‘War on Women’ Charges Come Back to Haunt Liberals

First here is a quick word about taxes:

The House of Representatives has passed president Trump’s tax plan which does something that most Americans don’t understand, but that liberals are caterwauling about – it eliminates the deductibility of state and local taxes. Democrats and high-taxed Democrat states are howling. Why?

OK, imagine you earn $1 million. In California, you might have to pay 13% of that in state taxes or $130,000 since that is the top California rate.

Under the current system you can subtract (deduct) that $130,000 from your $1 million when you pay your federal taxes, i.e., you would pay federal taxes on $870,000 and then take all of the other deductions.

This current deductibility allows rich liberals in heavily-taxes states to pay less in federal taxes than the rest of us.

Imagine that you live in a state like Florida which has NO state income tax. Imagine you earn $1 million. Under the current system, you have to pay taxes on $1 million.

In other words, people in lower-tax states are subsidizing people in high-tax states since the people in high-tax states are not paying the same share of federal taxes as people in low-tax or no-tax states.

This new Trump proposal will actually force rich people in Democrat states to pay higher taxes. Democrats should cheer this increase in taxes on “the rich” but they are not.

Why? Because it is biting them. Also, by not being allowed to deduct state and local taxes, rich people in Democrat states are going to pay more in taxes to the federal government.

This is going to suck a lot of money out of Democrat states which the liberals are mad about, particularly since Democrats states have high taxes and generally have big budget problems already and don’t want to see more money leaving their states.

President Trump is right to eliminate this deductibility. It will actually put pressure on these states to lower their tax rates rather than reward them for high taxes.

Now here is today’s main commentary:

There is an old adage that says that those who incessantly point a finger at other people always end up with that big finger pointing back at themselves.

For decades liberals have pointed their big wagging fingers at us conservatives who did not support the hard-left feminist agenda including unlimited access to abortion. They said that we were engaged in a so-called “war on women”.

But that big pointing finger is turning back on the liberals in a big way. We now are finding that Democrats themselves are the biggest perpetrators of this “war” in their personal behavior. Just like we conservatives always said that they were.

Very liberal Democrat US senator Al Franken is the latest perpetrator. He is one of the biggest left-wing blowhards in the US government, and a big feminist. Now we have actual photographic proof that he sexually abused a woman, and you can be sure that there is much more that we don’t know about.

Here is Fox News talking about another fact about Franken:

Franken, then a comedian, was quoted in a 1995 New York Magazine article discussing a skit for “Saturday Night Live” that involved drugging and raping CBS reporter Lesley Stahl. Franken, at the time a writer for “SNL,” suggested one skit should play out with “60 Minutes” commentator Andy Rooney finding an empty pill bottle on his desk.

“’I give the pills to Leslie Stahl. Then when Leslie is passed out, I take her to the closet and rape her.’ Or ‘That’s why you never see Lesley until February.’ Or, ‘When she passes out. I put her in various positions and take pictures of her,’” Franken was quoted saying.

Nice liberal guy, right? A real advocate for “women’s rights”!

As usual we can see the typical ratio – there are probably 50 charges against liberals for every single charge against conservatives. But then liberals will say that “both sides do it…”

We have major scandals in Hollywood about decades of sexual harassment and assault of actresses, going back to director Roman Polanski in the 1970s and certainly back to the first days of the film industry on the Left Coast. Sylvester Stallone was reported to Las Vegas police in 1986 for an assault on a young girl.

Now after leveling charges against mega-producer Harvey Weinstein an actress named Rose McGowan is being hauled into court on trumped-up drug charges. This might have worked two years ago, but it is not going to work today. The liberal smear machine against women is broken down and these charges against McGowan are going to infuriate the feminists beyond belief. They no longer have anywhere to hide their rage against their friends in Hollywood – formerly reserved for conservatives only.

Smarmy left-wing journalist Mark Halperin has had his career cut down over harassment claims. The president and publisher Hamilton Fish at left-wing New Republic is out. A top editor at National Public Radio is under fire for years of harassment, as is the NPR CEO who ignored stories about the editor’s behavior. Bill Cosby will be remembered for all time as the sleaziest predator imaginable, not as the lovable TV character he played in the 1980s. The list is growing as the weeks pass. Here’s just one recent story from Fox News about a TV program called Ted:

“Ted” actress Jessica Barth alleged her former manager David Guillod drugged her in 2012 while they were having dinner together and then sexually assaulted her.

Barth, 37, (said that) she decided to come forward with her accusations after another woman contacted her stating she was also drugged and assaulted by Guillod.

This is very brutal stuff, and those of us who go to church on Sundays and treat women well now are seeing exposed the debased activity of those who have mocked us for decades.

In short, friends, the Democrat party is in yet another stage of implosion. When feminists start to abandon the Dems and speak out about hypocrisy the floodgates will open and Democrats are going to lose even more political power than they already have lost, which is a lot.

Bill Clinton was the pioneer modern-day pervert. He skated by for decades because his wife covered for him and he had a D after his name. This pair certainly threatened many women whom Bill had assaulted. Bill even paid Paula Jones $850,000 to settle a case and we all were supposed to think that it was over.

This stuff goes back decades. We know that the Kennedys, going back to family patriarch Old Joe, were abusing women for sex over and over and over as far back as the 1920s. We have all heard the stories about Bobby Kennedy being in Los Angeles on the night that Marilyn Monroe died in 1962. And on and on.

How about charges that Al Gore sexually abused masseuses in 2007 and 2008? Gee, I guess Al wanted some personal “global warming”.

Or 2004 vice presidential candidate John Edwards, who ended up fathering an illegitimate child with a female named Rielle Hunter.

What about accusations about Democrat US senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey who now is on trial over corruption allegations. He is alleged to have had sex with underage girls in the Dominican Republic.

Or how about billionaire sex offender and Bill Clinton crony Jeffrey Epstein, famous for his private jet called The Lolita Express?

Even US congresswomen and female US senators are coming forth, while former Democrat congressman Anthony Weiner is in jail over his internet sexploits.

Meanwhile we have unverified claims against conservative Roy Moore, and even the hard evidence in the case – a signed high-school yearbook – appears to be fake.

In other words we conservatives can sleep well at night knowing that the Democrats are taking another huge blow even after their 2016 election drubbing.

We also are seeing conservative women like Sarah Palin finding themselves in the cat-bird seat. Palin & Co. took endless heat from the feminists but they do not have endless amounts of explaining to do about the very people to whom feminists have slavishly deferred for decades like Hollywood, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, etc.

Meanwhile a liberal columnist recently launched a vicious attack on White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders over her appearance. This stuff goes on and on among liberals when conservatives are the target, and somehow they have gotten away with it. But those days are over. That columnist has been savaged on the internet. Let us hope that another leftist loses his job.

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