Here Comes the Annual Christmas Pity Party (Sigh…)

Watch out! Here comes Christmas and the annual Pity Party from the Democrats. Not only are we supposed to think about “the poor” and “the homeless” every day and all year, and at night in our dreams, but liberals now have created a special new day for us to focus on them. Look at this from CNN:

For decades now, millions of Americans have been embracing the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza known as “Black Friday.” Then came “Cyber Monday,” online retailers’ chance to cash in on the holiday buying frenzy.

Now consumers are being urged to open their wallets for “Giving Tuesday” (sometimes written #GivingTuesday), a day to raise funds for charitable causes.

The day was started in 2012 by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation.

“When this started out a couple years ago we were pretty skeptical about it,” admitted Colleen Finn-Ridenhour, Senior Vice President of Development for Habitat for Humanity.

But by 2015, Giving Tuesday had spread to 98 countries and raised approximately $177 million, according to the campaign’s official website.

OK, so here we go again. Another scam sponsored by the United Nations and Habitat for Humanity and the Democrats designed to separate us from our money.

But there is a huge problem. estimates that the United States has spent up to $150 TRILLION on anti-poverty programs in the last 60 years in federal, state, local and private charity spending, or the equivalent of $2.5 trillion this year in a $20 trillion annual economy.

Yet we have more poor people than ever.

In other words these programs not only do not work but they actually increase poverty and dependency by subsidizing it in a massive way. After all, we always get more of what the government subsidizes.

Here is an editorial that first posted before Thanksgiving 2015 in which I describe how the Christmas season has turned into nothing but a socialist Pity Party. This commentary is still pertinent today.

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