Trashing Trump is Democrats’ Only (Losing) Strategy

Today we see the Democrats flailing around and ruthlessly attacking president Trump at every moment. It never ends. Every single day liberal newspapers run two or three or four Trump-hater editorials and cartoons, and then Trump-hater letters, as if we don’t get the point.

Curiously they never say anything positive about the Democrat agenda. The big problem for Democrats, however, is that they have no agenda. They certainly cannot run on their agenda. That already has been tried for decades and it has failed miserably. And so they attack, attack, attack. They even have gone after president Trump’s grandchildren.

When Obama was elected we conservatives did not riot, beat up Democrats, loot, protest, set fires, write millions of angry and threatening letters and tweets, call Democrats names, and have nervous breakdowns. I don’t remember a single conservative friend of mine reacting hysterically to Obama even though we knew that he was extreme.

No, instead we organized the Tea Parties and won back control of the US House in 2010 and the US Senate in 2014 and the White House in 2016. We did it by peacefully and rationally proposing ideas for reform, as Trump did.

President Trump ran a masterful campaign in 2016. He did exactly what he should have done – he forcefully offered positive proposals for reform and then forcefully criticized his opponents. This two-pronged approach is the best one. You must be bold both ways to win.

Democrats today are only doing one prong, and that is attacking Trump, Republicans and conservatives. This will never win elections.

At the same time we are seeing these once-invincible anti-Trump factions sinking like a stone in credibility – The New York Times (it has vacated eight floors of its own headquarters building in New York City to save money), Hollywood, ESPN, CNN (Breitbart News reports: “Moreover, when compared to the same month last year, CNN’s October 2017 ratings collapsed a whopping 52 percent”), the NFL, Megyn Kelly, etc.

The career of anti-Trump ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin has collapsed. Many anti-Trumpers have lost their jobs from their overreactions on Twitter and in other media.

Meanwhile the Democrat party itself is in chaos and its fundraising has fallen through the floor. The mighty Clinton political machine is broken down while left-wing Hollywood and the entertainment industry, one of the Democrats’ most significant and vocal boosters, is collapsing under the Harvey Weinstein scandal, with much more bad news to come.

Look at all of the pro-feminist liberals charged with harassment and abuse of women – Bill Clinton, Weinstein, Dustin Hoffman, Sylvester Stallone, Louis CK, journalists Mark Halperin and Glenn Thrush, congressmen John Conyers and Bob Brady, CBS/PBS anchor Charlie Rose, Michael Oreskes (National Public Radio), John Lasseter of Pixar, US senator Al Franken, and on and on. This list is growing every day. It already is taking out top figures in the Democrat party and the media.

What is noteworthy about all of this?

Answer: No conservatives among them. Meanwhile the accusations against conservative Alabama US Senate candidate Roy Moore are 40 years old; surfaced suddenly when he was seeking election to the Senate (and thus are indicative of a Democrat ‘dirty trick’); are totally unproven; and have been largely debunked. The only piece of physical evidence presented against Moore looks like a total fraud – a high school yearbook allegedly signed by Moore in 1977.

Meanwhile a black military widow claimed that president Trump was disrespectful to her in a conciliatory phone call. We know that this is false, that president Trump respects our military and that this accusation was another setup.

These Trump-haters are in a tailspin. They cannot calm down and it is costing them dearly. When they are running around hysterically they are not organizing for elections but simply shouting and screaming.

On the other hand we conservatives are watching our opponents disintegrate without having to lift a finger. It’s great to see. As the old political adage goes, “When your opponent is self-destructing, get out of the way, shut up and let it happen.”

Many sources are claiming that president Trump’s poll ratings are way down and that the negative anti-Trump strategy thus is working. But president Trump’s polls today are higher than the three top leaders in Europe; higher than Bill Clinton’s polls at this stage; while the same polls predicted a huge win for Hillary Clinton. So there.

Some Democrats see the chaos in their party every day but they cannot control the kooks. Look at the outrageous behavior of these so-called “entertainers” like Chelsea Handler who is vile, uneducated and foul-mouthed. She is giving up her so-called “comedy” career to go full-time against president Trump.

This will change nothing just like every other liberal and leftist in the US is not going to change anything by going anti-Trump 24/7/365. Late night “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel has gone full-time Trump hating and his ratings have taken a huge hit. He will pay for this in the long run.

We are seeing protests everywhere with their hand-painted signs caterwauling about everything from oil pipelines to the border wall. But all of this “resistance” doesn’t translate into political power. believes that this negativity not only is failing but that a backlash of sympathy has built up for president Trump that is not being reported on. If it were building for Obama, we would hear about it every day.

Meanwhile the president just keeps moving on, and putting out new executive orders and statements every day and promoting his agenda and trying to do serious reforms. He is totally changing the political narrative and this is what drives the liberals nuts. Trump is appearing more and more presidential while his critics are appearing more and more unhinged.

This is having an effect on voters; they want rationality and reform. They were disturbed with the direction that the country was going under Obama. They see Trump trying hard, which is infinitely more than his critics are doing.

The economy is soaring. Prototypes of the border wall are now being built. The president has pulled out of the debilitating Paris “climate” accord and banned trannybaggers from the military. He is punching back hard at his critics. This, and much more, was not even considered in the realm of possibility before November 9, 2016. already is predicting that president Trump will be re-elected in 2020. This prognostication should be taken seriously from someone who said over and over throughout 2016 that Trump would win, who said many times that Hillary Clinton was a weak candidate, and who had predicted as far back as 2011 that Trump would be elected president.

I have been a lifelong conservative. I realized it after college. Having lived in New England or New York City for my entire life, I was often seen as a strange curiosity by my baby-boomer peers.

But I stuck to my work. As far back as 1983 I was writing conservative editorials. During 13 years in New York City some people considered me to be an alien. But I did not care. Someday, I knew, they would understand what I was getting at.

That day has come because president Trump did something that had been recommending for a long time, but that nobody on our side ever picked up on.

I had said over and over for many years that Republicans and conservatives had to punch hard, like Trump is doing, and must undertake voter registration drives among white people in small-town and rural America, that that was the voter bloc that would win for Republicans.

President Trump effectively did both in his campaign, and he won. He also set the template for future elections, which is what scares the heck out of Democrats.

So now we conservatives can sit back in our easy chairs as thousands more left-wingers go off the rails every day and into the cesspool of rage and psychosis, further weakening their cause and outright making them look bad.

It is a wonderful thing to see after years of hard work. But hey, hard work always pays off in the end, just as we conservatives have always said that it does.

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