Democrats are Desperately Seeking 2020 Presidential Candidate

With the election of ‘outsider’ president Donald Trump liberals all over America now are suggesting that they might run for president in 2020 even when they have no political experience.

The latest is software billionaire Mark Cuban (his family name was originally Chabenisky and is Jewish). Even Oprah Winfrey is being discussed as a possible candidate.

In other words president Trump is making a lot of people think that it is easy to get elected and that being president is an easy job, while Democrats are looking everywhere since their list of potential candidates is so thin. There is currently no ‘whale’ candidate like Hillary or Obama.

Howard Schultz, multi-billionaire founder of the Starbucks coffee chain, may run. And indeed we might seriously think about giving Schultz a chance to be president since he has performed magic in the world of business.

After all he has snookered billions of people into paying $4 for a cup of coffee that costs 15 cents to make and thus perhaps he can also multiply our economy 26 times and miraculously make everyone rich.

It takes discipline to get elected and then to be president. Can you imagine Oprah Winfrey facing an international crisis? Her response would be: “Let’s chat about your weight loss.”

These candidates all would be a disaster since none really has any serious proposals for reform. Any one of them would simply seek to implement or strengthen a hard-left agenda to open the borders, institute the most radical ‘green’ laws, destroy our health-care system with a total government takeover, and tax the economy heavily. This is precisely what America rejected in 2016 in electing Trump.

On the other hand one of the conservative billionaires like David Koch would make a great president, although he has never expressed any interest in running.

The Koch Brothers did not amass a fortune peddling gold-plated cups of java or chatting with celebrities or making a superfluous internet site like Facebook.

Among other things the Kochs have developed and marketed technologies and products to service the oil and natural gas industries. This is serious business and America needs a serious leader to address the issues facing our country, not Mr. Coffee.

Here are some of the other people who have never held elective office but who are being discussed as potential Democrat candidates:

*Robert Iger, CEO of Disney: This guy is generating a lot of buzz these days. But Disney subsidiary ESPN is falling off a cliff now that it has gone hard left in its political views. So obviously Iger does not even know what is going on in his own company, or cannot control it. How is he going to run our nation? Good question.

Iger is reported to have personally intervened to save the job of a black ESPN anchor who called president Trump a white supremacist. That dooms his presidential hopes right there.

Iger also would be seen as coming from Hollywood, and thus his reputation is suffering right from the start with the Weinstein scandal and much more to come.

*Jamie Dimon: One of the top figures on Wall Street as CEO of investment bank JPMorgan Chase. Unfortunately Dimon has been involved in a shady commodities scheme that will come back to haunt him. This scam was even reported on the front page of the New York Times.

*Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook: He will only be 35 years old in 2020, which is the minimum age to be president. Do we really want a leader who hasn’t started shaving yet?

*Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg: Another super-rich left-wing Silicon Valley geek. Forget it. Enough with the computers. These people should stay in California and try to figure out how to stop terrorists and other evil people from using the internet.

Note: Cuban, Schultz, Iger, Dimon, Zuckerberg and Sandberg are all very liberal Jewish businesspeople. This shows that the political leaders in the Democrat party have lost a personal connection with tens of millions of the American people who used to vote Democrat like Irish, Catholic, Italian, Polish, Greek voters, etc.

Do Democrats really think that Jewish candidates will bring voters back? does not think so. believes that a more moderate agenda will bring voters back, but that Democrats will never adopt it and thus their party will continue to shrink.

*Caroline Kennedy: Her father was president John F. Kennedy. She has a strong political name but she is about as charismatic as a bar of soap, and not very smart or savvy. She would wilt against Trump.

*Michelle Obama: Do we really want a bigoted white-hating black president with no political experience? No. We just had one and it was a disaster.

*Madonna: She said that she has fantasized about blowing up the White House. And if she were elected president most Americans would fantasize the same thing.

Here are some traditional elected politicians in the Democrat firmament who would make terrible presidents:

*Former vice president Joe Biden: He is a hard-core left-winger acting like a moderate. He also is a demagogue, and a notorious gaffer. The media would be spending all of their time trying to make people think that Biden couldn’t possibly be as dumb as he is. Trump would beat him easily by brazenly pointing out how radical and stupid Biden is.

“Creepy Joe” Biden also has been seen on camera groping women and kissing young girls and stroking their hair. If you don’t believe it, click here. This will sink his chances in 2020.

*Socialist US senator Bernie Sanders: We saw enough of him in 2016. He is an extremist. There is no government control that he does not favor. He also comes from the small state of Vermont which young people are fleeing by the thousands every year because of its withering socialist economy. Can he explain this? No.

*US senator Tim Kaine, 2016 vice presidential candidate: After his disastrous debate performance against Mike Pence in 2016 perhaps he should consider anger management classes instead. This guy is about as personable as Stalin. His son is a radical “antifa” type activist. Overall not a good image.

*New York governor Andrew Cuomo: He has presided for almost 7 years over the significant deterioration of the New York state economy at the same time that tough-guy Republican governors have revitalized states like Wisconsin and Michigan. There has been a lot of corruption around Cuomo and he is a notorious demagogue. He will never be president, just like his father never was.

*Maryland congressman John Delaney: Who? Delaney is a businessman who is in his second term in Congress. He has announced that he is running for president. This is a vanity candidacy to boost this guy’s image. There will be more like him.

*US senator Cory Booker of New Jersey: He was formerly the mayor of Newark, New Jersey which has been voted The Most Unfriendly City in the World and is the Carjacking Capital of America. That’s a pretty grim record to run on, but good for a Democrat.

*US senator Kamala Harris of California: Enough said. California. Wacko left winger. Just elected last November. She demonstrated obnoxious, aggressive behavior in her very first appearance at Senate hearings. Typical Democrat.

*Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe: A sleazy Clinton crony. One of the most corrupt people in American politics. He was involved in a major scandal called Global Crossing but got off scot-free. Google it.

*Governor Jerry Brown of California: He was known as ‘governor moonbeam’ back in the 1970s when he also served as governor. Not a good legacy. He is far, far left. Most Americans don’t want this type of stuff. Most Americans don’t like California.

*Former US congressman Anthony Weiner: Then we could have a teenage First Lady.

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