NY Terror Attack Comes out of Decades of Liberal Laxity

There was another terrorist attack in New York City on halloween. This is the city which wants to protect illegal aliens from our immigration enforcement efforts with “sanctuary city” status.

This is the city in which liberals lecture us that muslims are good people, and that we really need to fear the National Rifle Association and Christians and white people from small towns in Pennsylvania who cling to their Bibles and their guns.

This is the city in which the left-wing mayor has undercut the crack anti-terror police force built over 20 years by mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg.

This is the city where angry hordes of social justice warriors want to tear down monuments to… Christopher Columbus.

Indeed, friends, we have a great and growing problem on our hands. New York state’s ultra-liberal governor Andrew Cuomo showed up at the post-attack press conference to stick his nose into the TV cameras and demagogue the issue as Cuomo is America’s #1 demagogue who will use any event from a terror attack to a beauty pageant to score a few political points. Reported Fox News:

Governor Andrew Cuomo referred to the incident as a “lone wolf” attack, and added that at this point in the investigation, there is no evidence to suggest that there was a wider plot.

So what does Cuomo know an hour after the attack that the rest of us don’t? How does he know that it is a “lone wolf” attack? Or that there is no wider plot? Good question. Cuomo also suggested that there is no need for “undue anxiety” over the attack after terrorists had threatened halloween attacks.

Oh, yes there is. Now look at this bombshell from Breitbart News:

The suspected foreign national terrorist behind the New York City attack that has left at least eight individuals dead came to the United States years ago through the Diversity Visa Lottery, a program that President Trump and pro-American immigration reformers have demanded an end to.

According to ABC New York, 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov — the man who allegedly mowed down pedestrians in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City — entered the U.S. in 2010 from Uzbekistan under the Diversity Visa Lottery before obtaining a Green Card.

The Diversity Visa Lottery gives out 50,000 visas every year to foreign nationals from a multitude of countries, including those with known terrorist problems – such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, Yemen, and Uzbekistan.

And Trump has been absolutely savaged by open-borders advocates for his wise stand.

Trump wins again… And who cooked up this “diversity visa” program? Breitbart reports:

The Democrats’ Senate leader, N.Y. Sen. Chuck Schumer helped create the diversity visa program which reportedly provided a green card to the Islamic immigrant who allegedly killed eight New Yorkers on October 31.

The diversity visa program was created in 1990 by then-Rep. Schumer in response to Irish lobbies in his New York district. Twenty-seven years later, it annually awards 50,000 visas by annual lottery to entrants from around the world, ensuring a cascade of subsequent chain-migrants.

Yes, ultra-liberal Trump-hating Democrat US senator Schumer of New York. No surprise there. Schumer now has blood on his hands.

Schumer tweeted that he is “worried and saddened” about the attack. Yes, he is “worried and saddened” about how much heat he is going to take over the “diversity visa” program.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper could not hide his admiration for the terror cry of “Allahu Akbar”. Tapper said on air:

“The Arabic chant Allahu Akbar, God is great — sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances and too often we hear of it being said in moments like this”

These people are sick. The attacker mowed down his victims with a rental truck, which is a method of attack that has gained favor since the attack in Nice, France in 2016 which killed 86 people and injured 458 others. Nicholas Kirstof of the New York Times said that we must now look into banning access to rental trucks. Why? to shift the spotlight from stopping muslims from immigrating to America and committing terror.

Using trucks terrorists no longer have to plan out their attacks, or learn how to use high-powered guns and make bombs. Just rent a truck. Even an elderly muslim who hates America can do it. It is frightening.

Nikitas3.com warned after the Nice attack that we had entered a whole new world, that rank amateurs could now pull off a terror attack. I even suggested that renting a truck would be the easiest way to do it since they not only kill people but destroy someone else’s property in doing so.

Cuomo, who once celebrated the fact that conservative Rush Limbaugh decided to move out of New York City for Florida, sure must be glad for all the wonderful things happening in New York these days including the incessant protests against the president of the United States.

This attack comes as Europe has been hit with several years of terrorism after the liberal Euros have been allowing throngs of muslims to come and live in their nations. Euro police are even ignoring many crime calls since they are so overloaded with the islamic onslaught.

Meanwhile president Trump was savaged for pointing out all of the terror attacks in Europe and Sweden. Yet in just 10 days in Sweden in October, there were 7 bombings, a fact that made no noticeable news among the American media.

All of this immigration and terrorism is being encouraged by a global alliance of communists and muslims that is seeking to undermine our Western civilization. These are the same communists who want the United States to have open borders.

These issues are all linked and it is time to act. First, let’s build the wall on the Mexican border as soon as possible.

Second, let’s stop all illegal immigration, and all immigration from muslim nations, except for Christians who are being persecuted in those nations.

Third, let’s start a crackdown in the US by expelling all muslims who are not citizens.

Fourth, let’s start eavesdropping in mosques where radical talk is being heard.

This problem is not only among muslims. Violent illegal immigrant thugs from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and other nations are disrupting our nation. They flooded in under Obama. No surprise there.

These attacks even include the white Las Vegas concert killer. We know very little about this guy because the corrupt Las Vegas police department is not telling us much, or does not want us to know much.

There are reports in the past few days that the Trump-hating ‘antifa’ thugs went to Germany to meet up with ISIS and other terror groups. In short, we know who is seeking to undermine our nation – muslims, illegal immigrants and leftists. Birds of a feather flock together.

There are occasionally what appear to be anti-muslim attacks allegedly perpetrated by Europeans and Americans against islamists. But there always is something that does not appear right in these “attacks”, like the tiny bomb that exploded in an islamic center in Minnesota.

No suspect was ever found, and the ‘bomb’ was more like a big firecracker. In other words, we never see too much damage when the attacks are directed at muslims; they appear to be staged hoax attacks intended to deflect attention from muslim terror.

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