‘Greenies’ Ruin Nature with Power Lines, Windmills & Dams

Nikitas3.com has written many times about the destructive nature of the ‘green’ movement, particularly in the commentary 27 Ways that Environmentalists Ruin the Environment.

For instance, windmills are extremely inefficient and they destroy our natural beauty. Recycling is a grossly wasteful practice. Amtrak is very energy-inefficient; flying is much more economical.

I have discovered a 28th way. There is now a campaign in New Hampshire opposing something called Northern Pass, a proposed power line designed to bring electricity down from Canada through New Hampshire to Massachusetts. New Hampshire alone would have 1,800 huge transmission towers, each carrying multiple wires.

But alas, friends, this power line itself would be yet another product of modern-day environmentalism.

The electricity would come from a massive hydroelectric project in the Canadian wilderness called James Bay. This is considered to be ‘green’ or ‘renewable’ energy since it is water power – rivers diverted by dams to spin electrical generators.

James Bay is reported to produce up to 40,000 megawatts of electricity from more than 700 dams and 62 power stations on rivers draining an area of 68,000 square miles, or the size of the state of Oklahoma.

This project obviously has caused colossal environmental damage already just in its construction. Some of the dams are monstrous in scale. Yet the ‘greenies’ say that this is “clean” energy. Nonsense, just like big windmills are blights on the environment.

On the other hand the average nuclear reactor is 1,000 megawatts and requires a few hundred acres of land for the reactor, generators, cooling towers, service buildings, etc. To get that amount of power from wind energy would require 2,000 windmills or more, perhaps stretching over hundreds of miles on the mountaintops. Ugly!

The total installed electrical capacity in the United States is 1.1 million megawatts. The US has 200,000 megawatts of installed nuclear power or about 200 reactors. Two new reactors are now under construction in Georgia. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a nuclear-power renaissance.

Meanwhile the ‘greenies’ are shutting down older nuclear plants in Massachusetts and Vermont. Yet when the alternative is “green” energy from Canada then we need 1,000 miles of power lines from the far reaches of Quebec. But then the same ‘greenies’ oppose the power lines.

Nikitas3.com has been advocating nuclear power since the 1980s. If we build nuclear plants inside Massachusetts – or keep open the existing plants – and connect them to the state’s existing power grid we would not need 1,000 miles of power lines, and would not get all of the environmental disruption that goes with them.

A 1,000 mile power line requires tens of millions of tons of resources – steel (for the towers), aluminum (the power lines themselves are made of aluminum wire, not copper) and concrete (for the tower footings) which would consume vast amounts of energy and resources to produce, i.e., bad for the environment. Then add on all of the energy consumed by the machinery to install the whole deal, and you have another ‘green’ environmental disaster.

The towers can carry up to 12 individual power lines at 765,000 volts each, with each line up to 4 inches in diameter.

Then the ‘greenies’ tell us that nuclear power is dangerous and they point to the Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania in 1979, the Fukushima accident in Japan in 2011 and the Chernobyl explosion in the Soviet Union (Ukraine) in 1986. So here is the death toll from each of those accidents:

*Three Mile Island: This nuclear meltdown resulted in no deaths. The reactor containment vessel did its job. President Jimmy Carter even went inside the plant after the accident and he is still alive today at age 93.

*Fukushima: The nuclear plant there was destabilized by an earthquake and tsunami which were forces of nature that ‘greenies’ claim is benign. But nature is not benign. Nature is the most brutal killer of all. Nature killed 18,000 Japanese and did $300 billion in damage in the tsunami and earthquake.

The area around the plant has been contaminated by radiation, but the number of people killed by the radiation is zero. Still the ‘greenies’ keep using “Fukushima” as a catchword to imply that millions have died.

*Chernobyl: This Russian nuclear plant explosion was not the catastrophe that the ‘greenies’ predicted. They said for decades that a nuclear power plant could explode like a nuclear bomb, but that is impossible. They are two separate technologies.

Chernobyl did blow up, but it was a small-scale explosion. Workers at the plant survived but the reactor core then caught fire because the communists who built the plant designed it without the containment safety vessel. A total of 31 people died fighting the reactor fire at Chernobyl after ‘greenies’ said that millions would die across Europe from the radioactive cloud that was detected 1,000 miles away but that did no apparent health harm.

*There have been no studies showing that people working at nuclear power plants suffer any higher rates of cancer than anyone else. If such studies existed they would be all over the internet. They are not.

*Hundreds of thousands of US military personnel have served on and around nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines with no reported harm.

*On the other hand 700,000 male homosexuals in the US are reported to have died from AIDS since 1981. Yet the Fake News media hate nuclear power but never report on this gay health catastrophe; no, they actually encourage homosexuality.

Thus the ‘greenies’ don’t want nuclear power and they don’t want power lines. They also recently blocked an underground natural gas pipeline from Pennsylvania across New York state and Massachusetts that would have brought needed gas to New Hampshire.

So these ‘greenies’ are isolating their states from new power sources. This is why corporate America is generally avoiding creating any new jobs in New England. They know that the ‘greenies’ will drive them out of business one way or another just like the labor unions once did. My small Nikitas3.com county alone lost 400 paper manufacturing jobs in just one year after the ‘greenies’ had pushed up electricity costs with their policies.

But lo and behold the ‘greenies’ now want to install… power lines!… in an east-west corridor from New York state to Massachusetts to bring in electricity generated by inefficient windmills in flatter and windier central New York state.

This is all demented. It is impossible to figure out what these people are really thinking. They don’t understand how energy is produced or distributed. Everything they say and do depends on how angry they are on any given day.

Ironically the hydro power from Canada is pure ‘green’ socialism. The Quebec provincial government owns the company that operates the 700 dams.

We must beware of environmentalists. They are dangerous people. They do tremendous damage to the environment, showing that they are not concerned about the environment. They are using the issue to get money, power and jobs for themselves. They will change their arguments overnight to accommodate their real agenda. Interestingly two major ‘green’ pioneers – Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore, and James Lovelock, “father” of the modern-day environmental movement, both favor nuclear power.

Mankind has spent thousands of years seeking to better his lot in life by overcoming nature. These ‘greenies’ now want us to go backward into “energy poverty” and economic poverty through energy scarcity and higher prices. We should emphatically say no.

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