Crucial Evidence in Roy Moore Case Looks Fraudulent

If you are trying to make a legal case and you have only one piece of hard evidence then that is the most crucial evidence.

The only hard evidence so far in the Roy Moore accusation is a high school yearbook with a ‘Merry Christmas’ inscription allegedly written by judge Moore in 1977.

But that inscription appears to be manipulated. It is not written by a single person – it has two different parts written in two different handwriting styles. You can see it here. Anyone can see the truth; it does not take a handwriting expert to see that.

The ‘Merry Christmas’ inscription is written in one style, and the signature and the rest of the information appears to be written in a separate style by another person. Notice just for starters that the 7s are written in two completely different ways.

Moore’s defense team wants to see the original yearbook for analysis by a handwriting and forensics expert, and they should be allowed to see it. If they are not then we have even more reason to be suspicious.

Then remember that this yearbook is not evidence of assault or anything like it. And still the yearbook looks fake. Meanwhile all of the rest of the allegations against Moore are simply allegations. believes that these accusations against conservative Republican Moore are a Democrat dirty trick. This is how Democrats have been winning elections for decades.

These charges against Moore are said to have happened 25 and 38 and 40 years ago, and the fact that they are coming out now that he is running for US Senate is very suspicious.

And if you think that all of these women could not possibly be lying then think again. Socialists dupe, coerce, intimidate or buy off hundreds of millions of people every year in nations around the world in order to get and hold power.

On the other hand if these charges are true, then Moore should step down. But you cannot convict people or force them out of a political race on mere allegations.

Judge Moore is standing by his innocence. We must assume that he is innocent until proven guilty. That is the way that the American justice system works and the way that any advanced justice system works. Millions of people throughout history have been railroaded by phony justice systems.

It is extremely dangerous for our justice system and our political system and our freedom to seek to destroy a political candidate after the first allegations come out like the media and Democrats declared Moore guilty as soon as the first charges against him came out in an article published in the Washington Post on November 9.

Meanwhile the same Democrats have ignored the rape charges lodged by Juanita Broaddrick against Bill Clinton for 20 years, and have sought to smear and belittle any other women accusing Clinton since the 1990s.

At the same time we have actual text messages with ultra-liberal New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush over his harassment of a female colleague. There are no such direct messages or evidence about Roy Moore.

And now we have an actual photo of hard-left Democrat blowhard US senator Al Franken of Minnesota grabbing a woman’s breasts while she slept. Bye-bye Al! You stole the election to get elected in the first place anyway.

One Moore accuser Beverly Nelson held a November 13 press conference with lawyer Gloria Allred. The accuser gave emotional testimony but there were no tears coming from her eyes. Any psychologist or body-language expert will see this as a red flag that the “emotional” testimony is potentially false.

Nelson’s own step-son said that he believes that his step-mother is lying.

The high school yearbook allegedly signed by Moore says ‘Merry Christmas’. Yet yearbooks are issued in June, aren’t they?

Then Moore allegedly signed the yearbook ‘Roy Moore DA’ for “district attorney”. But he was not district attorney at the time, he was deputy district attorney (DDA).

Update: was wrong. The DA did not stand for ‘district attorney’. Look at this from Breitbart News, referring to Moore’s long-time secretary Delbra Adams:

Adams started working for Moore in 1987 while he was in private practice. She followed him to his new stint as an Etowah County Circuit Judge and continued to work for Moore as a judicial assistant until he was sworn in as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in January 2001.

Adams’ initials – D.A. – have become part of the story involving the allegations against Moore. Adams signed her initials alongside a stamp of Moore’s signature on the 1999 divorce document for Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson.

Nelson and her attorney, activist Gloria Allred, have faced questions for failing to disclose at a press conference earlier this week that Moore’s stamped signature is on her 1999 divorce document. Allred and Moore used the press conference to claim that Moore sexually assaulted Nelson in his car in December 1977 or early January 1978 when she was a 16-year-old high school student.

Alongside Moore’s signature on Nelson’s divorce document is Adams’ initials. Adams explained it is normal procedure for a clerk to initial a stamped signature on a legal document to verify that the stamp is authentic.

The signature and Adams’ initials are relevant because Nelson has produced a 1977 yearbook which she says was signed by Moore at the time as “Roy Moore DA” and not just “Roy Moore.”

At the time, Moore was an assistant district attorney. “Roy Moore DA” was the way Nelson’s undisclosed divorce document was signed, with the “DA” initialized by Adams next to Moore’s stamped signature.

At the press conference, Nelson and Allred presented a photocopy of the yearbook with an inscription that reads: “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say, ‘Merry Christmas.’ Love, Roy Moore DA, 12-22-77, Olde Hickory House.”

OK, so it looks like Nelson somehow copied the 1999 signature made to look like it was done in 1977. After all, the DA stands for Delbra Adams, and she did not go to work for Moore until 1987.

Democrats have used this dangerous character assassination tactic many times; it is called “clearing the field” where they mount accusations or fake charges against a Republican candidate to force him out of a political race.

We saw this in late October 2008 when Republican US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted of campaign finance violations. Stevens lost his re-election bid just a week later, but then the charges were thrown out in April 2009 when CNN reported:

A federal judge on Tuesday set aside the conviction of Republican former Sen. Ted Stevens while excoriating the case’s prosecutors.

Emmet Sullivan also appointed an independent, nongovernment attorney, Henry Schuelke III, to investigate possible misconduct by the government lawyers who prosecuted the 85-year-old former senator from Alaska.

“In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case,” Sullivan said.

Notice “government lawyers who prosecuted the 85-year-old former senator from Alaska”, i.e., liberals.

Also notice that the Moore story came out just two days after the Virginia and New Jersey elections of November 7, 2017 so as to allow maximum coverage that would not be overshadowed by those elections or by the day-after commentary about those elections. Notice that these charges had never come out before in decades of Moore’s public life.

They also came out late enough such that a substitute candidate could not appear on the ballot. This is all extremely suspicious.

Remember the fake Duke lacrosse team rape case of 2006 and the fake Rolling Stone magazine fraternity rape story. These stories are everywhere and are targeted at white men and conservatives. The despicable black leader Al Sharpton rose to national prominence in 1986 falsely accusing a group of three white men of raping a black teenage girl.

In the Duke case the white lacrosse players were all cleared of raping a black stripper following a mass national hysteria that lasted more than a year in which the national media and professors at Duke sought to prosecute the lacrosse players through the media.

Meanwhile the only people ultimately found guilty in the Duke case were the North Carolina prosecutor, district attorney Mike Nifong who was jailed for misconduct; and the rape accuser, a black stripper named Crystal Mangum who is now serving 14 to 18 years for killing her boyfriend in 2013.

So don’t go finding Roy Moore guilty because the media say so.

At the same time Democrat US senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is on trial right now for corruption that includes allegations that he had sex with underage girls just in the last few years. The media have ignored the Menendez story.

And who could forget The Big One when Democrat US senator Ted Kennedy allowed Mary Jo Kopechne to drown at Chappaquiddick in 1969 and never was prosecuted and then went on to serve 40 more years in the US Senate. Kennedy even had tried to cover up the crime, and everyone just assumes that he lied about the event in public statements since the statements did not square with the evidence. But hey, he’s a Democrat.

In 2012 a female named Sharon Bialek accused Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual misconduct years before. It turns out that Bialek is a screwball who just happened to live in the same Chicago apartment building as Obama’s top adviser David Axelrod.

The original Moore accuser also is a screwball (three marriages, three bankruptcies) with lots of problems including financial ones. She could easily be being paid off by wealthy Democrat operatives. A new Moore accuser also has a very sketchy history.

Then we must remember all of the fake ‘hate crimes’ pinned on Trump supporters after the election, which were proven to be hoaxes. These continue to this day, including fake racial hate messages at a Michigan university and at the Air Force Academy.

Then remember the other types of fake legal charges that Democrats have leveled against Republicans to harm them politically like governor Rick Perry of Texas, governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, defense secretary Caspar Weinberger, congressman Tom DeLay of Texas, state senate majority leader Joe Bruno of New York, and others.

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