Some ‘Greenies’ Are Terrorists

The Washington Examiner recently reported:

Dozens of members of Congress sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday asking whether the Justice Department can prosecute and punish climate change activists who seek to sabotage the nation’s oil and natural gas pipelines.

… The letter raises security concerns based on an incident last year in which a group of environmental activists attempted to disable pipelines that crossed the border between the U.S. and Canada in multiple states. The trial for one of the activists began last month.

… The lawmakers also want Sessions to explain whether attempts to disrupt pipeline infrastructure qualifies as “domestic terrorism” under the law.

Yes, they are domestic terrorists. Now look at this from the Examiner:

The letter follows reports that the number of death threats directed at Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has increased.

This is disgusting but then again many of today’s environmentalists are on the extreme left, including the violent left. And thus they think that they can take whatever action necessary to implement their agenda, including threatens to government officials.

This is common in the age of Trump. And this comes from the incessant drumbeat of militant ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ activism which is intended to create deep divisions in our society by declaring the coming end of the world.

That is why we see this emphatic activism every day. It is done to stir up the army of ‘green’ crazies to threaten the chief of a government agency and to make them think that any response is justified to “save the planet”, like sabotaging a pipeline. These crazies take this ‘climate’ nonsense totally seriously even though it has been debunked over and over.

This is what we have come to expect from the Democrat left. More than 200 Trump supporters have been assaulted, and three have even been murdered in the past year. We had seen death reigned down on conservative “country” music fans in Las Vegas and Christians in Sutherland Springs, Texas. This violence includes the baseball game shooting in June and the recent attack on US senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Then again, these are leftists and environmentalists, who are unstable people to begin with. These ‘greenies’ are lunatics. They worship rocks and trees. They hate mankind and his activities.

Worst of all they themselves do tremendous damage to the environment. For instance our natural beauty is being destroyed by rural meadows blanketed in black solar panels and mountaintops sprouting ugly windmills.

Environmentalists do damage in myriad other ways. One example: When protesters were trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2016 they established an encampment near the Missouri River. When the pipeline finally got the legal go-ahead the protesters simply abandoned the camp. This left the state of South Dakota with a huge cleanup bill that required 250 truckloads to haul away all of the junk including tents, abandoned cars, clothing, plywood shacks, bicycles, sleeping bags, rotten food, illegal drugs, etc.

Many of these ‘greenies’ are vicious, ignorant and dirty people. They attach themselves to the ‘green’ movement to give themselves some sense of self worth. And they will resort to violence and terrorism. Here are two recent catastrophes that deserve a closer look:

*Fort McMurray wildfire of 2016: In the province of Alberta, Canada, there is an ‘oil sands’ project way out in the wilderness that produces 2.5 million barrels of oil per day. Environmentalists hate ‘oil sands’ because they hate all oil production and they claim that ‘oil sands’ production – where the oil is mixed in with the sand to depths of 50 feet and more – is bad for the environment. This single Alberta oil sands deposit holds up to 2 TRILLION barrels of oil, or enough oil to power the US and Canada for the next 500 years or even much more.

On May 1, 2016 a wildfire broke out in the dry forests around Fort McMurray, Alberta, the headquarters town of the ‘oil sands’ industry. The fire ultimately burned 2,300 square miles of forest and 2,500 homes in Fort McMurray, but the main part of the town was saved. The fire was not totally extinguished until July 2017. finds it very suspicious that this fire almost burned down Fort McMurray when Canada is 3.8 million square miles. believes that this fire was intentionally set by eco-terrorists and was targeted to destroy the oil sands industry by destroying its headquarters town. The fire easily could have destroyed several nearby oil fields too but did not. It was the most costly “natural” disaster in Canadian history, with a price tag of $9 billion.

Yet it was not a “natural” disaster. A lightning strike has been ruled out as the cause of the fire and it has been determined to have been caused by a human. And as far as I have seen there have been no investigations into whether this was eco-terrorism since the liberal Canadian media will not bring it up. This issue should be scrutinized. believes that it was eco-terrorism.

If it had been an accident, like a campfire that went out of control, it probably would have been known by now by someone. The fact that the source of the fire has never been pinpointed is suspicious, i.e., the eco-arsonist was very careful in planning, like setting it on a timed fuse so that he could get away.

It is also important to remember that terrorists in Europe and Israel are using arson forest fires to do their filthy deeds. Thus it would be no surprise to see this in the US and Canada.

*Mosier oil train derailment: At the town of Mosier, Oregon, in the scenic Columbia River Gorge 75 miles due east of Portland, a crude oil train derailed on June 3, 2016. The Columbia Gorge is a hotbed of radical ‘green’ activism, as is much of Oregon.

Sixteen cars of a Union Pacific oil train went off the tracks, spilling 42,000 gallons of crude. Most of the oil burned off when the oil caught fire.

The train was going just 26 miles an hour, which is slow, and below the track speed limit at Mosier. The accident was reportedly caused by track failure, yet those tracks are said to have been inspected regularly and just days before the accident. Meanwhile, any type of worsening track defect would probably have been reported by engineers on other trains, or by track workers who are taught to spot trouble.

Even more disturbing is that the derailment happened on a straight stretch of track on a warm, sunny afternoon. Worse, the National Transportation Safety Board did not even investigate the accident. Why not? Is there a cover-up going on?

Union Pacific has said that broken track fasteners caused the derailment. So how did they get broken? Good question. believes that the track or even the train itself was sabotaged on the day of the accident by ‘greenie’ terrorists in order to create a controversy that would lead to political pressure to end rail transport of oil through Oregon, and everywhere across the US. After all, the ‘greenie’ activists in Oregon have been fighting for years to stop both oil and coal trains from running in the Gorge.

Trains carrying crude oil are a tiny percentage of total rail freight traffic in the Gorge, just three trains a month on the Union Pacific line in 2016, according to one report, out of more than 1,200 trains a month. The oil trains cover 1,300 miles between the oil fields in North Dakota and Portland, Oregon, and then go north 150 miles to a refinery at Tacoma, Washington.

And thus it is very suspicious that this rare crude oil train just happened to derail in the scenic Columbia Gorge during a journey of probably around 5 days (since these oil trains are not priority trains and often run slow). The derailment happened on a sunny day in June on a straight stretch of track that is well-maintained as a crucial Union Pacific corridor.

This derailment does not make sense. Then the train derailed where it would cause the most controversy and get the most emotional media coverage being so close to the media center of Portland.

It did not derail out in the middle of Montana where it would have been much less noteworthy and where trains go much faster. And it was not a trainload of steel or grain or shipping containers that would have created very little controversy.

The Mosier derailment sounds very questionable. Yet there has been no investigation into whether this was eco-terrorism because the Fake News media, including the liberal media in liberal Oregon, will never bring up the subject.

The wreck also happened along a wooded stretch of track where a saboteur would not be easily detected and could disappear quickly.

It is also significant that environmentalists frequently keep close tabs on shipments that they oppose, like nuclear material or oil trains, and so a ‘green’ terrorist would know precisely when and where to strike the oil train.

Update: Look at this from The Gateway Pundit to back up my suspicions:

Police have raided an Antifa encampment in Olympia, Washington, following a train being sabotaged by anti-fracking activists — but the anarchists claiming credit for the act have vowed to continue until “every officer is down.”

The train was reportedly shorted using jumper cables, causing the train to stop.

Since November 17, dozens of anarchists have been camping on the tracks to prevent trains from transporting fracking supplies from the Port of Olympia — however, railroad companies have stated that there were no such shipments scheduled.

On Wednesday, Union Pacific Railroad officers were met by 20 to 30 masked protesters as they cleared out the encampment and swept it for bombs. Four of the people who were camping on the tracks refused to leave and were subsequently arrested, as were eight others on suspicion of obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Remember the Golden Rule: Environmentalists are pathological liars and fraudsters. They will tell any lie and stage any farce – like their claims about ‘climate change’ or “the hole in the ozone layer” – in order to alarm the public and the politicians, damage private businesses like oil companies or logging companies, raise money for the Sierra Club, impose new rules and regulations, cut our oil supplies, etc., i.e., seize political power, which is what they really want.

Then you might ask: “Why would environmentalists do something that harms the environment like derail an oil train?”

Two reasons: First, many environmentalists do not care about the environment at all. They are left-wing America-hating radicals who are hiding behind “green” issues to destroy our capitalist economy by gutting our energy supplies, imposing draconian regulations, etc.

Second, these militant ‘greenies’ would certainly damage a small part of a picturesque area like the Columbia River Gorge in order to promote a broader political agenda, in this case to stop oil trains altogether. They are ruthless people behind their phony ‘green’ smiles and love-the-earth propaganda. They want to stop all oil use. And their activities are now focused laser-like on that goal.

This derailment has had the desired effect many times over. Since the derailment, political leaders in Oregon have been calling for an end to the oil trains which fits in perfectly with Democrats’ War on Oil. These calls are now spreading nationwide, and pointing to Mosier as an example. Yet the same environmentalists are blocking much safer oil pipelines anywhere they can.

This derailment could be another example of how people on the political left create their own controversies for political purposes, like the recent case in Michigan where an entire university was outraged about anti-black graffiti which was allegedly painted by white supremacists. But it turned out that a black student had painted the graffiti in order to stir up the controversy and generate political anger at whites.

Liberals commit these type of phony crimes over and over, like the many fake hate crimes allegedly perpetrated by Trump supporters that were really done by leftists to make Trump supporters look bad.

So why not a train derailment when it furthers the ‘green’ cause? It would be perfectly in keeping with devious people on the left side of the political spectrum.

Politicians and activists also are blaming Union Pacific for the accident which is part of the ‘green’ anti-business, anti-corporate agenda.

So here is my proposal for Oregon: Cut off all gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel and natural gas supplies to the very liberal places like Portland and the university town of Eugene since they oppose the oil trains and oppose the further use of oil. Let them run on windmills and solar panels. They won’t last a single day.

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