Left-Wing Mentality Inspired, Incited the Las Vegas Killer

Law enforcement officials are reporting that the Las Vegas mass murderer had no clear motive. That is ridiculous. His motive was plain as day – kill conservatives as inspired by leftist hate speech and other incitements.

Democrats, left-wing activists and the media are creating a smokescreen in the wake of the targeted political assassination of 58 “country” music fans on October 1. They are calling for more gun control when we already have 20,000 gun laws on the books.

Guns are not the problem, friends. Democrats are the problem but Democrats are using the subject of gun control to distract us from the real issues, which are these:

*Abuse of free speech rights: This is the biggest issue of all. The radical left, the media and Democrats have been seriously abusing “free speech” for more than two years now, even in major media sources.

They have been calling candidate Trump and president Trump and his supporters “nazis” and “fascists” and “white supremacists” and ”racists”. It never stops. Every day. It is reprehensible.

This extremist ‘hate speech’ is not your everyday angry speech that is protected under the Constitution. This speech has turned into pure incitement and it is directed at the radical fringe of the Democrat party, and extremists everywhere, i.e., people who are likely to commit violence like the Las Vegas killer did.

This is why more than 200 Trump supporters have been assaulted, and three murdered in the last two years; they have been intentionally targeted by militants on the left.

This is why the baseball-game shooter did what he did last June. He was a known socialist radical and a hothead who owned a high-powered rifle. He tried to kill a bunch of Republican congressmen since he believed that they were “nazis” and “racists” because he had heard that claim over and over.

This abuse of free speech appears to be what drove the Las Vegas killer to do his evil deed. He targeted a conservative audience of white “country” music fans who generally support president Trump, support the military and police, and sang God Bless America 90 minutes before the attack.

There is an old adage that “guns don’t kill; people do”. This means that no gun has ever hopped off of a shelf, aimed itself, and killed anyone. In short, it is people with evil motives who kill, sometimes using guns.

We don’t need gun control; we need speech control, to restrain the violence-inciting speech of the left, and it needs to start with people like Obama and Hillary Clinton denouncing it. But they never will. Democrats privately embrace the violence that this speech is encouraging against Trump supporters.

Now here are other inspirations from the Democrat left that incited the Las Vegas killer:

*Evil atheism. There is no mention anywhere of the Las Vegas killer being a conservative Christian or believing in the goodness and perfection of God. Thus his actions would fit in with the Democrat agenda of hating Christians and hating God. We saw the result.

During the years that the killer was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s Christian prayer in school was being banned and Christianity itself was coming under an avalanche of ridicule and slander.

If the killer had been a good Christian he would not have done what he did.

He also was a gambler. Christianity sees compulsive gambling as yet another sin to be overcome. Gambling is an addiction, like drinking and drugs and sexual abuse, all of which are common on the left.

*Depression, anxiety: It is being reported that the killer was taking anti-anxiety medications that contributed to his mania. We know that anxiety and depression are common among Democrats and are a result of chaotic thinking that is encouraged by the left.

*The killer committed suicide rather than be captured alive: Suicide is common on the political left. It is a cowardly act, since bullies and thugs like the Las Vegas killer are also cowards.

*The killer’s father was a bank robber, i.e., the killer had the genetic markers for an anti-establishment and even criminal culture that is reflected today in left-wing factions like violent antifa thugs, drug dealers, corrupt politicians, illegal immigrant criminals, muslim terrorists, labor unions, organized crime, etc.

On the other hand we conservatives are law-abiding and hard-working, we pay our taxes, go to church, are honest, serve in the military, respect the flag, etc.

*Liberals are pathological liars (like Hillary over her emails) and con artists (like ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff), and this killer was certainly one of them, having concealed his craziness and his evil plan for years. His Asian “girlfriend” should be questioned with polygraphs. There’s much more to this female than meets the eye. Let’s find out what she knows.

*Media violence: How many violent TV shows and movies did this killer watch over the years? These shows and films are all made by left-wingers in Hollywood. He could have seen thousands of gun murders in those shows, which deeply affected his psyche and de-sensitized him to violence and death.

*Security laxity: For decades Democrats have defamed our police, military, FBI, CIA, etc. This has led to deterioration in our personal and national security. Under a nominal security mindset somebody would have noticed the Las Vegas killer acting suspiciously somewhere along the line over many years.

It’s like 9/11. There were many indicators that those terrorists were planning to attack us. If we had been vigilant 9/11 never would have happened. But even FBI turned a blind eye to repeated warning signs about the coming of 9/11.

*Political correctness: Some acquaintances over the years certainly must have known that the killer was crazy. He had been building up to Las Vegas for a long time and the attack was methodically planned and executed.

But those acquaintances might well have been loath to say anything to anyone for fear of being called ‘judgmental’, which is barred under political correctness.

Before political correctness reared its ugly head over the last few decades rational people could recognize evil behavior immediately. Today we are not even supposed to think that bizarre behavior is unusual under the guise of ‘personal freedom’, i.e., if that’s what he wants to do, who am I to judge?

The Virginia Tech killer, for instance, was known as a lunatic on his campus but nobody did anything about him for fear that they would be seen as “judging” him and maybe even hurting his feelings. Instead 32 students died.

The Fort Hood terrorist was known as an extremist to US Army officials but they did nothing about him for fear of offending his muslim sensibilities.

*One report says that the Las Vegas killer had been registered as a Democrat in Florida in the 1980s. This would be no surprise whatsoever. The Pulse nightclub killer was a registered Democrat. The baseball player shooter was a Bernie Sanders supporter. And on and on.

*The killer’s brother now has been arrested for child porn, which is a common evil on the Democrat left.

*Sexual violence: A prostitute has come forward describing the Las Vegas killer as obsessed with violent sex and rape fantasies. This comes out of the left-wing world of rampant sexual promiscuity, adultery, prostitution, pornography, sexual abuse and violence that has been flourishing in our culture since the 1960s. Famous Democrat sexual abusers include Bill Clinton, the Kennedys, Harvey Weinstein, many people in Hollywood, blacks, gays and millions of others in urban and liberal America.

This prostitute is just one example of someone who knew about this killer and who should have notified somebody about his behavior. There will be others, Nikitas3.com predicts, if law enforcement doesn’t cover up this tragedy, which they very well may attempt to do.

The Las Vegas police department presides over a corrupt Democrat-controlled, union-controlled city. We cannot trust it. FBI may engage in a cover-up as well. We need an independent panel to look into this tragedy.

*Terrorism: The Las Vegas killer could well have fallen under the propaganda spell of America-hating terrorists. It is being reported that the killer’s car had traces of one explosive, and 50 lbs. of another explosive, and that he may have been planning a car bombing.

The killer’s many financial transactions are now being scrutinized for any direct ties to terrorism, although that may be moot. He may have acted as a self-financed terrorist himself.

Yet every time a muslim terrorist act is perpetrated against America Democrats like Obama seek to soften it, exonerate the terrorist, etc. and explain that America is really to blame. And thus the Las Vegas killer may have thought of himself as good, and that America deserved to be harmed. After all, he heard it from Obama.

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