The World Changed Dramatically on Election Day 2016

On election day 2016 the world changed. America began the process of healing itself from decades of damage with the election of president Donald Trump.

While the votes were cast one year ago on Tuesday, November 8 we political die-hards had to wait until the wee hours of Wednesday morning November 9 to get the definitive word on whom our new president would be.

We pretty much knew by midnight Tuesday but it was worth the wait to see Donald Trump appear on stage at 3 in the morning to announce the concession call from Hillary. And to be perfectly honest Trump looked somewhat surprised.

All I could think at the time was how many tens of millions of Democrats had gone to bed thinking that Hillary had it all wrapped up, and waking up to a nightmare that still is haunting them and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.

As I watched the individual state vote tallies being reported it was like being transported back to 1984 and Ronald Reagan’s re-election when state after state was called for The Gipper.

When Florida and North Carolina went for Trump, and then Ohio, and when the commentators shifted their narrative 180 degrees from “Trump can’t win” to “Hillary can’t win”, I remember feeling a flush of excitement that I had not felt in decades. Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa sealed the deal. Pennsylvania only added the cherry on top.

I was not surprised. was one of the few websites that had predicted all along that Trump would win, that Hillary was a weak candidate, and even as far back as 2011 that Trump would be our next president.

The election of 2016 was not the beginning of a political shift, but a culmination of decades of mounting frustration for conservatives. Our last Republican president George W. Bush was a weak, inept leader who got us into a disastrous war and ignored an open Mexican border. By the end of his presidency, the economy had collapsed. John McCain and Mitt Romney appeared to be passively uninterested in being president. Bob Dole offered Bill Clinton no contest in 1996.

So Trump gave us hope. Finally someone who is as fearless as we are. And the ongoing collapse of the Democrat party is going to lead to “draining the swamp” in Washington much faster than we could have imagined one year ago.

There were hints throughout 2016 that things were going Trump’s way. The Brexit vote of June 2016 to withdraw Britain from the European Union was a shot heard ‘round the world while the two major Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro both elected conservative mayors to deal with socialist corruption and economic failure.

(By the way, critics said that Brexit would ruin the British economy but the opposite has happened, as expected. British manufacturing has seen a 24 per cent increase in advertised vacancies over the last 12 months.)

In the US, Republicans had built up huge amounts of political power even before Trump, with 33 out of 50 governors and control of both the US House and US Senate, while Democrats were switching parties in large numbers to vote for Trump in the primaries – 20,000 in Massachusetts alone.

Meanwhile Trump’s rallies were attracting stadium-scale crowds at the same time that Hillary could not fill a high school gym. It even was being conjectured that Hillary had scaled back her campaigning in order for the small crowds not to hurt her image.

Perhaps the most revealing moment came during the primary elections in Spring 2016. When Pope Francis warned Trump that his Mexican border wall was an inhumane proposal Trump did not cower and apologize but shot back that the Pope has a wall around the Vatican to protect him. The Pope was not heard from again.

At that point I remember saying to myself, “If Trump can silence the Pope then Hillary Clinton is toast.”

Then when Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial service her chances of being elected really sank. When Hillary said in the second debate that it was a good thing that Donald Trump was not president, Trump shot back, “Because you’d be in jail…” That unscripted and offhand taunt alone shifted countless votes to Trump as Americans saw a fearless leader precisely when they were looking for one.

It seems like only yesterday when the riots broke out all across America to protest Trump’s election. It was then that the gravity of Trump’s victory came alive.

Then came the demands by Green party candidate Jill Stein for a three-state recount. Then came the death threats against the electors warning them not to vote for Trump, with one single elector cancelling his vote.

Now one year following that historic election day president Donald J. Trump is standing tall despite the media and Democrats throwing everything under the sun at him.

We know the rest of the story. It has been a tumultuous period since president Trump took office. Democrats expected him to be impeached by now, but alas, it is the Democrats who are imploding while Trump is just getting his mojo on and settling into the presidential routine.

He has fought back against his critics every day, and now the Fusion GPS and Russia uranium stories both appear to be backfiring big time on Democrats. If I were a Democrat I would be scared to death; many of them already are. That is why they are so hysterical.

The Trump Revolution will pick up speed and power as the weeks pass from here on out. It is like a big ship leaving its dock. It takes a while to get moving – particularly with such a strong current against it – but once it is moving, it is going to have enormous force that cannot be stopped.

Trump already is building momentum for major reforms that will sweep him to a second term.

Americans certainly had an inkling what we would get with president Trump, but the real deal has proven to be even better. Who could have predicted the precipitous fall of the National Football League? Or CNN? Or Hollywood? Or the Clintons?

With the Russia/impeachment fable now fading and the investigation even turning back on the Democrats, we can expect to see the president pick up momentum for 2018 which looks like a good electoral year for Republicans and conservatives. Trump even has his Establishment critics in his own party on the run, opening up seats for a more conservative Congress in 2019 and beyond.

Thousands of Trump haters are gathering in Boston to “scream at the sky” over Trump’s election on the one-year anniversary. If this does not expose the pathetic state of the Trump opposition, it is hard to say what does.

Trumpism now has spread to the Czech Republic, Austria and Japan in recent elections where reform-minded and secure-borders figures have won significant victories. In recent German elections the AfD secure-borders party won big.

The very fact that political figures around the world are being referred to as The Donald Trump of Austria or The Donald Trump of Canada shows that this president is a unique and powerful figure with global influence unlike any other US president ever.

How bad is it for the Democrat party in America? Look at this. Republicans now hold:

*the White House and the enormous power that goes with it, including the power to appoint Supreme Court justices and federal judges, which will re-make American jurisprudence for decades to come. If one of the two elderly liberal Supreme Court justices Stephen Breyer or Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies or retires while Trump is in office, it will be game over for liberals for the next 30 years;
*the US Senate, with 52 Republican senators out of 100. That number even could go to 53 since one Democrat may switch parties, or 54 if the Democrat senator in New Jersey is convicted in a corruption trial. This gives Republicans majority control of the Senate again, which they were expected to lose in the 2016 election.
*the US House of Representative with 240 Republicans to 194 Democrats and one vacancy, a big GOP majority that will be very difficult for Democrat to overcome in 2018.
*Republicans hold 34 out of 50 governorships. Republican governors rule almost all of the thriving and growing American states, and also many once-liberal states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Even ultra-liberal Vermont elected a Republican governor in 2016 by a whopping 9 points.
*Republicans have majority control of 67 out of 99 state legislative bodies.
*Republicans have been doing extremely well in mid-term elections and so you can expect them to do well in 2018, with Trump there to help them. Worse for Democrats, 25 non-Republican US Senate seats (Democrats and Independents) are up for re-election next year versus only 8 Republican seats. This will provide a clear opportunity for another rout of the Democrats and could take Republicans to 60 US Senate seats, the “magic number” that would give Trump unlimited power.

Here is an added note from the Washington Post to make these arrogant Democrats even more depressed:

Donald Trump is set to inherit an uncommon number of vacancies in the federal courts in addition to the open Supreme Court seat, giving the president-elect a monumental opportunity to reshape the judiciary after taking office. The estimated 103 judicial vacancies that President Obama is expected to hand over to Trump in the Jan. 20 transition of power is nearly double the 54 openings Obama found eight years ago following George W. Bush’s presidency.

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