Democrat Viciousness Intensifies After Las Vegas

First, good for president Trump for treating the Las Vegas murders in a mature manner rather than immediately seeking to make political gain, as Obama did repeatedly with such events. And now for today’s commentary:

The mass political assassination of conservatives in Las Vegas has revealed a new level of viciousness on the American left.

Since the Democrat party sent its Ku Klux Klan soldiers to intimidate and kill Republican officeholders after the Civil War the inborn violence and hatred of the political left has remained unabated. Here are two examples out of thousands:

*The Columbine high school killers of 1999 were acting out a Hollywood movie called Natural Born Killers made by left-wing director Oliver Stone.

Rational people saw that film gratuitously portraying and inspiring violence but liberals only thought of it as protected free speech since one of their own got rich on it.

*Feminists consider the violent act of abortion, even at the point of birth, to be a ‘right’ that has no negative ramifications or consequences.

After Las Vegas thousands of leftists on the internet and in the media cheered the killing of conservative white “country” music fans; smeared 2nd Amendment Republicans in the most craven terms; and called out the National Rifle Association as a terrorist group.

Alarmingly the Las Vegas killer targeted conservatives yet somehow liberals are managing to downplay that issue, just as they have downplayed the violence of antifa and other groups against conservatives and Trump supporters before and since the election. More than 200 Trump supporters had been attacked, and three murdered, even before Las Vegas.

If the Las Vegas victims had been at a black concert or muslim gathering, there would be no end to the media hysteria.

The gun-control argument being put for the by Democrats is a dodge. It is intended to divert us from the true nature of this crime, which was a direct attack on conservatives and Trump supporters. We must dig down and find out who this killer was associating with.

Liberals are simply crazy but they don’t even know it. Perhaps you recall the burning of a black Mississippi church six days before the presidential election of 2016. The arsonist had spray-painted ‘Vote Trump’ on the outside of the burned church.

The moment that I saw that I knew that it was fake. I was certain that it was perpetrated by a Trump-hater trying to make Trump look bad, implying that a Trump supporter had burned the church. And this was proven true a short time later. A black parishioner had burned his own church thinking that it would sway the country against Trump.

Liberals are by nature weak and insecure people who are driven to any extreme measure to feel good about themselves. That is why they constantly lash out with the most extreme ideas and theories, for instance that only they can save the planet from burning up in ‘global warming’.

It gets worse. They also are driven by their emotions and many of them are deeply disturbed people. It is this emotional mania that makes them liberals in the first place. Rational and level-headed people become conservatives.

Democrats exploit this mania, for instance by harping on dramatic and apocalyptic issues like ‘climate change’; or on “racism” and “discrimination” and “slavery” to keep the blacks agitated. This gives blacks no opportunity to rationalize their thinking. This is how they are emotionally controlled by their political overlords like Waters and Sharpton.

Twitter has been filled with hate for conservatives after Las Vegas, that conservative “country music” fans deserved to die for supporting Trump, that Republicans deserve to die. It shows a level of derangement and hatred that is perhaps unprecedented in America. Yet the media are not pointing this out.

This anti-conservative rhetoric is making America a dangerous place. When the shooter from Illinois tried to kill those Republican congressmen at the baseball game last June there was no coverage whatsoever in the media about the militant rhetoric that certainly drove him to it, or his possibly being involved in a conspiracy.

This rhetoric started on the day in June 2015 when president Trump came down that escalator and announced his candidacy, and it spiked when he won the election. It has not subsided.

Liberals are constantly on the cusp of rage. I remember once years ago sitting in a coffee shop. There were some people at the nearby table laughing hysterically and joking. I knew that they were actors from the nearby Summer theater company (i.e., liberals). And I remember thinking to myself that some of these same people would be in a red-faced rage an hour later, because their emotions are constantly in flux.

It is a form of manic-depression that is standard behavior for emotional people. They have no center; they are always at the extremes. This is why actors are generally liberals. They can change their personas on a dime.

Liberals are also by nature violent people. Our most violent neighborhoods are in black America where they vote 99.9% for Obama. Labor unions are violent. Abortion is violent. Many of our TV shows and films are violent.

Lenient Democrat judges promote violence by going easy on criminals. Ironically they are often the same judges who want strict gun control laws, yet they give the most lenient sentences for gun crimes while we 2nd Amendment backers want the harshest sentences.

If you have any liberal acquaintances, you know the drill. You simply don’t say anything, any word, any thought, that will provoke them. They will find something in every syllable to malign you and so you talk about the weather or sports or family.

A liberal lady told me angrily last year that Trump doesn’t pay his taxes. But then when Trump’s 2005 tax return was released and he was shown to have paid a higher rate than virtually anyone else, she was not fazed; she just attacked him on other issues.

Here is how this works: Once a person has committed himself or herself to a position – for instance that Trump is evil and does not pay taxes – then he/she is loath to admit that he/she is wrong. Because it is hard for people to admit that they were wrong.

This is particularly acute among liberals. By admitting that they are wrong they would suffer grievously inside, and so they don’t admit that they have it all wrong about guns, ‘climate change’, poverty, Trump paying his taxes or anything else. It is too painful for them to see themselves as flawed.

If you tell liberals the truth about guns, for instance, they reject it. For instance, they talk over and over about how “peaceful” Europe is with guns strictly controlled, but they conveniently ignore the fact that 100 MILLION Europeans died in war and genocide between 1900 and 1950; that the whole European continent was damaged or destroyed twice over in war; that hundreds of millions of Europeans had their lives disrupted and ruined by conflict; and that hundreds of millions ended up crushed under ruthless communism.

This could happen again. The people in Europe have no way to deter a military crackdown by a modern-day tyrant.

I’ll take America any day, 2nd Amendment and all.

Democrats already are jacking up their rhetoric about guns after Las Vegas. They think that they finally have an issue to win on, but it is like DACA or the Paris climate accord that they were sure were issues that were going to work for them. They have not. The issues are changing rapidly.

With Las Vegas, however, we have entered uncharted waters. There are certainly many crazies out there egged on by Trump-hater rhetoric who may now drive a car into a crowd or pick up a gun against conservatives in copycat crimes. It is extremely disturbing.

Yet if we ramp up our security by, for instance, telling fellow citizens to report anything suspicious the left will call us paranoid and accuse us of discrimination. This is probably how the Las Vegas murderer got away with his evil plan; nobody reported on this guy because so many people are afraid to be ‘judgmental’.

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