US Judiciary, Military in Chaos; Inept AG Sessions Must Be Fired

Friends, our American justice system is broken. Our military justice system too. Army ‘Sergeant’ Bowe Bergdahl, a military deserter, has been freed by a military judge at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in a case in which the prosecution was asking for 14 years to life in prison.

President Trump tweeted that the Bergdahl sentence is a “complete and total disgrace”. Again our president has hit the nail on the head.

Meanwhile Trump is finding that his own Justice Department is also a disgrace under a thoroughly inept attorney general Jeff Sessions whom Trump should fire immediately.

Sessions already has proven that he is nothing but a Washington Swamp creature out to cover up for anyone who was in the Swamp with him, including Obama, Eric Holder and Bill and Hillary Clinton. He seems more interested in bringing down president Trump than anything else.

After recusing himself from the Trump/Russia collusion travesty and allowing an Obama Justice Department holdover to appoint a special counsel to look into it, Breitbart News reported this bombshell about two major cases involving what appears to be major Democrat corruption, the Uranium One deal and Fusion GPS deal:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told a small group of lawmakers in late September he was recused from appointing a special counsel to look into potential corruption surrounding the Uranium One deal and Fusion GPS’s work on the Trump dossier, according to one of the lawmakers present.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Breitbart News on Wednesday that he and other House Judiciary Committee Republicans had met with Sessions at the Justice Department on September 28 in advance of an upcoming committee hearing with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein later this month.

Gaetz said that when he asked Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate the 2010 Uranium One deal and Fusion GPS, the attorney general stood up, said he could not discuss the matter because he had recused himself, and walked out of the room, leaving them with a group of Rosenstein staffers “who showed no interest.”

If this is true, then Sessions must be fired. He already should be fired for doing almost nothing in the national interest since he was sworn in besides promising to round up MS-13 gang members. Big deal. Sessions should be replaced by Rudy Giuliani.

This is all absolutely outrageous. Sessions must go, as his assistant Rod Rosenstein must go too. Sessions allowed Rosenstein to initiate the open-ended investigation into the Trump-Russia story after Sessions recused himself from the probe during his confirmation hearings.

Trump was furious that Sessions had recused himself and it now is becoming clear that Sessions is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. President Trump had better stop waiting for Sessions to investigate Uranium One or Fusion GPS. It ain’t gonna happen.

When Democrats like Bill Clinton or Obama appointed attorneys general they picked hard-core Democrat henchmen who did everything they could to protect their president. Did Obama attorney general Eric Holder appoint a special counsel to investigate Fast and Furious? Are you kidding? Did Bill Clinton AG Janet Reno lift finger to probe the 1996 China-gate campaign contribution scandal? No.

When Sessions was appointed by Trump we could have assumed that he would have gone after years of suspicious activity among the Clintons and Obama, including Hillary’s emails. He did not. He has turned on president Trump.

At the same time the release of Bergdahl comes on the heels of increasing evidence that the US military has been undermined by decades of infiltration from the hard left including by radical gays, communists and trannybaggers. Remember that Obama’s CIA director John Brennan once voted for a communist US presidential candidate. Patrick Granger of The Daily Caller recently reported about our revered military academy at West Point, New York, about 50 miles north of New York City:

Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Heffington issued an open letter to West Point graduates earlier this week blasting the superintendent, commandant, and dean of the military academy for contributing to a “culture of permissiveness.”

Heffington told The Daily Caller he wrote the letter to the (West Point) Class of 1963 when several of its graduates contacted him asking how Spenser Rapone, a cadet espousing radically anti-American views, was allowed to graduate.

“The Superintendent refuses to enforce admissions standards or the cadet Honor Code, the Dean refuses to enforce academic standards, and the Commandant refuses to enforce standards of conduct and discipline,” the letter charges. “The end result is a sort of malaise that pervades the entire institution.”

Heffington’s eye-opening letter describes systemic problems at West Point that he says have led to a decline in honor, standards and meritocracy. The end result of said neglect, according to the lieutenant colonel, is a current “embrace of mediocrity.”

… Heffington states that he has personally taught cadets who are “borderline illiterate.” In another section, Heffington laments what he refers to as West Point’s “nonexistent” academic standards, and takes aim at the dean:

Cadets routinely fail multiple classes and they are not separated at the end-of-semester Academic Boards. Their professors recommend “Definitely Separate,” but those recommendations are totally disregarded. I recently taught a cadet who failed four classes in one semester (including mine), in addition to several she had failed in previous semesters, and she was retained at the Academy.”

“As a result,” Heffington continues, “professors have lost hope and faith in the entire Academic Board process. It has been made clear that cadets can fail a multitude of classes and they will not be separated. Instead, when they fail (and they do to a staggering extent), the Dean simply throws them back into the mix.”

Heffington also blasts what he considers an increasing politicization of the curriculum. He points out that “an entire semester of military history was deleted from the curriculum,” but that there is an ever-growing focus on race, as well as “the narrative that America is founded solely on a history of racial oppression.”

According to the letter, cadets scornfully refer to one American history course as the “I Hate America” course.

OK, so now we understand better where this Bergdahl deal came from. This is how Rapone was able to skate through the once-hallowed West Point while espousing communist views. The Daily Caller reports:

Now, proof has surfaced that Rapone’s chain of command was keenly aware of his radical anti-American “activism.” But judging by the viral praise for LTC Heffington’s open letter espoused by West Point graduates, his criticisms seem to evidence a much broader, systemic neglect of duty and standards — trickling down from some of the Army’s most senior leadership.

This, friends is all a complete and total disgrace.

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