to China and other nations.

When combined with generous welfare payments, this has resulted in fewer adults participating in the workforce in California than the national average. If Californians 16 and older worked at the same rate as they do in Texas, 550,000 more Californians would be earning a paycheck and many of them would be self-sufficient instead of dependent on government. comment: Those who go from welfare to work do three good things: They reduce the need for government spending and the taxes to support it; they start contributing to the government instead of taking from it; and they become infinitely better role models. Going onto welfare from work goes the other way.

Devore writes: As for affordable housing, California lawmakers know they have a problem. But their proposals to fix it are more of the same: bigger government, more borrowing, and higher taxes to pay for more government housing – while telling homebuilders what to build.

Instead of continuing on this course, elected officials should fix the terrible state of property rights in California. After New Jersey and Maryland, California is the third least-free state when it comes to housing regulation.

Development fees, global warming carbon dioxide concerns, restrictive zoning, and other barriers act to create a massive artificial scarcity of housing in California. This pushes the cost of a home beyond reach for the middle class, while making rent virtually impossible for the poor. comment: There are reported to be as many as 250,000 people leaving California annually. These are generally productive, diligent, skilled and educated middle-class people who are willing to work to better themselves.

For 150 years years they migrated into California and built the state up because there was opportunity in doing so. Not any more. One of the significant reasons that they are leaving is the cost of housing as Democrat policies push home prices up.

Combined with other economy-killing policies California is incrementally losing its vitality as poorer, sicker, homeless, illegal, unskilled, uneducated, non-English-speaking and older people stay put and live off of taxpayer cash.

This situation is feeding on itself. After a certain point California will start to decline rapidly. It already is doing so, increasingly becoming a place of super-rich and rich, and then the poor, with fewer and fewer in between. This is classic socialism. Even the philosopher Aristotle said that the best society is one with the biggest middle class.

Devore writes: In sharp contrast, housing costs in Texas are far more affordable. While the average listing price for a home in California is nearly $698,000, the average listing price for a home in Texas is less than half that – $320,000. comment: OK, so California is nice. But if you can’t afford to live there it is not nice at all.

Devore writes: California’s defenders claim that the Golden State provides a great deal for its diverse population. Only 52.5 percent of California residents are non-Hispanic whites or Asian – the two large racial or ethnic groups with above-average income in America … However, in Texas, only 47.4 percent of the population is made up of non-Hispanic whites or Asians. Using this metric, demographers would predict that Texas, not California, should have a higher poverty rate. comment: But no. Another sad reality of socialism.

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