Why do Liberals Love Evil Terrorists & Criminals?

A few years ago I debated with an acquaintance that Democrats have a “pro-crime agenda”. The comment appeared to have been offered in jest, and my acquaintance laughed, but it was a serious charge.

Nikitas3.com has said for decades that Democrats are the party of crime, terrorism, drug abuse, sexual assault, child molestation and all the rest of the evil things. Democrats always seem to find good things to say about bad people.

Now we have the halloween New York terror attack, and some liberal media commentators are saying that it was really a minor incident and could not have been carried out by an angry muslim immigrant radical from Uzbekistan. Look at these tweets from a lefty named Isaac Stone Fish:

Please stop tweeting “no one is safe” A: That’s no way to go through life B: You probably bike without a helmet, which is far more dangerous … The most Trumpian thing most people do is overreact to a small terrorist attack … New Yorkers were not reacting to terror by going out for halloweeen. New Yorkers were ignoring it because it’s not that important.

This is what we would expect since Democrats are heartless people masquerading as “compassionate” and “tolerant”… which they are, if you are a criminal, a deadbeat welfare recipient or a terrorist.

We have watched for decades as liberal judges have given little or no jail time to criminals. How many stories have we seen about criminals roaming the streets freely when they have “a rap sheet as long your arm”, as the old saying goes?

It has happened millions of times but then the same Democrats and their university and media cronies trash hard-working white Tea Partiers and claim that anyone who pays their taxes and is proud of America is a bad person. It is a sick and twisted mindset.

How about Nancy Pelosi’s praise for the violent ‘occupy’ movement. That was typical.

It is disturbing to read more and more about the terrorist attack in New York. Many liberal media sources have called it a “truck attack” and not a terrorist attack, so as to deflect the truth. They have referred to the perpetrator as a “coward” or a “killer” and not as a muslim terrorist.

Democrats like Obama still won’t say the words “islamic terrorism”. And this, friends, is why Donald Trump is president. Because he is speaking the truth, which is the most effective, clear and direct form of expression that touches the human soul like nothing else does.

New information is emerging about the New York terrorist, who came to the United States under a “diversity” immigration program developed by Democrats Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer.

Among other things the terrorist is said to have been a “late sleeper”, i.e., lazy, like millions of muslims who have migrated into the Christian countries and who now live on welfare. He had three children but worked as an Uber driver, i.e., his family was probably on welfare and food stamps.

He was reported to be a thoroughly disagreeable person according to people who worked at a local grocery store where he once created a big scene about buying… ginger ale. So it is no surprise that liberals love this guy.

Now that this terrorist has been arrested and will never be free again and should be executed, his wife and children will be on welfare forever. Guaranteed. Isn’t America great? Aren’t liberals generous with all of our money?

Nikitas3.com recommends that the wife and children be sent back to Uzbekistan to be cared for by family members there… if they have not all come to the US.

But this “late sleeper” sure did have time to plot a terror attack and watch ISIS videos while liberal media skunks are doing everything they can to cover up for him.

It is stunning to listen to the news media contort themselves, wondering what could possibly have motivated an angry young muslim from Uzbekistan to attack innocent Americans.

Here is CNN’s Jake ‘Fake’ Tapper talking about the NY terrorist shouting “Allahu Akbar” during the attack:

“The Arabic chant Allahu Akbar, God is great, sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances and too often we hear of it being said in moments like this.”

Tapper is a sicko. Here is the pro-terrorist United Nations reporting on young people who join terror groups:

Counter-terror efforts are hindered by widely-held false assumptions about the motivations of children associating with terrorist activities, suggests new work released today by the United Nations University (UNU), a UN think-tank.

“Children primarily have positive and prosocial motivations for joining armed groups, including a love for their family and community, a need to be part of meaningful groups, and a desire for a sense of significance in their life,” says Dr Siobhan O’Neil, Project Lead for the ‘Children and Extreme Violence’ project at UNU. “These insights challenge conventional perceptions that children and young people are driven into the arms of terrorists by hatred for another group or other manifestations of antisocial behaviour.”

Huh?! … “positive and prosocial motivations for joining armed groups….”? This, friends, is left-wing insanity.

Our Obama-era attorney general Eric Holder came from a law firm that had defended terrorists being held at the Guantanamo jail. Amazing.

Now look at how the New York terrorist was known to law enforcement authorities. ABC News reported:

The suspected New York City attacker … was interviewed in 2015 by federal agents about possible ties to suspected terrorists, but the agents did not have enough evidence to open a case on him, laws enforcement officials tell ABC News.

(The terrorist) was listed as a “point of contact” for two men whose were listed in a Department of Homeland Security counterterrorism database and later overstayed their tourist visas, one federal official told ABC News. One was merely flagged after arriving from a so-called “threat country,” while the other vanished and was being actively sought by federal agents as a “suspected terrorist.”

This is what we get with a “pro-crime” agenda. It not only seeks to cover up for, and give soft treatment to bad people, but it also restrains our law enforcement agencies that were probably terrified of looking into or expelling this guy from the US for fear of being called “islamophobic”.

Who could forget the Fort Hood terrorist who was well known to US Army officials as an unstable and radical muslim. He murdered 13 US military service members since the Army was afraid to call him out for fear of offending his muslim sensibilities.

Or the muslim Boston Marathon bomber brothers, one of whom had been interviewed by FBI for visiting terror enclaves in a muslim part of Russia. Still he was able to build pressure-cooker bombs in his taxpayer-subsidized apartment near Harvard University and waltz into the marathon crowd with a huge backpack containing the bomb alongside his brother toting the exact same thing. All under the nose of ‘tolerant’ Boston police.

Isn’t liberal Boston great?! Those police were probably busy arresting a white guy for handing out copies of the US Constitution without a permit.

New York City’s left-wing mayor is in ongoing conflict with his own police department, while far-left lawyers have been gutting the City’s anti-terror police actions. This is part of the ‘pro-crime’ agenda and this is why the New York attack happened.

Most terrorist attacks in Europe and the US are committed by muslims who are known one way or another to law enforcement officials, but those officials do nothing about them. Here is a Nikitas3.com commentary from 2015 that covers the subject in depth.

To defeat terrorism in America, and to defeat all crime including a tidal wave of illegal immigrant crime, we need a system that cracks down hard on bad people and that always gives the benefit of the doubt to police.

Under today’s liberalism the criminal gets that benefit. This must change, and it is doing so under president Donald Trump. Thank God for our strong leader who is hitting back hard against the Democrat left. This is just one reason that president Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

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