‘Greenies’ Fabricate New Crisis – Urban Summer Heat

Have you never noticed how liberals always feel like they have to “solve” every problem? But that their “solution” always makes the problem worse?

Consider traffic jams, which we see twice every work day in cities across the US at rush hour since so many people are trying to get to work or then get home around the same time.

Liberals have decided that traffic jams are unacceptable. They produce studies telling us how many tens of billions of dollars are wasted in valuable time sitting in traffic jams and they calculate the amount of pollution caused by traffic jams.

Then they propose to build massively expensive government-funded train lines to “solve” the problem. Or one entrepreneur is even proposing to dig tunnels under Los Angeles to move traffic. But we all know that the tunnels will immediately get clogged with traffic, i.e., the liberal solution always fails, and costs us big bucks at the same time.

Now liberals have found yet another ‘problem’ to “solve” – Summer heat in the cities. They have formed activist groups and done “studies” and become “advocates for cooling” and all of the other taxpayer-funded baloney.

After a miserable cold winter in New England and cool rainy Spring and cool Summer even in New York City, a website called the Thomas Reuters Foundation (TRF) recently posted a commentary complaining about the Summer heat problem – for ‘the poor’, naturally. It is called Extreme heat – an “unseen threat” – burns U.S. urban poor

The article describes “scorching heat” descending on New York City when Harlem resident Evenly Jenkins-Smith finds breathing difficult when she goes outside. Unfortunately we did not see that heat in the Summer of 2017.

This is obviously another ‘global warming’ scare that we never hear about when the weather is cool or cold as we are seeing increasing ice sheets at the North Pole and the South Pole and growing glaciers in some parts of the world. TRF then says:

Jenkins-Smith is among the growing number of city dwellers whose health is at risk from increasingly hotter summers – a threat that has prompted cities nationwide to look for innovative ways to keep their most vulnerable residents safe and cool.

Increasingly hotter summers? Who says? After all, GLOBAL warming is supposed to be ‘global’. But it is not ‘global’ in any way, shape or form. Look at this from CBS News on September 25:

Arizona Snowbowl fired up the snow guns this weekend, marking the earliest artificial snowfall in the country! Not to mention this being the earliest start to the snowy season in Arizona.

The resort started to launch the snowmakers on Saturday night and continued through Monday morning. Opening day for the skiing season is scheduled for Nov. 10.

TRF then reports:

Rife with asphalt and concrete that absorb and radiate heat, many U.S. cities amount to giant heat traps, scientists say.

The phenomenon is known as the urban heat island effect. It can add as much as 5 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) to daytime temperatures in cities, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Yes, we know. This has been happening since the first cities were built thousands of years ago. Meanwhile here are just a few of the cities today in much hotter temperature zones than New York where people have been living with high heat for centuries – Cairo, Egypt; Mumbai, India; Mexico City, Mexico; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Manila, Philippines; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Sydney, Australia; Cartagena, Colombia; Dacca, Bangladesh; and on and on. TRF reports:

The problem is even worse at night, when city temperatures can be as much as a whopping 22 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius) warmer than green rural areas, where heat is more effectively released back into the atmosphere, the agency said.

For decades the liberals have been telling us how awful life is in “the country” with all the hayseeds and hicks, that city life is superior. But now that it is convenient for their political agenda, they are praising the advantages of rural living. What a joke. TRF then reports:

Countrywide, heat is the number one cause of death from extreme weather events – including threats such as floods and hurricanes, according to the National Weather Service. Its data show that high temperatures killed an average of 131 people a year in the United States between 1987 and 2016.

Meanwhile AIDS has killed 700,000 homosexual American males since 1981 but the liberals will never report that since they cover up for the gay agenda. Heat has killed about 5,000 in the same period. TRF reports:

When the heat index – a measure that combines temperature and humidity – climbs above 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius), it becomes harder to sweat off heat, leaving older adults, in particular, at risk of suffering heat stroke.

Heat is a product of “mother nature”, the most brutal killer of all. The ‘greenies’ never mention that Inconvenient Truth. They tell us that nature is benign and wonderful. It is not. TRF reports:

Future risks look even greater, unless there is quick action to curb climate change, scientists say.

In New York City, an estimated 3,300 people could die each year, beginning in 2080, from intense heat due to climate change, according to a study published last year in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives

OK, here we go again. Another dire prediction 63 years into the future that is supposed to scare us into believing the ‘climate change’ bogeyman. Yet these same ‘green’ lunatics would not dare risk predicting two days beforehand where Hurricane Irma was going to hit Florida because they had no idea where it would hit. So what are the chances of their prediction for 2080 being correct? Answer: About zero. TRF reports:

But as climate change has sent temperatures skyrocketing, urban planners and health officials have scurried to find solutions, said Kurt Shickman, who heads the Global Cool Cities Alliance. The non-profit in Washington D.C. helps dozens of cities devise urban-cooling policies.

Who says ‘climate change has sent temperatures skyrocketing’ implying that this has never happened before? Back in 1939 a Swedish scientist was panicked over the disappearing glaciers in Greenland after a very hot decade. On June 23, 1890 the New York Times wrote this about rising temperatures:

Is our climate changing? The succession of temperate Summers and open Winters through several years, culminating last Winter in the almost total failure of the ice crop throughout the valley of the Hudson (River) makes the question pertinent. The older inhabitants tell us that the Winters are not as cold now as when they were young and we have all noticed a marked diminution of the average cold even in this last decade.

On the other hand these same ‘climate’ alarmists were warning in the 1970s about a New Ice Age after the 1960s were cold and snowy. There is even a documentary about it on YouTube. At one point a guy says about Alaska, “the Summer of 1972 was one of the most severe Summers on record. The ice never melted…”

In other words, the climate changes constantly and naturally. During the Medieval Warm Period from 900 AD to 1300 AD temperatures were vastly hotter than today for a full 400 years. Ditto the 650 years of the Roman Warm Period (250 BC to 400 AD). And that was with a very small human population compared to now, and no burning of coal or oil, which the fanatics are blaming ‘warming’ on. But Al Gore does not want you to know these facts. TRF reports:

From Louisville to Chicago, and Los Angeles to New York, mayors and city councilors are pouring millions of dollars into plans to fight intensifying urban heat, Shickman said.

Flat rooftops are being painted white to reflect light and cool homes. Armies of seasonal workers plant trees, which cool the air due to their ability to evaporate water. And dark pavement is being replaced with materials that cool faster.

Oh, boy, here we go. More absurd government programs that cost taxpayers billions. How much does it cost to paint each roof white? Who knows; if it is a government job it is 20 times too much. And how much good does it really do in the overall scheme of things? Answer: None. TRF also says:

In addition, many cities have designated public cooling centers – such as air-conditioned libraries and community centers – for use when the blistering heat becomes a particular health danger.

So modern energy-consuming technology like air conditioning is saving lives, after environmentalists have been telling us that modern technology is killing us. TRF reports:

But in their efforts to work out where they should paint roofs, plant trees and replace pavement, cities have uncovered an unpleasant truth: Heat doesn’t strike evenly, and it’s the poorest neighborhoods that are most at risk.

No, the heat is the same in a poor area like 125th Street in New York City as it is three miles away at a wealthy area like 73rd Street and Madison Avenue. TRF reports:

“Heat affects everyone but there are some people it impacts with harder consequences,” said Brooke Havlik, a spokeswoman for WE ACT for Environmental Justice, a Harlem-based advocacy group.

Sharon Harlan, a professor of health sciences and sociology at Northeastern University in Boston, says she and colleagues have discovered a simple reality: Access to cash can equate with the ability to cool down.

Here we go with the class warfare. So here’s my advice for the poor blacks in Harlem like Evelyn Jenkins-Smith: Spend 20 years of your life becoming a successful financial analyst or businessperson or doctor or architect. Then you will have a higher income and will be less susceptible to the heat. TRF reports:

But it is indoors – in homes that can be 20 degrees Farenheit (11 degrees Celsius) hotter than outside and where most heat-related deaths occur – that being poor takes the biggest toll.

That’s because “low income households are hesitant to use air conditioning because of the utility costs,” said the University of Michigan’s Larsen.

This is baloney. They use welfare money to pay their electric bill just like they use welfare money to buy the air conditioners in the first place. Even TRF reports:

In Brownsville, one of New York’s poorest neighborhoods, just 70 percent of households had air conditioning compared to 99 percent in South Shore, one its wealthiest neighborhoods.

Oh, so “just” 70% have air conditioning in one of New York’s poorest neighborhoods, compared to 0% in poor nations like Bangladesh. You would think it would be zero in Brownsville from the way these socialists talk. TRF then drops this bombshell:

Even when it’s affordable, air conditioning shouldn’t be looked at as a clear solution to threats from hotter temperatures, as it comes with problems of its own, warned Forrest Meggers of Princeton University in New Jersey.

Meggers, a professor of architecture, has researched how the use of air conditioning adds to outdoor heat levels in cities.

Heat emitted by cooling systems and cars can account for about a fifth of the heat island effect, he said.

OK, so now they have found something wrong with air conditioning to fight the heat. In other words, you can never win with these people. They are insane. Thus when you see one of their crazy articles about our sweltering cities, find something else to read. Unless Nikitas3.com is analyzing the article to enlighten you.

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