Democrat Collapse (Part 1) – Party Leader Fears Being Killed

(This is the first in a series about the collapse of the Democrat party as a viable political entity.)

Donna Brazile has been a leading Democrat party operative. She is black and has been a stalwart liberal her entire life. She is 57 and has even served as chief of the Democratic National Committee. And now she is frightened that Democrat party hit men want to kill her.

This sounds like something from North Korea but it is happening in the United States in what is the closest thing that we have to North Korea – the corrupt and violent Democrat party.

If this story does not explain even more about the collapse of the Democrats, nothing does. Look at this from Daniel Chaitin writing in the Washington Examiner:

In yet another bombshell from Donna Brazile’s upcoming book, the former interim head of the Democratic National Committee describes the paranoia she went through surrounding the Russia-linked hacks of Democrats’ emails during the 2016 campaign.

In the memoir, which will have the title, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,” Brazile talks about the mysterious murder of DNC data staffer Seth Rich, which some conspiracy theorists say is because he leaked internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks, and wrote about how she felt her own life was in danger.

Brazile says she shut the blinds to her office window so snipers could not see her, according to the Washington Post. She also installed surveillance cameras in her home and fretted over whether the Russians had bugged her DNC executive suite with listening devices.

Brazile took over as head of the DNC after Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz bowed out after emails published by WikiLeaks showed she and other officials worked to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary process in favor of Hillary Clinton.

It is important to remember who Seth Rich is. He is the young Democrat party operative who was gunned down in the middle of the night in Washington, DC in July 2016. He was not robbed; none of his valuables were taken. His murder is being seen as a political assassination and is shrouded in mystery and so there is no proof that it was not an assassination. The Washington police department is closely allied with the Democrat party that controls DC.

Rich is believed to have had damaging information about the Democrat party and was going to go to FBI. Some people in the Democrat party certainly would not want that to happen.

Thus is it not surprising that Donna Brazile, long a close friend of the Clintons, fears for her life. If you get involved with the Democrat party, and particularly with the Clintons, you can end up in mortal danger. Brazile now has put herself in peril by writing this tell-all book and even telling Democrats to “go to hell” if they don’t like the truth about Hillary’s loss in 2016.

Thus Donna Brazile has consigned herself to a life where she will have to look over her shoulder every day. What is worse is that she is a public person and many nefarious actors know where she lives and works and where she will be appearing.

Don’t think that Brazile is being irrational in her fear. She knows how the Democrat party operates from being on the inside of it for decades. It is a feeling that most of us can never know without experiencing it.

Depending on what Brazile does with this incident – or if she is indeed harmed or killed – it could lead to yet another “war” within the Democrat party and a big drop in support for Democrat candidates among black Americans who see one of their own being targeted by the party that they have unfortunately depended on.

Will more blacks return to the Republican party, as virtually all blacks voted Republican up until the 1960s?

Some very well may. This all is no surprise. We have known for decades that Democrats are corrupt and violent people going back to labor unions starting in the 1930s and to urban political machines since the century before then. Look at the mysterious and unsolved murder of top labor leader Jimmy Hoffa if you want to see one case out of thousands. Or vastly worse, the assassinations of president John F. Kennedy or US senator Robert F. Kennedy.

This goes right down to the local level. A New York City labor activist was mysteriously murdered a few years back on a dirt road near where lives 150 miles from the city. In short, left-wingers track down people whom they don’t like and kill them if necessary. lives in a corrupt, Democrat-controlled town where the most prominent Democrat family of the last 50 years has been involved in drug dealing, tax evasion, sexual abuse and arson. Everyone knows it. They probably also have been involved in murder, prostitution, extortion and everything else while the local newspaper and local Democrats turn a blind eye. They know what Donna Brazile knows – that you don’t mess with violent Democrats.

For decades now we have been told that anyone who sees organized violence, corruption, voter fraud or conspiracy among the Democrats – as in the case of Seth Rich – is a crazy person. This is done in order to stigmatize critics.

But the cat is out of the bag now. The Democrat party is collapsing because decades of treachery and lies finally have caught up to it. The truth about sexual abuse in Hollywood has been known for many, many years. It now is out in the open. This is just one facet of the Democrat downfall.

Everyone knows that there is a Clinton Mafia. Look at all of the shady dealings that this couple has been involved in from the thugs back in Arkansas to the Clinton Foundation to the Uranium One deal to the serial abuse of women. There is certainly a mountain of things that we do not even know about. Donna Brazile now is going to find out what it is like to be a target of the Clinton Mafia since her book exposed the devious dealings of the Hillary Clinton campaign in the 2016 election.

Meanwhile media hacks like Tom Brokaw are rushing to the ramparts to defend the Democrat party against Donna Brazile, who is suddenly an enemy. Nicholas Fondacaro wrote on the NewsBusters website:

The portion of former interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile’s book exposing ethically questionable behavior by the Clinton campaign surprisingly got a lot of play on the network Sunday morning shows. But during NBC’s Meet the Press, former anchor Tom Brokaw was not pleased with Brazile for shedding light on how the Clinton campaign bought the DNC and added it to their campaign arsenal. And towards the end of the program, he criticized her for doing so.

As the program was coming back from a commercial, Todd looked to veteran reporter Eugene Robinson and jokingly wondered, “What did the Clintons do to her? … I don’t know what other way to ask this question.”

“No, it’s a good question. She just said this morning on another network, you know, anybody that didn’t like her telling her story can go to hell,” Robinson explained, quoting her appearance on ABC’s This Week from earlier in the day. “So, she’s determined to tell her story and I too think there must have been some interaction between her and the Clinton campaign, between her and Clinton, some interaction that left a very sour taste in her mouth.”

Brokaw … dismissed Clinton’s shady dealings with the DNC as something that people didn’t need to worry about anymore because the 2016 election was in the past. “Donna is well-known, as you all know, for kind of ready, fire, aim on a lot of the stuff she does,” he sneered, to Todd and one other panelist’s laughter.

Notice liberal Brokaw smearing Donna Brazile (“ready, fire, aim”) when Brazile has been a hero of the Democrat party for decades. This is how Democrats work. It shows the influence of the Clintons and other party thugs. It is scary. Donna Brazile should very well live in fear… for the rest of her days.

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