Swamp Dwellers Feeling the Heat from ‘We the People…’

In just 8 months in office president Trump is leading a revolution that is more powerful than anyone could have believed possible just one year ago. God bless this man.

He is exactly what America needs and there is nothing that the haters can do to stop him because he has touched a nerve deep down in the decent American soul. Even if he left office tomorrow the movement that he has inspired cannot be impeded.

‘We the People’ are angry and aroused. There is a revolution developing and it will be peaceful and thorough. The corruption in The Swamp is just now beginning to be exposed. And Nikitas3.com predicts that this all is going to lead to a major and long-term shakeup in American politics and the re-election of president Trump in 2020.

The Alabama primary election was the tip of the iceberg. And while the president got bad advice to support Swamp Dweller Republican Luther Strange, “the people” rose up and gave us Roy Moore who is really an anti-Swamp and Trumpian figure if there ever was one. Moore became famous for defending The Ten Commandments and the Swamp Dwellers fear nothing more than four simple words – Thou shalt not steal

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and John McCain are feeling a searing heat that they never knew existed. If an election were held today McCain and McConnell would be primaried out. Meanwhile Nikitas3.com predicts that Paul Ryan will get booted from office in 2018.

Friends, it is an exciting time to be alive. We are going to see dominos falling like we never dreamed of.

Jeff Flake, McCain’s swamp-dwelling fellow Republican senator from Arizona is so far down in the polls that he may well resign rather than be humiliated in the Republican primary next year by Kelli Ward.

Ward tried to warn us, like Paul Revere, about the despicable McCain in a 2016 primary battle. But McCain won by promising to repeal Obamacare. McCain outright lied and he will be remembered for that.

John McCain is going to go down in American history as the exact opposite of what he plotted back when he laid in that prison camp, when he dreamed that his “war hero” status would take him to the White House and a glorious legacy.

Instead he has become an occupant of a political doghouse that we did not even know existed one year ago. McCain’s demise is being cheered by tens of millions of Americans and this sinking realization certainly is crushing him. He is no better than Ted Kennedy after Chappaquiddick. He knows the score and it is a grim one.

Before the polls in Alabama had even closed, another Swamp Dweller – Republican US senator from Tennessee Bob Corker – announced that he won’t run for re-election in 2018. Corker is now being exposed as another Washington crook and would be run out of office if he ran.

Corker is involved in a sleazy real-estate deal in Mobile, Alabama that is enriching him to the tune of millions. Breitbart News has exposed it. This is the Breitbart that the Swamp Creatures despise. No wonder.

This is how these Swamp Dwellers live like kings and leave the rest of us with crumbs. This is why they want Trump out of office. Because now we are seeing precisely how deceitful these people are.

Nikitas3.com believes that our first president George Washington would be utterly ashamed that his name has come to be associated with this mass of government self-dealing. Washington fought valiantly to give us a free America. He sacrificed a comfortable life as a landowner to go to war against the taxers and oppressors. Yet now his name is synonymous with a new generation of taxers and oppressors.

Finally the Sarah Palins of the world are going to get the recognition that they deserve for fighting the good fight while the Swamp Dwellers have worked for decades behind closed door to make deals and laugh at their good fortune, dismissing Palin and the rest of us freedom-fighters as rubes and hayseeds.

Expectedly the original Swamp Dwellers – the Democrats – are in vastly worse shape than the Republicans. The Democrat party is dying on the vine, as the political landscape today proves. And while Swamp Creature Republicans are going to face repeated challenges, we at least have fresh conservative faces coming in to replace them, principled figures that will stand for “We the People…”

The Democrats have no such people. Democrats lack scruples by nature. They have totally lost any authority and moral standing. They are done. Trump is driving a stake through their socialist hearts.

The National Football League is now drowning in a similar sea of arrogance. For decades they had America in their palms, just like John McCain and Ted Kennedy did. Indeed many Americans looked up to Washington to solve our problems and to the NFL as an irrepressible force of entertainment.

But now that Americans have seen these millionaire NFL bed-wetters kneeling for the National Anthem, there is a national backlash developing. It is like the wife who has caught her husband cheating. Life is just never the same afterward.

It gets worse. USA Today now has a list of 870 arrests of NFL players since the year 2000. If these skunks had kept their mouths shut and stood for the Anthem, we might not have discovered the list. In other words, the Swamp Dwellers in the NFL are causing their own demise with their own arrogance and they don’t even know it. Just like Washington.

The corruption is now spreading to college basketball and Nikitas3.com believes that we are going to see much, much more in all types of sports, particularly in the heavily-black sports. Meanwhile all-white NASCAR has said that participants will stand for the Anthem or face the consequences. Great. Nikitas3.com believes that NASCAR is going to pick up millions of disgruntled football fans for this reason alone.

If Swamp Dweller Supreme Hillary Clinton had been president she would have supported the Anthem kneelers and talked about “free speech”. What a joke. We all have “free speech” but we are not insulated from the consequences, like football fans burning their team gear.

President Trump would have none of it, and his “son of a bitch” comment was like the shot heard ‘round the world. This shows what a master communicator Trump really is. He recognized the moment and seized it like no other political leader in America ever would. He laid down a marker and never retreated but rather advanced on it.

Donald Trump is starting to drain the swamp in ways that we did not even dream about. He not only it taking on the Swamp Creatures in Washington but in the NFL and media and Hollywood too. CNN is failing. The New York Times has lost all credibility. Even the once-invincible ‘hippie’ magazine Rolling Stone may be heading for extinction.

This is a new day in America. We have a real leader who wants to stop the flood of illegal aliens. He wants decent jobs for anyone who wants one. He respects the flag and our military. He is a good man. And he is just getting started. Once the house of cards built by the Swamp Dwellers falls, as it is starting to do today, the world will never be the same again. And that is a very good thing.

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