Socialism Causes Homelessness/ Dems Now ‘Own’ 9/11, Iraq War

There is a short video on YouTube about a homeless camp near downtown Los Angeles. At one point you can hear a homeless woman screaming out like a crazy person.

This happened since many of these homeless are crazy people. The homeless crisis exploded into public consciousness when the liberals shut down our public mental institutions in the late 1970s, putting millions of mentally ill people on the streets to fend for themselves. That is when the word “homeless” was first introduced to apply to people who once were called “bums” and “derelicts”.

Now mentally ill people have no place to go and thus many of them end up on the streets. It is tragic.

Since this shutdown happened at the beginning of the Reagan presidency, Ronald Reagan was blamed for causing homelessness, which was another Democrat dirty trick. Meanwhile the explosion of homelessness under Obama was ignored.

It is interesting that liberals always want to expand every government service possible yet they worked hard to, and succeeded in shutting down these state mental health facilities.

They did this in order to harm America and to make America look bad while allegedly “liberating” the mentally ill. They knew what was going to happen. We all did. They didn’t care.

It is being reported today that there is an explosion of homelessness in cities on the West Coast. The states of California, Oregon and Washington are very liberal. Their cities are very, very liberal. Portland, Oregon is radical. Yet there is not supposed to be any poverty, homelessness or distress under utopian socialism.

So what gives?

Well, actually socialism causes and exacerbates poverty and social distress. Here are some examples of how this happens:

*Illegal immigration: 10 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the US all need places to live. They are occupying many millions of rental apartments that Americans need. This is causing a housing shortage for poor Americans, particularly in cities.

*These same illegals are pushing up rents for Americans. If there is a big demand for housing then rents go up through the law of supply and demand. High rents contribute to homelessness and to higher rents for all poor people, further harming the poor.

*Illegals are pushing down wages by working for less money. This is also bad for the poor.

*These cities are full of Democrat bureaucracy, regulation and corruption and so it is difficult to build new housing.

*Rental housing in low-income urban areas is often trashed by blacks and other poor people. So private investors avoid building it, owning it or managing it. This reduces the supply and pushes up rents.

*Liberals make laws that force rental property owners to take in every tenant or be accused of ‘discrimination’. This often leads to destruction of property since landlords cannot be selective about whom they will rent to. This leads responsible people to avoid owning rental properties, pushing down the supply and pushing up rents.

*Homelessness is a result of poverty and joblessness. These left-wing states, particularly California, have been killing jobs for decades with their socialistic policies like “green” energy which pushes up electricity prices, and other Democrat measures that stifle economic growth like high taxes and endless regulations.

It is being reported that 1,700 companies have fled from or moved jobs out of Democrat-controlled California in the last 10 years due to its anti-business climate including big firms like Toyota, Chevron, Intel, Waste Management and Nestle.

*Drug abuse: Liberals have been telling us all to take illegal drugs since the 1960s, that these drugs are “fun”. This was done to undermine our nation. You can rest assured that many millions of poor people and homeless have had their lives destroyed by these destructive drugs, including marijuana, which is vastly more dangerous than liberals want you to know. Many homeless are still abusing drugs.

*Education: Liberals control most of our terrible education system from public schools up to the universities. Thus there are tens of millions of Americans who were never properly educated and so they have no job, no job prospects, or lousy job prospects, and thus they end up poor.

*Handouts create more dependency and poverty: Don’t ever think that all homeless people are suffering. Many of them are lazy and manipulative people who embrace the homeless lifestyle under which they don’t have to answer to anyone or go to work every day. The stories are legend about homeless people declining employment when offered.

After all they can live perfectly well on handouts provided eagerly by the Democrats, further subsidizing and encouraging dependency and homelessness.

There are homeless transients on the West Coast who move north or south with the seasons. They are well-known and they like this lifestyle. It gives them freedom – Seattle or Portland in the Summer, Los Angeles or Tucson in the Winter. Very nice, even when they have no money. Millions of employed people would like to do that but can’t.

All of these factors combine to cause more homelessness and dependency.

Now here is a second commentary:

Democrats Now ‘Own’ Iraq War & Failed Bush Presidency

Back in 2010 I was talking to a liberal acquaintance. He said that the Iraq war was “the most boneheaded move ever” in US foreign policy history.

I remember hesitantly agreeing with him even back then after generally supporting president George W. Bush throughout his presidency.

This is what we call a “legacy” when a president is judged not during his time in office but after the passage of years and even decades when we get a clearer picture of a presidency in retrospect.

We now know that Bush blundered into the Iraq war and that neither Bush nor anyone in his administration warned strongly enough, or warned at all, that terrorists might disrupt Iraq on a massive scale as they ultimately did.

These “experts” like Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice and other Swamp Dwellers like Colin Powell and Brent Scowcroft should have told Bush NO. Instead we saw a disaster unfold over a period of years and Bush paid a massive political price, never mind the price that our military paid, which is heartbreaking.

Since then we have seen the Middle East descend into chaos as strongmen like Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Qaddafi in Libya, Assad in Syria and pro-American Mubarak in Egypt have been challenged in war, deposed, executed or killed by insurgents.

Iraq would have been better off left alone under Saddam Hussein. He was a tyrant but Iraq is in a brutal part of the muslim world that needs strong leaders to keep order. Ditto Qaddafi in Libya. Ditto Assad in Syria.

Hussein was even protecting the Christians, but he was executed in December 2006 after an American-inspired trial and conviction. The secular governments of Syria and Egypt also were protecting Christians.

Since the US invasion, Iraq has been severely disrupted and millions of Christians in Iraq and also Syria have been displaced and injured, and up to 10,000 have been kidnapped and killed. Hundreds of churches have been destroyed in a region that was the “cradle of Christianity”.

It is a horrible Bush legacy on top of 6,834 US military personnel dead and more than 1 million injured, some very badly.

Bush left office in January 2009 and did not criticize Obama during the eight years of his presidency, allegedly out of presidential decorum. Yet now Bush and his family are savaging president Trump, and Bush is being embraced by Democrats for doing so.

This infuriates me and thus says – “Go ahead, Democrats. Take Bush. He is all yours. In fact he is really one of you. So take Bush along with 9/11 – which happened on his watch; an economy that collapsed in 2008 in the waning days of the Bush White House; and his failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yes, Democrats, those are YOUR failures now, and the failures of Trump-hater Bush.”

We conservatives say this because today we have a clearer picture of George W. Bush, that neither he nor his family are conservatives, which we already knew. Worse we have finally discovered that Bush is really a globalist, a socialist, and a Washington Swamp Dweller who supports the Swamp agenda both domestically and internationally (open borders, endless warmongering (like anti-Trump Swamper John McCain), increasing government programs, amnesty for illegals, high taxes, centralized control of Americans’ lives, ‘green’ poverty, etc.).

No wonder Bush is savaging Trump. Bush is angry over his own disastrous presidency and he is enraged with Trump for defeating Jeb Bush in 2016.

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