Las Vegas Conspiracy Must be Rooted Out, Exposed

First, my thoughts and prayers go out to the thousands of people affected by this evil Las Vegas killer. There is no way to sound authentic about this with just a few words. It is a deeply troubling event that I am very saddened about. God bless everyone…

Now for today’s commentary: believes that the Las Vegas concert murders were part of a conspiracy that must be rooted out and exposed. believes that there were possibly 5 to 10 people connected to that horrendous attack.

Let us first look at another situation in which the conspiracy angle was never pursued despite evidence that it existed:

The baseball-game gunman in Alexandria, Virginia in June 2017 wanted to kill more than a dozen Republican congressman. He came from a small town in Illinois. He was known as a radical political hothead and a militant Bernie Sanders supporter. He had his own high-powered rifle.

So how did this guy just happen to end up in Alexandria, Virginia at the one event all year where all of those congressman would be exposed, an early-morning baseball practice game that takes place just once a year on an obscure little field?

He had to have been recruited for the hit and to have had inside help and information to direct him to the field at the right time. While it has been called a “lone wolf” attack, believes that there were several or many people involved in that attack going all the way up to Capitol Hill where the time and date of the practice game would be known, but to just a small group of people.

This conspiracy angle was never pursued.

The Las Vegas killer was not a disgruntled gambler taking revenge on the world over his losses, as the media are seeking to portray him in order to quash any conspiracy investigation. In that case he would have walked into a casino with a gun and started shooting.

This was a major, well-planned attack on a crowd of conservative white people attending a “country” music concert. We all know that “country music” attracts conservative people. Now the internet has lit up with vicious leftists praising the murders since this fact is well known.

The concert honored military veterans and had sung God Bless America in unison. These were signs of the concert’s conservative slant and would arouse leftist hatred since the left hates America.

It even has been reported that the killer once attended the concert in previous years and so would know all about it.

This attack was a coordinated mass political assassination designed to victimize and further intimidate conservative white Americans in the Era of Trump, when hatred of white people and of conservatives has flourished. More than 200 Trump supporters have been attacked, and three have even been murdered in the past year.

To think that the Las Vegas killer acted alone, or that this was a random or impulsive attack, is nonsense. Consider these facts:

*He had to book the hotel room weeks in advance.
*He had to be assured that the room overlooked the concert.
*He had smuggled 23 rifles up to the room, along with thousands of rounds of heavy ammunition. This was a major logistical task done over a period of three days. Did anyone know about this, or help him? Or observe him? Let’s find out. Remember that Las Vegas is a radical labor union hotbed that hates Trump. He may have had inside help.
*The killer’s girlfriend was conveniently in another country when the attack took place. believes that she must be brought back and interviewed intensively in person.
*Since the girlfriend was abroad, how could the police have cleared her in connection with the attack only 12 hours after the attack? They need to interview her in person to find out if she had been involved in the planning leading up the attack, or knew anything about it.
*The girlfriend had worked in Nevada casinos. Did she have any connections in the Mandalay hotel from which the attack was launched? Was she involved in getting the killer into that room?
*Who was the killer communicating with in the months leading up to the attacks? His electronic devices reportedly have been seized from his home. If his computer and cell phone have been scrubbed clean, law enforcement can probably reconstruct his communications through his internet address.
*The rifles used may have been modified as machine guns. Who did that work?
*Let’s interview gun shop owners where the killer bought the guns.
*Let’s interview people who knew this guy, particularly in the Nevada town where he lived and in the many places where he had lived, 27 different places according to one media account. These people often see things that are important, but that seem insignificant at the time.

Like a typical left-wing or terrorist coward, the killer committed suicide rather than being captured and held to account for his evil.

This attack was much more than a “mass shooting” or even terrorism. It was a political assassination on a grand scale intended to target and intimidate conservatives and white people and disrupt our very freedoms.

This looks like part of the “antifa” strategy of left-wing violence that is intended to intimidate Trump backers, i.e., you do not even want to put a Trump bumper sticker on your car.

The killer’s brother said that the killer was “Not an avid gun guy at all… where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background.”

But the brothers lived thousands of miles apart. Why should we take the brother’s words seriously? He had no idea what his brother was doing over the last year since president Trump was elected. The killer may have been radicalized by left-wing websites, or watching Trump-hating CNN, possibly even reading anti-American terrorist propaganda.

The brother says that the killer must have “snapped”. This is nonsense. This attack was methodically planned out over a long period, not an impulsive event.

Said the killer’s brother, “He’s just a guy who played video poker and took cruises and ate burritos at Taco Bell. There’s no political affiliation that we know of. There’s no religious affiliation that we know of.”

Well, we certainly know that he was no conservative Christian. And how does his brother know what the killer was thinking inside his head about politics?

The killer was a heavy gambler with lots of money. He owned multiple homes in nice places. He had worked as an accountant. We need to talk to people who knew him to find out more about this guy.

The killer’s father was a famous bank robber who was called a psychopath. The killer fit that description well. Let’s look into the killer’s mental history.

Within a few hours of the attack, law enforcement was declaring this a “lone wolf” attack. Yet there was no basis whatsoever to make that claim. Whoever made such a claim should be fired or reprimanded.

If this had been an attack on a black crowd or muslim crowd, the media would be going crazy trying to tie it to every Republican in the nation and calling it a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. But there is no media attempt to find out who else might be involved in this obvious conspiracy since the victims were white conservatives. Or to criticize the crazies who have expressed joy that conservatives were targeted.

Crucially, this attack was a result of years of relentless media, Democrat, activist and university slander of white people and white conservatives. This certainly influenced the killer, with white people and conservatives being called KKK and ‘nazis’ and “white supremacists” over and over.

While the Democrats cry “free speech” in criticizing white people and president Trump, that “free speech” has become very radical and intense. It is having a powerful effect on unstable people like the baseball-game shooter and certainly the Las Vegas killer.

We need a federal investigation into the Las Vegas murders. Attorney general Sessions should authorize it immediately. There is much more to this attack than meets the eye.

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