Harvey Weinstein Story is a Diversion from Much Worse Evil

Note from Nikitas: When I originally posted this commentary, I was unaware of a bombshell story coming out about Harvey Weinstein in The New Yorker magazine. The story, by Ronan Farrow, son of Mia Farrow, says this, which supports my editorial:

The (Weinstein harassment) story, however, is more complex, and there is more to know and to understand. In the course of a ten-month investigation, I was told by thirteen women that, between the nineteen-nineties and 2015, Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them, allegations that corroborate and overlap with the Times’s revelations, and also include far more serious claims.

… Three women—among them Argento and a former aspiring actress named Lucia Evans—told me that Weinstein raped them, allegations that include Weinstein forcibly performing or receiving oral sex and forcing vaginal sex.

OK, so there you go. Now here is the original Nikitas3.com commentary posted on Tuesday, October 10 at 11 AM, warning that the sexual harassment charges against Weinstein were a cover for much more serious behavior like assault, rape, child sexual abuse and even murder:

Harvey Weinstein Story is a Diversion from Much Worse Evil

Don’t be fooled by this Harvey Weinstein story, friends. This is intended to distract us from gross sexual criminal behavior among leftists in places like New York and Hollywood, all the way down to child sex abuse and even murder.

This story is intended to make us think like Pollyanna that the worst thing ever is sexual harassment. And that we finally have the culprit!

Nonsense. But sexual harassment is a starting point. When top figures at Fox News were accused of harassment – all charges unproven in a court of law – the media, Democrats and feminists went bonkers.

Yet now after left-wing movie mogul Harvey Weinstein – friend of Obama, the Clintons, John Kerry, Al Gore, etc. – has been exposed for decades for such behavior and worse, there has been a lot of silence from feminists and liberals, and even attempted exoneration.

Here is a perfect example from New York fashion designer Donna Karan who suggested that Weinstein’s victims may have been ‘asking for it’. Karan told a reporter that:

“To see it here in our own country is very difficult, but I also think how do we (women) display ourselves? How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality?”

Oh, so finally we have an excuse for the inexcusable crime of sexual harassment (inexcusable when done by a conservative, that is). If a conservative ever said what Karan did he/she would be exiled to the moon.

Even the big-mouth anti-Trump Follywood icon Meryl Streep once called Weinstein “God” for his success in films. So what does “God” do now, Meryl? And what do you do?

Streep is now playing catch-up to salvage her reputation. Look at this from The Daily Mail (Britain) about female Hollywood big-wigs after the Weinstein story broke:

Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet and Judi Dench spoke out about Harvey Weinstein in lengthy statements released on Monday that revealed some of Hollywood knew of the sexual harassment allegations while others were in the dark.

‘The disgraceful news about Harvey Weinstein has appalled those of us whose work he championed, and those whose good and worthy causes he supported,’ said Streep.

‘The intrepid women who raised their voices to expose this abuse are our heroes.’

She went on to say: ‘One thing can be clarified. Not everybody knew.’

Many had been waiting for Streep to comment given her past praise of Weinstein, who she referred to as ‘God’ at the 2012 Golden Globes while accepting her Best Actress award for playing Margaret Thatcher in ‘The Iron Lady.’

Close meanwhile admitted to having heard the rumors of Weinstein’s harassment over the years and said she was both angry and ashamed about the reality of the situation.

Later in the day, Kate Winslet revealed that she was also aware of these stories, while Judi Dench said they caught her by surprise.

Typical liberals. In hindsight they feign indignation when it serves their purposes. This is called “acting”. This is what you win Oscars for.

It gets worse. Weinstein was being defended by Lisa Bloom, the lawyer/daughter of ultra-feminist lawyer Gloria Allred. Bloom has now conveniently resigned after her duties were exposed.

Here is worse. Feminist Lena Dunham wrote recently in the New York Times:

This isn’t anything new. Woody Allen, whose daughter has said, over his denials, that he sexually abused her as a child, is still getting the hottest young stars to work with him. Roman Polanski, whose victims continue to come forward, is considered a visionary worth fighting for, and I recently had a male star tell me that working with him would “obviously be the ultimate.” (In fact, Mr. Weinstein himself gathered Hollywood to sign a letter asking that Mr. Polanski’s charges be dropped and he be allowed to return to America.)

Note: Film director Polanski is accused of drugging an underage girl for sex in 1977. He fled the country before his case went to court.

The most famous harassment case at Fox News involved mega-star commentator Bill O’Reilly although the charges sound totally fabricated, as O’Reilly says they are, or at the very least grossly exaggerated. They have never been adjudicated in court. One O’Reilly’s accuser has been shown to have lodged other highly specious charges over the years.

But this is nothing new. False or trumped-up charges have been filed for decades by Democrats and liberals against conservatives and top Republicans like defense secretary Caspar Weinberger; governor Rick Perry of Texas; US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska; governor Sarah Palin of Alaska; US congressman Tom DeLay of Texas; governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia; and state senate majority leaders Joe Bruno and Dean Skelos, both of New York.

This type of false accusation is a staple of the left, like their endless charges about Trump, all unproven. This behavior fundamentally undermines our civil society infinitely more than sexual harassment does.

And if you think that there is no harassment or other much worse behavior at CNN, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, the universities, the arts and hundreds of other liberal institutions, then you are delusional. It is just ignored by their media cronies and professionally covered up with threats, pressure and much worse.

Consider the case of international ‘modern art’ superstar Carl Andre, who is described like this on Wikipedia:

Andre and (Ana) Mendieta eventually married in 1985, but the relationship ended in tragedy. Mendieta fell to her death from Andre’s 34th story apartment window in 1985 after an argument with Andre. There were no eyewitnesses. A doorman in the street below had heard a woman screaming “No, no, no, no,” before Mendieta’s body landed on the roof of a building below. Andre had what appeared to be fresh scratches on his nose and forearm, and his story to the police differed from his recorded statements to the 911 operator an hour or so earlier. The police arrested him.

Andre was charged with second degree murder. He elected to be tried before a judge with no jury. In 1988 Andre was acquitted of all charges related to Mendieta’s death.

You can be sure that the judge was pressured and even intimidated by influential New York art-world moguls. Andre’s work has never been deleted from elite museums and collections. Blabbermouth feminists have said little about Andre. After all, he was ‘acquitted’ (yeah, right…)

Look at Ted Kennedy’s famous Chappaquiddick accident of 1969 when he allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to drown and then lied like hell about the whole thing. Everyone knew he was lying but Kennedy never missed a day of work in the US Senate after that.

Even the Las Vegas killer was involved in fantasies of sexual violence. Statistics show that sexual deviancy is associated with many other criminal acts.

Leftists instigated wide abuse with the sexualized culture of the 1960s and thus they also have formulated myriad ways to cover it up, including complicity and silence.

Nikitas3.com was distantly acquainted decades ago with a super-liberal college professor who sexually abused the underage daughter of his closest friend shortly after his friend’s son had been killed in a car accident. In short, these people have no heart whatsoever. Everything they do focuses on satisfying their own primal desires.

One of the biggest sexual abusers of our time is Bill Clinton. We don’t even know what this guy has really done. His behavior has been known for decades and his whole presidency was almost toppled over the issue of his treatment of women (he was impeached, but not removed from office for lying about his behavior).

At the same time his uber-feminist wife Hillary has been his greatest enabler and defender while claiming that she stands for the rights of “strong women”. Turns out that she spent decades trashing any woman who crossed Bill Clinton.

What a joke. This is one of the reasons that Hillary lost the election – she is a hypocrite when it comes to women’s issues, and millions of voters understood this.

Now Harvey Weinstein is using the classic liberal diversionary tactic – he is using his political power to go after the National Rifle Association.

Good try, Harv!

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