Prediction: North Korea Will Fall Like the Berlin Wall Did

First, here is a quick word about the economy. CNBC reported:

The U.S. economy unexpectedly maintained a brisk pace of growth in the third (July-September) quarter as an increase in inventory investment and a smaller trade deficit offset a hurricane-related slowdown in consumer spending and a decline in construction.

Gross Domestic Product increased at a 3.0 percent annual rate in the July-September period after expanding at a 3.1 percent pace in the second quarter, the Commerce Department said on Friday.

Friends, 3% and 3.1% is great news and it even includes the hurricanes in Florida and Houston. This is all a result of the optimism of president Trump who has given great hope to the business sector after Obama’s oppressive leadership.

Obama averaged only about 1.5% over 8 years and Democrats said Trump could never get 3%. Even better, we will get to 4% and 5% and more if Trump’s economic plan is passed. Then Trump will be re-elected in a landslide.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

The Daily Express newspaper in Britain reported recently:

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un has ordered an increase in security at such sites as “hostile elements” within (North Korea) deface the symbols.

Statues and murals depicting the three Kim leaders have been targeted by citizens furious at the imbalance in the country.

Kim has increased the number of monuments to his dynasty during his reign in an attempt to piggy-back on the popularity of previous leaders.

But with famine and starvation frequently sweeping the country, there is a growing anger at Kim and his one-party government.

In particular, citizens are frustrated at the increased focus on nuclear weapons and war when they and their families are going hungry.

… “And, in comparison with the past, these (defacement) incidents are becoming more frequent.”

He said Kim was losing support from everyday North Koreans, especially among the younger generations.

First, notice that the Fake News journalist does not mention that Kim Jong-un is either a “dictator” or a “communist”. This is typical. He is only called a “leader”.

The article then refers to “the popularity of previous leaders” when that is a total lie. North Korea is one of the most brutal dictatorships in history. It experienced mass starvation in the 1990s, while hundreds of thousands of citizens are in prison camps today.

Let us hope that this defacement is the beginning of the end for this genocidal communist dictator. If so it would be a tribute to the leadership of president Trump.

Trump has confronted the despicable dictator in the most direct terms. Trump threatened to “totally destroy North Korea”, not accommodate it. And the people inside North Korea are hearing about this clandestinely and being emboldened. They know that Trump is really talking about destroying the leaders, not the nation itself and that his threats are intended to send a message of strength and resolve.

This is something that these deeply oppressed people have been waiting for after decades in which US leaders, particularly Democrats, simply accepted North Korean tyranny.

If Trump attacks North Korea it will be a surprise attack that that is well coordinated with South Korea and Japan to neutralize as many North Korean weapons as possible.

We had a similar situation with the communists in Eastern Europe. In 1962 Democrat US president John F. Kennedy stood in front of the Berlin Wall in free West Berlin, Germany and said, “I am a Berliner!” as if to show solidarity with the people behind the wall. That wall was designed to stop millions of people from fleeing the brutality of communist East Berlin and East Germany.

The media praised Kennedy slavishly, but it was really a spineless statement. It meant nothing. Then in 1987, after a huge US military buildup, Republican president Ronald Reagan went to the same wall and demanded of the Soviet communist leader, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Which is more direct? Which is more likely to produce results?

The answer is clear. In 1989 the wall was torn down by throngs of East German citizens who heard the Reagan message. This shows the difference between those who are willing to accommodate tyranny and those willing to confront it.

Since president Trump first started talking about North Korea, has said that his strong language is really intended to put ideas into the heads of the world, the Korean people and especially the Korean military.

In other words one Trump strategy is that officials within the North Korean military see that the dictator may get them all killed and will turn on him. They have never worried about this before.

This is especially dangerous for the dictator since his generals are the most brutal people in the country besides the dictator himself. If they turn on him, the dictator is a dead man, along with his entire family. This is certainly causing great fear in the military. It could spark a civil war.

North Korea is a backward and poor communist nation established after World War II by the dictator’s grandfather. The USA is 800 times richer than North Korea whose annual Gross Domestic Product is reported at a mere $25 billion. The United States is $20 TRILLION. Next-door capitalist South Korea is $1.4 trillion.

North Korea’s military is antiquated with old ships, jets and technology, some from the 1960s. It would be no match for the US and allies like Japan and South Korea. Its ballistic missile testing is at the level of American testing from the 1950s.

Trump knows that he could wipe out North Korea in 10 minutes with massive air strikes, or destroy its missile launch base with a single strike, but the worry is that the dictator would immediately launch short-range and mobile missiles at the thriving and modern capital city of Seoul, South Korea and could do tremendous damage, even possibly with nuclear warheads.

So Trump is playing a waiting game. He is hoping that the people, or better yet the military rises up against the dictator.

This happened all over Eastern Europe in 1989. There is an amazing video that shows the Romanian communist dictator fleeing in a helicopter when his people rise up against him during a speech.

The 7 minute and 26 second video then shows dictator Ceaucescu and his wife being detained in a small farmhouse in the countryside by opposition soldiers. There is an informal trial and a death sentence.

The Ceaucescus vehemently protest having their hands tied behind their backs because they know what is coming. The freedom-fighters then take them outside and mow them down with machine gun fire. It is a gruesome sight, but it was a great joy for the people of Romania after decades of oppression and tyranny. The whole video is here.

Let us pray that Kim Jong-un meets the same fate.

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