Electric Cars are a ‘Green’ Fraud

On a regular basis now we are hearing about another state or city or nation that is proposing to ban gasoline-powered cars. Maryland is the latest example. London, Paris, California and the nation of India also are proposing to do so.

They are all liberal places and once you understand the rationale behind electric cars you will see the picture clearly. You also will understand that electric cars will ruin the environment and the world economy. Electric trucks are being proposed too.

Environmentalists are promoting electric cars because they claim that electric cars are ‘green’ and produce no pollution at the exhaust pipe.

This is true on the surface but it really is a trick. About 70% of the electricity in the US today is produced by burning coal or natural gas. And so the pollution for 70% of electric cars comes at the emissions at the power plant, not at the exhaust pipe.

20% of US electricity comes from nuclear power which has no emissions and thus looks good for electric cars. Yet environmentalists are trying to shut down all nuclear power plants. They are trying to shut down coal and natural gas plants too, i.e., they are undercutting our electricity supply at the very same time that they want to massively increase electrical demand with electric cars and trucks.

So where are they going to get all of the extra electricity that we would need for an electric-car economy if they are shutting down power plants?

Good question. They claim ideally that we are going to get all of our future electricity from windmills and solar panels, but that is false. Windmills and solar panels are grossly inefficient.

Once you account for all of their inefficiencies they produce very small amounts of power in proportion to the capital that is being invested in them. They also badly mar the landscape. One black solar panel array totally covers a beautiful New England meadow right next to a quaint historical museum.

That is why wind and solar are all heavily subsidized, and why a house or a town will always stay connected to the power grid even if it gets power from wind or sun. This connection covers up for the massive inefficiency of solar and wind.

In short, windmills are an economic and environmental disaster. Now let’s look at the economics of electric cars.

First and foremost, they are extremely inefficient. Nikitas3.com calculates that we need two to four times as much energy to run a car on electricity than we need to run it on gasoline.

This is true since electricity is a high-value and “refined” energy source. Electricity is valuable since it can precisely power small things like computers and light bulbs and power tools, while an “unrefined” energy source like a bonfire can only produce heat.

But the process to create “refined” electricity actually ‘consumes’ a lot of energy. Here is a demonstration of how that happens:

Most of the world’s electricity is generated in turbines, which spin to produce power. It takes a lot of energy to spin those turbines. If you tried to crank a small turbine generator by hand to light one single light bulb your arm would be tired out within a minute.

Now consider a gasoline engine in a Toyota Camry. That engine spins in order to turn the wheels of the car through the transmission and axles. Now imagine that you took the engine out of the car and connected it to spin an electrical generator. Then imagine that you put ten gallons of gasoline in the tank and you run the engine until the fuel is gone.

The total energy content in the electricity that comes out of the generator would be much less than the energy content in the 10 gallons of gasoline, i.e., you “lose” a lot of energy in the conversion to more “refined” energy, up to 50% or even more in loss depending on the efficiency of the system, even as much as 80% loss.

And so running a car on electricity is 2 to 4 times LESS energy-efficient than running the car on raw fuel like gasoline, i.e., electric cars waste large amounts of energy, which is obviously harmful to the environment.

Thus electric cars are the “wrong use” for electricity, which should be conserved for applications that have no alternative, like computers and light bulbs. Cars have an excellent alternative power source – efficient gasoline engines.

OK, so right there we have the #1 reason not to use electric cars.

#2: Electricity is very expensive. If you want to run your car on electricity it is going to cost a lot more money than gasoline. Electric bills for average homes are skyrocketing all over the nation because of ‘green’ policies like solar panels and windmills. If cars and trucks go electric, that is going to immensely increase global electricity prices through tremendously increased demand.

Thus electric cars and trucks would significantly push up the cost not only of electricity for us all, but for transportation too. And since transportation is a vital sector of our economy, electric vehicles would do great harm to the global economy with high operational costs.

#3: Electric cars need big, heavy batteries, and we know that manufacturing batteries is bad for the environment.

#4: The battery in one of the new Tesla electric cars weighs 1,300 lbs. which is 4 times heavier than a gasoline-powered engine for a similar type of car. And thus the electric car is always hauling up to 1,000 lbs. of extra dead weight for every mile that it travels compared to a gasoline-powered car.

So the electric car is consuming a huge amount of its own power just to haul around its own power source, and the electric car consumes its own energy at a vastly higher rate than a gasoline-powered car, i.e., it is a self-defeating transportation system.

#5: Electric cars have limited driving ranges and require 8 to 12 hours to charge up. How will long-haul truckers or long-distance drivers deal with this? Or someone who needs the car all day? Another good question. These questions must be answered before we go for electric cars.

#6: The people who drive electric cars today are virtually all wealthy ‘greenies’. They buy expensive electric cars for prestige and so we don’t know how bad these cars really are.

These wealthy people will never tell us the truth because they are biased left-wingers who can absorb the high costs and deal with electric cars’ shortcomings by driving them under very controlled conditions. We ‘regular folks’ would not be able to do so since we need our vehicles every day under every condition.

#7: Electric cars consume their own energy to heat the interior of the car. If you want to heat the interior of a gasoline car, you use waste heat from the engine. If you want to heat an electric car, it uses the car’s electrical charge, cutting the car’s driving range.

#8: Electric cars perform poorly in cold weather anyway since batteries lose their charge faster. A battery can lose half of its charge at zero degrees versus 80 degrees, and even more as it gets colder.

If we converted to an electric car and electric truck economy like the ‘greenies’ want, cold-weather states would suffer a massive blow economically since their energy supply would be significantly reduced compared to the warmer states.

So when our gasoline cars work perfectly and serve us well, why are ‘greenies’ promoting electric cars if they are so bad for the environment and for the economy?

Answer: Because ‘greenies’ get political power, jobs and most of all MONEY from electric cars. This is what electric cars are really about… political power, jobs and money, on a global scale.

The biggest American electric car company, Tesla, never has turned a profit after 14 years in business. It stays afloat only through billions in direct federal government subsidies along with a tax break for everyone who buys one of their cars. The state of California also subsidizes Tesla. All this money goes into the pockets of people who work for Tesla, run Tesla or invest in Tesla.

This is all happening for a specific reason: ‘Greenies’ do not control the oil supply, which is where we get our gasoline and diesel fuel, which they hate.

And ‘greenies’ really want to control our whole energy supply so that they can control all of us.

But ‘greenies’ do have increasing control over our electricity supply. For decades they have been passing legislation to force government-regulated electric utilities to buy solar and wind power at high rates, and to shut down coal and nuclear plants. Thus if we switch over to electric cars and trucks ‘greenies’ will control the power source of our transportation system too and take it away from the oil companies.

This is what this whole charade is really about, and with an extremely inefficient global transportation system based on electricity the rest of us would suffer enormously just like we are suffering under today’s environmental tyranny with high electricity prices, more and more ugly windmills and solar panels, inefficiency, and the losses of millions of jobs.

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