Is there a Trump Political Dynasty in the Making?

Let’s face it – president Donald Trump is a political phenomenon like nothing we have ever seen before.

Is he the start of a political dynasty that will outshine all of the others like the Roosevelts, Kennedys and Bushes?

It could very well be, and this is what the globalists and socialists fear most. Let’s look at the possibilities:

*President Trump: Assuming he serves two terms, he will be 77 when he leaves the White House. Could he continue to serve in a political role, or as the chief of a new political movement in the United States and even around the world?

After all we see candidates being called The Donald Trump of Germany or The Donald Trump of Canada. That is a huge testament to a man who was not even considered a serious presidential contender two years ago.

Trump very well could continue being a major global figure after he leaves the White House. Donald Trump is an Energizer Bunny. He works all the time. Don’t ever count him out. And after two terms as president he will have vastly higher credibility than he has even today, and believes that he will do something significant with it.

He could live to be 100 and be active until then. He is not going to retire and play golf. He loves life and making things happen and being in the spotlight. He loves making a difference now that he has had a taste of political leadership.

*First lady Melania Trump: While she is only 47 years old she can never be president. The US Constitution bars anyone who is foreign-born to be US president. Mrs. Trump was born in Slovenia, a small European nation which borders Italy and Austria. She became an American citizen in 2006 after she married Donald Trump in 2005.

Mrs. Trump was reported not to have been thrilled about her husband’s presidential aspirations since she was a low-key person. But she certainly has grown into the First Lady role and seems to love it.

Why not. Melania Trump is a big hit anywhere she goes. She is easily the most glamorous woman in the world. Not bad work if you can get it and nice for a former fashion model.

Might she run for another office like New York City mayor, New York state governor or US senator from New York?

Probably not. She seems to have little interest in the nuts and bolts of government or the stresses of campaigning. Maybe someday she will be appointed ambassador to Slovenia. Or ambassador to Britain or Japan. Or will be an international spokeswoman for this cause or that. Her young age means that she has a long life ahead of her. She will do amazing things one way or another outside of elected politics. You can bet on it, and her activities will help to entrench the Trump dynasty.

*First daughter Ivanka Trump is the president’s best-known child and a superstar wherever she goes. She is smart, disciplined, fashionable and beautiful. She has a successful clothing line (dresses, handbags, scarves, bracelets, etc.) She is especially admired in Asia where she is the epitome of “Western” beauty. And at 5 feet 11 inches, short-statured Asians certainly admire her. She recently towered over Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe. She was wearing a stylish kimono-type dress which certainly made the Japanese smile.

At age 36 she is a spokesperson nationally and globally for the president’s economic agenda and for female entrepreneurship. It is also a testament to her abilities and intelligence that she can hold her own dining with the Japanese prime minister and other dignitaries.

Imagine Chelsea Clinton trying that… she’d be eating the soup with her fork. Or how about one of the Kennedy family drunks. They’d be passed out at the dinner table. Or look at president George HW Bush who vomited on the Japanese prime minister during a state dinner in 1992 (it’s true, look it up).

Ivanka has obvious political aspirations. She wants to be The First Woman President of the United States. If her father serves two terms she will be 43 years old when he leaves office. Old enough to be president? Yes, but prepared? Well, certainly better than any Democrat. She is raising her profile in her father’s presidency although she is not officially part of his administration. And she is using every moment to advance her image as cool and smart. Wow.

*Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, is a real estate executive who inherited his wealth and family business from his father. He certainly has political aspirations. He is just 36 years old. He already has acted as a special envoy for president Trump. He would certainly love to be America’s first Jewish president. Unfortunately Ivanka and Jared are fairly liberal but they may age well and become more conservative. Ivanka and Jared have three children.

*Donald Trump Jr. is the president’s oldest child. He is a truly conservative guy and really enjoyed the political experience of his father’s campaign. He runs his father’s business empire out of New York, has developed a career as a speaker, and has political aspirations. He is 39 years old and has 5 children. has suggested that Donald Jr. run for governor of New York state in 2018 on a platform of “draining the swamp” in one of the most corrupt state capitals of all, Albany. He could win. New Yorkers are disgusted with conditions in their state, and with its sour socialist economy under Democrat Andrew Cuomo. Donald Jr. could become “the man who saved New York state” just like Republican tough-guy Rudy Giuliani is remembered as “the mayor who saved New York City”.

*Eric Trump is the president’s third child. He is just 33 years old and he and his wife recently had their first child. Eric helps to run his father’s real estate empire, is a charity fundraiser and operates the family vineyard, Trump Winery, near Charlottesville, Virginia. It is a gorgeous property.

Eric Trump would certainly be a great candidate for political leadership. He is smart and disciplined like all of the Trumps. Senator Eric Trump? Governor? President? Who knows. He has many years ahead of him. Or maybe he will just remain a famous and wealthy businessman. That’s a pretty good life in itself. Eric Trump has the lowest public profile of the three oldest children.

Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric are all the children of president Trump and his first wife Ivana, who is a native of Czechoslovakia. The name “Ivanka” is an endearment. It means “little Ivana”.

*Tiffany Trump is president Trump’s fourth child. She is 24 years old. Tiffany’s mother is the New York actress, TV celebrity and Georgia native Marla Maples who was married to Donald Trump from 1993 to 1999. Tiffany is a Georgetown Law student. Being so young and still in school she has not had much opportunity to form or present a public image of herself. But we can all be sure that she will definitely go places in her life. Georgetown is no slacker school.

*Barron Trump: This is the president’s youngest child with first lady Melania. Barron is 11 years old and lives with his parents in the White House. He is a smart and handsome young man. He appears to be very well mannered. He attends St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, about 10 miles from the White House. He certainly had a great future for himself even before his father was elected president. Now it is a whole new ball game. Watch this kid. He is going places.

All of the Trump children were raised well by their father. He taught them to work hard. None of them lives off of their father’s money. They do not have any of the problems of so many kids today like 2016 Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine who has a ‘hippie’ son in the violent ‘antifa’ movement.

*The Trump grandchildren: President Trump now has nine grandchildren and will probably end up with 15 or more. With this super-disciplined and large family, the sky is the limit.

His granddaughter Arabella recently made a video for the president’s trip to China on which she is seen reciting Chinese songs and ancient poems in Mandarin. The video was a huge hit in China. Rest assured that Arabella already is an ambassador for life to China. She has an unlimited future.

This shows that president Trump is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary family. believes that there is a Trump dynasty in the making that will surpass all others. Even if president Trump had not been elected, his children were special. Today they are much more.

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