President Trump is Outwitting Every One of His Critics

There is a known psychological phenomenon in which Person A, knowing that he/she is inferior to Person B, relentlessly criticizes Person B, often lying about him/her or grossly exaggerating in order to try to bring him/her down.

This is now going on big-time in Washington and in the Trump-hater media. But Democrats, some Republicans, media skunks and left-wing activists all are coming to the same sinking conclusion – that president Trump is smarter than they are, that he has repeatedly outfoxed them, that he got himself elected with a masterful campaign that none of them could ever do, and that he countermanded every established political protocol in doing so.

This is enraging many, many people. Their egos cannot take it. They are permanently offended when their authority is challenged. Then when their shortcomings and weaknesses are also exposed they go over the top.

With impeachment charges faded away, we now are seeing the anti-Trumpers discussing the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution which allows for the removal of the president if he is deemed incompetent. In short, the Trump-haters are suggesting that he is crazy. Yet it is the Trump-haters themselves who are descending into madness and chaos while Trump is in total control. This president is very, very smart.

Just look at what has happened to anti-Trump TV journalist Megyn Kelly. Her media career has cratered. Look at the collapse in credibility of allegedly “invincible” anti-Trump factions like Hollywood, the NFL, ESPN, NBC, CNN, The New York Times and many others. The local Trump-hater newspaper where lives is hanging by a financial thread. Anti-Trumpers across America are losing their collective minds and spiraling down into depression and flailing around in a rage.

The personal life of Trump hater Rosie O’Donnell is in deep turmoil; her gay former partner just committed suicide and her adopted daughter hates her.

Remember when CNBC debate moderator John Harwood smugly asked candidate Trump in 2015 if his campaign was merely “a comic-book version of a presidential campaign?”

So where is John Harwood now? Nobody knows. But we sure know where Trump is.

And thus Democrats are now playing the 25th Amendment card again, and for good reason. It is to distract us from the ever more disturbing news about Democrats from the Harvey Weinstein scandal to the disjointed ramblings of Nancy Pelosi to the rantings of Hillary Clinton to the electoral impotence of the Democrats, with their political power at a 100-year ebb.

It even goes to the machinations of Republicans like John McCain who seems to be gleefully obstructing Trump in the US Senate as his last hurrah in life. That is because McCain feels totally defeated now that he is dying of cancer, and needs to make some type of final statement to the world.

After being a prisoner of war with visions of glory, and a US senator and a national figure for decades McCain had fancied himself being president someday. He worked toward that goal for 20 years after entering the US Senate in 1987 but then was humiliated not once but twice, first by George W. Bush in the 2000 primaries and then by Obama in the 2008 election.

Then Trump came out of nowhere and got elected in his first serious foray into politics, insulting McCain personally in the process. Trump’s success has infuriated and flummoxed many elected officials in Washington on both sides of the aisle.

Meanwhile two years of ruthless attacks on president Trump and his family have come to naught. Trump is standing like Superman with bullets bouncing off of him. Have you noticed that the Russia collusion story has disappeared? And that the relentless attacks on the president’s children and even his grandchildren have evaporated? That the charges that Trump does not pay any taxes were proven utterly false?

The collapse of the Clinton political machine highlights the situation. The Clintons thought of themselves as the smartest and coolest political couple in US history. They were certain that they were on their way to being the first husband-and-wife team to be US presidents.

That fantasy now is in a shambles thanks to Trump and this obviously is making the Clintons feel foolish, stupid and weak, to have been humiliated in front of the whole world. And thus the Clintons and many of their cronies are seeking every type of revenge on Trump as they struggle with the loss of legitimacy.

Let’s face it – everyone who has ever held political office would consider it the highest achievement to be president of the United States. Many never get past town council or congressman or little-known anti-Trump US senator like Republican Bob Corker of Tennessee.

Some of them like John McCain and Hillary Clinton have tried repeatedly to get elected president and have lost. This is not what McCain had envisioned for himself; he saw his face on Mt. Rushmore but now is headed to the cemetery with that ugly bulge on his face making him look like a cartoon character.

McCain is now savagely envious of president Trump, particularly after Trump insulted his war record. And we all know that envy is the most potent emotion. Yet even as Trump is being obstructed by his own party and people like McCain, the president just keeps moving forward. believes that Trump has turned a corner on his critics, that they now are finding themselves largely out of ammunition after throwing everything possible at him. Their attacks have become redundant and repetitive.

Every day president Trump is issuing a statement, signing an executive order, making a public appearance or otherwise affecting the course of the nation. He is setting in motion major and much-needed reforms that will be long-lasting. predicts that Trump will serve two terms and will totally re-make our nation.

It is now clear that president Trump will have to wait until 2019 to implement his policies, when he will have more supporters in the US Senate. But eventually he will get things done. Trump is not only patient and tenacious, but smart and savvy. These qualities make him a formidable force.

Trump is strong since he came out of 50 years in the world of business and he put up with a lot more than these dopey politicians ever do. He toughened himself up by building an empire in the bruising world of real estate in places like New York City and Chicago where it is very difficult to do business, and internationally in places like South Korea and Panama. And thus Trump has seen it all and suffered every fool possible. John McCain is just another such fool who soon will be forgotten.

President Trump recently took on the entire National Football League in an offhanded comment and, voila, he won a huge moral and political victory with one single sentence. This is the type of power and finesse that the Swamp Dwellers dream about having but never will since they are such losers.

President Trump has totally outwitted his detractors in just 9 months in office. There is nobody quite like Donald Trump anywhere else on planet earth, and will never be again. He is an American original.

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