Conservatives Victimized Again in Texas Church Killings

What do the two recent mass shootings have in common?

Well, the Las Vegas killer targeted “country music” fans, who are known to be conservative. And the people at a small Baptist church in Texas are conservatives.

Furthermore this church shooting happened on the same weekend as the “hate Trump” protests on Saturday instigated by the violent “antifa” movement which despises conservatives, Christians and Trump and suggests violence against them.

Is this a pattern? Of course it is. It is no coincidence that conservative Republican US senator Rand Paul was attacked in his yard on the day of the protests by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

This Texas shooting looks like it could be yet another mass assassination aimed at American conservatives. It could very well have been triggered by anti-Christian rhetoric from the hard-left like ‘antifa’.

The killer was dressed in all black. That is the style of ‘antifa’ and of the ISIS terror group.

Looking back, we still don’t have a clear picture of the Las Vegas killer. The police are covering up that one big time. It looks as if he targeted conservative “country music” fans. Why is there no probe into this?

Answer: Because such a probe might expose the conservative-hating left and its friends in the Democrat party.

If the Las Vegas killer had targeted a black rap music concert, it would have been ten times the story that it was.

Instead we seem to know almost nothing about the Las Vegas killer or anyone who may have helped him, including his girlfriend. has suggested right from the start that this female is suspicious as hell, as is that whole story.

This Texas church attack comes less than a week after a muslim terrorist killed 8 in New York City. And what would the Texas killer have in common with a muslim terrorist?

Answer: Muslim terrorists and left-wing radicals both hate America. They have the same goals – kill Americans, preferably conservative ones or Christian ones or those who voted for Trump.

Have we seen any Trump supporters doing these mass shootings or beating up political opponents?

No. Meanwhile the first reports of the Texas murders said that the killings do not appear to be related to terrorism.

Who says? These police know very little about a killer just a few hours after a shooting. It takes time to find out about the past of some of these criminals. He could have been associated with ‘antifa’ or other anti-American groups. He may have been sympathetic to ISIS and its effort to wipe out Christians.

Six hours after the attack a Texas public safety official said that they did not have a motive. So how could they say two hours earlier that it wasn’t terror related?

Good question. believes that our nation is under assault from many sources including criminals, the militant ‘antifa’ left and from terrorists, and that we are not safe. And that it is time for the federal government to crack down hard.

Here are some suggestions to crack down:

*We must expose what the Democrat party and its media friends are doing to further this violence. These Democrats have said nothing about disruption and violence against Trump supporters and have even been involved with it, as the Project Veritas videos showed. Democrats would privately cheer the killing of conservative Christians like the Texas churchgoers; don’t ever think that they wouldn’t.

*Meanwhile the same Democrats have thrown open our borders in ways that allow terrorists to come here, like the halloween terrorist in New York.

It is time to crack down. And since Trump’s inept attorney general Jeff Sessions will not do so, president Trump needs a new attorney general. Sessions should be fired immediately.

*’Antifa’ organizers must be tracked down through the internet and interrogated under anti-terror laws. Suspicious ones must be held in prison under emergency laws.

*Radical hate speech being espoused by anti-Trump groups must be prosecuted as incitement, not just as speech.

*The funding for ‘antifa’ must be tracked. We know much of it leads to America-hater and conservative-hater George Soros.

*All muslims who are not US citizens and who are not here to work specifically at a job must leave.

*We must start eavesdropping in mosques to find terror agitators.

*We must start sending agents into “antifa” groups to find out who these people are and what they are planning. One recent police action found them traveling to Germany to meet with ISIS terrorists. And what does ISIS hate? Answer: Christians. What does ‘antifa’ hate? Answer: Christians and other American conservatives.

*We need a new rule to expel from America the families of terrorists who commit crimes inside the United States. This will make terrorists think twice.

*We need a special panel to investigate the Texas killings and the Las Vegas killings. We cannot trust FBI or the federal government. President Trump should appoint a private non-government panel because there are far too many unanswered questions about both of these attacks.

Another facet of this “war” is the ongoing attacks against white people by blacks, like repeatedly in Baltimore. Blacks fit in with the Trump-hater and white-hater agenda of the hard left of the Democrat party.

It is time to crack down. Crime and violence are out of control.

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