How We got $20 TRILLION Debt/ Socialism Ruins Another Industry

First, here is a quick word about Trump-hating senator John McCain:

McCain allegedly had surgery on his right leg, allegedly for an Achilles tendon injury, and was photographed in one of those stiff plastic ‘walking boots’ on his right leg after the alleged operation.

But then the boot was seen on his left leg in a photo taken shortly thereafter. And no, the photo was not electronically flipped or reversed. That has all been investigated.

Caught in a lie McCain gave a bizarre explanation why the boot was switched but he omitted the big truth which is this:

John McCain is a professional con artist. He has been a con artist his whole life. believes that he is outright lying about many things including his so-called “heroism” during the Vietnam War. no longer believes anything that McCain says or has said. He is an angry old man who wanted to be president but never was. Good. He is a Washington Swamp Dweller of the first degree and so he might well lie with impunity like they do every day down there in Washington. The sooner he is gone from our sight, the better.

Now here is the first of today’s commentaries:

Here is an excerpt from the business section of my local newspaper in my dying New England county controlled with an iron grip for the last 100 years by Democrats:

An effort to unite and support the county’s farmer’s market has received a grant from the US Department of Agriculture.

The three-year $238,595 grant – given through the USDA’s Farmers Market Promotions Program – will be used to create the Berkshire Market Collective Project which seeks to address the needs of local farmers markets…. to build the capacity of the markets, address certain marketing challenges faced by individual markets… etc.

And on and on. We know the drill. And this was just one single federal grant in one week in one single county in Massachusetts covering one single issue. Multiply this over and over by decades and by 50 states and 3,144 US counties and we get our $20 TRILLION national debt, $238,595 at a time.

This is why rational people eventually come to detest and overthrow socialism. They know one group is getting free money paid for by another group that works for it. As the old saying goes, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

Imagine that. Democrats look at these little farmer’s markets where small vendors sell vegetables, apples, baked goods, crafts and other stuff under their tents. Democrats then claim that there is some dire need “to build the capacity of the markets, address certain marketing challenges faced by individual markets, etc.” Democrats then give hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer cash to someone associated with the markets.

It is pure and total corruption. It is just another handout of Other People’s Money in exchange for votes. It has nothing to do with farmer’s markets. If it weren’t farmer’s markets it would be something like lawnmower repair shops or second-hand furniture stores.

This $238,595 is a huge amount of money for one grant in one small county, and we know that it is going to go to a few select liberals to set up a phony “committee” or “study group” of farmer’s markets. It is really just a cash handout to the ‘hippie’-type entrepreneurs on the Democrat left who make up most of these farmer’s markets.

So some guy who grows a bunch of shriveled cucumbers on his organic farm and sells them for $6 each will create a fake committee and hold a few fake meetings and then will write a report that nobody will read. If he even bothers to write the report, that is. Who follows up on this stuff?

Nobody does. It is pure corruption and graft and this money is obtained through a professional group that emerged in the 1960s – these so-called “grant writers” who fill out these long forms and get money for their friends, and take a cut themselves. These grant writers are professional bureaucrats, i.e., totally useless. This is the type of graft that is discussed in the ‘business’ section of the newspaper in my county, a place that profit-making businesses are fleeing every week due to the economy that has been destroyed by decades of horrendous Democrat policies.

Another quick example: My county has a public bus system. It is extremely inefficient and expensive to operate. It wastes vast amounts of energy to serve less than 1% of the county population, and takes a huge taxpayer subsidy for every passenger. It runs 12 hours a day six days a week and now the liberals are talking about expanding its hours to serve people who work at night. This could lead to spending millions more per year to serve just a few more passengers.

Now here is a second editorial:

Socialism, Unions Destroying Pro Football

If you want to know the history of socialism just look at the failed communist nations that have always ended up poor, oppressed and materially deprived.

This happens because angry and greedy people take over under socialism and destroy and steal everything. They cannot stop destroying and stealing and focusing on themselves and what they want rather than on the common good.

This is how millions of high-paying US manufacturing jobs were destroyed by aggressive and greedy labor unions in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Their greed induced them to want more and more and more money and become more violent and confrontational. The factories that employed them could not pay for their increasing demands and simply moved or closed.

Now workers in the prosperous Southern United States are voting to keep the unions out, and for very good reason. Business owners are even acting pre-emptively. Breitbart News reports:

Chicago Cubs Owner Joe Ricketts made a strong statement against unions this month by shutting down two independent news websites he owns, after employees at the Gothamist voted to unionize.

The two websites, DNAinfo and Gothamist, had been under threat of unionization for some time, and recently the workers at Gothamist had actually voted to join a union. But as the owner of the two sites, Ricketts had previously warned employees that he would shut the sites down if they voted to unionize.

Ricketts even penned a recent article on his personal blog to explain why he opposes unions. Ricketts wrote, “unions promote a corrosive us-against-them dynamic that destroys the esprit de corps businesses need to succeed.”

Indeed, in a recent article in The New York Times a spokesperson for DNAinfo said, “The decision by the editorial team to unionize is simply another competitive obstacle making it harder for the business to be financially successful.”

So there you go. The jig is up for unions. In the 1940s it is reported that 37% of the private-sector manufacturing jobs in the US were unionized. Today it is 7% since the unions destroyed their own jobs and often destroyed the companies that they worked for.

Now we see a TV network like ESPN going down the tubes. It once was the gold standard of sports reporting but it went politically way over to the hard-left, like unions did. Much of its coverage today is political in nature, rather than focusing on sports.

ESPN’s ratings have tanked as a result, and it has had big layoffs and more are coming. But it just keeps going on and destroying itself through increasing politicization. Amazing.

This happens because the most politically radical and angry people have taken over as they always do as an institution or a state or nation moves farther and farther to the left as they have in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and China.

Today these black unionized football players are doing the same. Their extremist disrespect for the National Anthem has spread because the radicals are spreading it.

These players are making millions of dollars but they are kneeling for the Anthem and losing millions of fans. These are players who might be dealing drugs on the street or living in poverty if they weren’t making millions playing football. Yet they are destroying the very National Football League that is making them rich. This shows how socialism exploits irrationality and ignorance and preys on weak people.

The football players cannot stop themselves even with the shocking pictures of stadiums with tens of thousands of empty seats. Being urged by hard-left ideology they are destroying their own futures in their own “industry”… professional football.

Even the legendary sports announcer Vin Scully said that he will never watch another football game.

RIP football… It was great to know ya… (although almost never watched football) recently saw another example of union greed in an internet video. The subject was the city of East St. Louis, Illinois which became a famous railroad terminus on the east side of the Mississippi River when there was no bridge to cross the River to the growing city of St. Louis, Missouri back in the late 1800s. All of the freight intended for St. Louis arrived in East St. Louis from the east on a growing network of rail lines. It then was shipped across the river on boats.

Since it had so many rail lines East St. Louis became a booming factory town with wide employment possibilities in a steel mill, aluminum smelter, factories, stock yards and meat-packing plants, and related service businesses. It was close to southern Illinois coal deposits and so energy was readily available.

In the first decades of the 20th century East St. Louis was a magnet for poor European immigrants, particularly from Poland and Czechoslovakia, giving them a first step up to the American Dream. But the internet video descends into a litany of rants against the factory owners, corruption, the hard work, and the pollution at the factories which is mentioned over and over.

Yet East St. Louis was a land of opportunity. And what killed this golden goose after 75 years of roaring economic success?

The workers unionized, that’s what – 80% of the city’s workforce got unionized in the 1930s and by the 1950s the factories were shutting down because they no longer could make a profit. And if environmentalists had existed in those days those plants would have been shut down decades before.

Socialism? Yes. And today East St. Louis is synonymous with economic destruction and despair. It is full of abandoned buildings and factories, ruined housing, and no hope.

Thus by stealing existing wealth through unions or through millions of useless grants, like for farmer’s markets, socialism always destroys individuals, families, towns, cities, states and nations with debt and high costs.

Today the American states with the worst economic outlooks are very liberal states like Vermont, Illinois, New York and Connecticut. The middle class is fleeing left-wing California by the millions. Meanwhile Americans are running by the tens of millions to the conservative states like Texas, Georgia and Florida. No surprise there.

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