Democrats Following Hard-Left Agenda to their Downfall

If you have studied the last century of political history you know that communist nations always spiral downward into oppression, poverty, starvation, chaos and genocide. We are seeing it today in Venezuela and North Korea.

Thus if you follow the lead of the socialist/communist left in any way, including in the US, then you too are on the path to ruin.

Case in point: ESPN, the “sports” network, has been taken over by radical blacks and turned into a forum for black-power views.

ESPN was doing great for many years, but this politicization has pushed it over the edge. Once a trusted source for sporting news it is losing viewers every day, now totaling in the many millions. The loss has been most pronounced among conservatives.

It gets worse. When one black ESPN commentator suggested that advertisers boycott the Dallas Cowboys after the owner told his players to stand for the National Anthem, she was suspended. And lo and behold the black-power crowd now is outraged at ESPN too.

Thus the downhill slide of ESPN continues and the pattern is clear: Once you start down the slippery slope to appease the left you eventually are going to self-destruct in one way or another.

ESPN would have been better off staying out of politics but it already has laid off 100 staffers after its ratings plummeted over the last year. Worse is yet to come. ESPN is now a political punch line.

The same thing is happening to professional football which is losing viewers by the millions after black players refused to stand for the Anthem. TV ratings, game attendance and team loyalty are tanking and many of these fans will never come back.

These fans are like the wife who catches her husband cheating; nothing is ever the same again. And it has happened because the activist black players seized the spotlight and decided to use Sunday afternoons as a political platform rather than for fun and football.

By the way, football players are unionized and so this is yet another example of a union ruining the very industry that employs them, as steelworkers destroyed the American steel industry in the 1960s and 1970s with outrageous wage demands and constant strikes.

Look at the US economy. Liberal states like Illinois, Connecticut, Vermont and New York are failing. The middle class is fleeing ultra-liberal California by the millions. Americans have moved to the conservative states by the tens of millions over the last 50 years for a better life.

Meanwhile black neighborhoods that voted 99.9% for Obama are terrifying, dangerous and poor.

It goes on and on. Even our cherished West Point military academy has deteriorated in its standards as the left has infiltrated it.

Now look at the Democrat party itself. It has moved to the hard left, particularly under Obama and it now has less electoral power than it has had in the last century. States that Obama won by big margins like Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania shifted to Trump and those voters are unlikely to go back to the Democrats for a long time, if ever. Donald Trump, a political novice, won a technical “landslide” with 57% of the electoral votes by running against the increasingly hard-line policies of the Democrats, particularly open borders.

Democrats are suffering yet another body blow with the fallout from the Harvey Weinstein disgrace. Weinstein was a top donor and booster who embodied the Democrat party in Hollywood and New York. He is the ugly face of women-abusing Hollywood after we have been told falsely for years that conservatives are waging some type of “war on women”.

This sordid tale of harassment and rape is going to drag the Democrats down another few notches that they can ill afford. For instance, Americans are going to compare Harvey Weinstein on the one hand to the well-behaved Trump family on the other and are going to wonder: Why are we supposed to hate the Trumps? What have they ever done wrong, like Weinstein has? Or like Bill Clinton has?

The trend for the Democrats is inexorable. The more arrogant and radical that their party becomes, the more that militants like Obama control it. And then it becomes more extreme and shrinks even more, leaving fringe elements in power over a declining party with a narrower and narrower appeal. This feeds on itself and consumes itself.

This is why president Trump is winning politically as he takes on major issues that we never even anticipated just a year ago. He won a major moral and political victory by standing against the Anthem kneelers. It was a natural position for Trump and for a vast majority of Americans but today’s Democrats don’t understand this since they have become so radical.

While Trump’s approval rating should be 10% after what the media have done to savage him, it hovers ‘officially’ around 45% but it really is 50% or maybe much more because the polls are rigged – just like they were during the 2016 election – and the president is much more popular than the media ever will let on.

Meanwhile the media skunks and Hollywood fraudsters and Democrat politicians are seeing their party exposed in many other dark ways – mass political corruption and voter fraud and a congressional computer scandal and a crushing bureaucracy and contempt for the white working class and a so-called ‘strong woman’ who ran for president but who won’t stop whining after she lost. And on and on. predicted as far back as 2011 that Trump would be elected president. I said over and over throughout 2016 that Trump would win. I said for years that Hillary Clinton was a weak candidate.

I already gave 23 reasons why president Trump will be re-elected in 2020 in this commentary from Spring 2017. And once again I will make the prediction here: President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 with 8 to 20 more electoral votes than he got in 2016 with potential wins in states that he lost like Maine, Colorado, New Mexico and New Hampshire.

Indeed those who follow the lead of Obama and the Clintons and Harvey Weinstein are going down the tubes. Examples:

*Republicans now hold 34 governorships out of 50. Even far-left Vermont has a Republican governor.
*Republicans have majority control of 67 out of 99 state legislative bodies.
*The GOP could easily get to 60 US Senate votes in the 2018 elections. This is a ‘supermajority’ that would give Republicans vast power.
*Republicans currently have a 46 vote majority in the US House of representatives.

We can only guess what is going to come out next to embarrass and weaken the Democrats. Here’s a hint: Jimmy Kimmel, one of the most outspoken lefty TV “comedians”, has been shown in an old videotape saying really crude things to women as part of a skit. predicts a Hollywood-wide sex-and-perversion scandal that is going to take down A-list play-actors and further upend Tinsel Town, along with its wealthy Democrat donor base. Accusations are already flying about Ben Affleck.

In short, fading Hollywood is going the way of fading Playboy magazine and fading Rolling Stone magazine, and this comes after significant declines in Hollywood’s influence over the last 10 years.

All in all it is a downward spiral that the Democrats cannot escape, like an airplane in a dive that cannot counteract the forces acting on it. This is delicious to watch after Democrats and the media told us over and over that it was conservatives who were in deep trouble.

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