Democrats, Media Massively Overreact to Virginia Gov Victory

We now have had time to digest the victory in Virginia by moderate Democrat Ralph Northam and it is no big surprise that Northam won the gubernatorial race. Democrats also won the Virginia lieutenant governor and attorney general elections.

Let’s face it – Virginia has become liberal and “blue”. It is no longer “purple”. Obama won Virginia twice and Hillary won Virginia in 2016. Virginia has two Democrat US senators. Those of us who remember the good old days of Republican Virginia in the Reagan years can only recall it fondly and distantly.

Liberals are now saying that Northam’s win shows that Democrats are making a big comeback nationwide. This is nonsense. America is not Virginia. The Democrat party has a huge amount of bad vibes going on inside. Nationally they have reached their lowest political popularity since 1992, according to one recent poll.

Northam was expected to win by 10 points (he won by nine) but then Gillespie surged when he brought up immigration. But this surge was in polls that often have zero credibility. It may never have even happened.

Gillespie never was much of a candidate. He is a bland Establishment Republican, a Jeb Bush clone. And he was no Scott Walker swooping in to save a dying Virginia economy like governor Walker was voted in to save the crippled Wisconsin economy in 2010.

Virginia is thriving economically. It is located on the prosperous East Coast, along buzzing I-95 in the east and the famous I-81 in the western part of the state. I-81 is a significant and super-busy truck/rail freight shipping lane and that corridor has many opportunities for economic growth in a part of the state that is largely rural.

Virginia’s next-door neighbor Washington, DC provides gainful employment for tens of thousands of DC bureaucrats living in clover in Northern Virginia suburbs like Alexandria. Virginia has many military installations including the famous Newport News shipyards, aerospace and military contractors and massive CSX coal export pier.

Meanwhile Virginia’s capital Richmond and its suburbs are prospering as a major stop on I-95 between New York and Florida.

In short, Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.

So there was no compelling reason for Virginia voters to elect a bold reformer type of governor to fix the state. They went from one Democrat to the next. No big deal. Everything is fine. Meanwhile Trump Republicans are disgusted with Swamp Dweller Republicans like Gillespie. Many stayed home.

Now the media are in hysterical overreaction mode to Northam’s win. Suddenly they say that Democrats are going to win every election for the next 50 years and that Trump will magically disappear.

Not so fast. If a Democrat won the governorship of New York state or Illinois or Vermont or Massachusetts, would we be seeing a political revolution behind every tree?

I don’t think so. But you can rest assured that the media are going to play it that way after Northam’s win. They already are doing so and for this good reason:

The media and Democrats are liberal, and liberals are emotional people. They still are depressed over Trump’s win and have been disappointed over and over in four “special” congressional elections which they thought Democrats could win. A Republican even was elected mayor of Omaha, Nebraska last Spring.

These manic-depressive people have been in dire need of good news, and so they are over-reacting wildly to Northam. Thus we now can expect to see Democrats and their media cronies calling every Republican, conservative and lamp post a “racist” and a “white supremacist” since they think that that worked in Virginia.

They had better think twice. Hillary Clinton and her media buddies called Donald Trump every name in the book and she still lost.

For the next year you can tune into MSNBC and watch Rachel Maddow leaping out of her chair in pure giddiness predicting that this is the end for the Republican party for all time. Perhaps she can watch some tapes of her giddy and totally wrong 2016 election prognostications and calm down. But she won’t.

A lot of things are going to happen between now and the mid-term elections in November 2018 and the presidential election of 2020. If Republicans get behind the Trump agenda and seal the border and get the economy going, they will do well. If Republicans treat Trump like an ornery cousin and wander around in a self-absorbed fog like the pathetic Swamp Dwellers that many of them are, they will lose.

It is important to remember that Republicans have an opposite psychological complex from the emotional Democrats. Stoic Republicans seem perfectly capable of throwing their own party overboard without an ounce of remorse or regret.

Here are two reminders of that – Mitt Romney and John McCain.

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