Marijuana Legalization is Leading to Very Bad Things

New York state is withering economically yet 60% of those recently polled said that they think that tax revenues from the sale of legal marijuana would help to close the state’s $4 billion budget gap.

In other words people on the communist left who have been promoting marijuana and other illegal drugs for decades are using every trick in the book to get these drugs accepted and legalized, i.e., they are good for the economy.

This is another “magic bullet” from the left to solve a state’s economic problems instead of doing the hard work to help the economy over the long term by, for instance, controlling state spending, allowing ‘fracking’ for natural gas in New York state, or reducing corruption and taxes to attract businesses.

This is how the left always operates; it offers easy solutions to difficult problems, i.e., smoke pot and everything will be fine. This is frightening.

These marijuana legalization advocates have been saying since the 1960s that marijuana is “harmless” and “better than alcohol” for people who want to get ‘high’.

These statements are both false. Marijuana is called “dangerous” by the American Medical Association and many studies have tied marijuana use to severe mental problems like psychosis and schizophrenia. We don’t even know how many millions of people have been destroyed by marijuana since no direct studies have been done about it.

And marijuana is not “better than alcohol” for getting ‘high’. They are both bad but marijuana is worse. The infinitely better option is to reject the need to get ‘high’ in the first place. knows about the harmful effects of marijuana from personal acquaintances who have experienced very bad effects. A close friend died in an accident last Spring when he was “high” on marijuana.

Still leftists continue to promote marijuana, first because they want to get rich on it. Second, they want to make more Americans stoned and lethargic so that they don’t care about anything and can be easily controlled politically.

Consider another angle: Tens of millions of jobs across America are drug-tested. The more people that smoke marijuana the more that they cannot get and hold jobs. This is another way that the pro-marijuana vultures are seeking to undermine our nation, by impoverishing people and getting them on welfare.

It gets much worse. Now that marijuana is being legalized in many US states The Guardian website in Britain reports:

As California prepares for the legalislation of recreational marijuana in 2018, one man is pushing for the state to become the first to decriminalise (a mind-altering drug called) magic mushrooms.

Kevin Saunders, a mayoral candidate for the city of Marina, just south of the San Francisco Bay, has filed a proposal that would exempt adults over the age of 21 from any penalties over possessing, growing, selling or transporting psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms.

OK, so marijuana is not even legal yet in California but the same people are already talking about legalizing a much more powerful drug. This is also happening in Oregon. This will go on to more and more bad drugs like cocaine, heroin, PCP, LSD and others. This is part of the incremental strategy of the Democrat left to destroy our nation just like opium addiction did massive damage to China. Look at how Wikipedia talks about opium in China:

Imports of opium into China stood at 200 chests annually in 1729, when the first anti-opium edict was promulgated. By the time Chinese authorities reissued the prohibition in starker terms in 1799, the figure had leaped; 4,500 chests were imported in the year 1800. The decade of the 1830s witnessed a rapid rise in opium trade, and by 1838, just before the First Opium War, it had climbed to 40,000 chests. The rise continued on after the Treaty of Nanking (1842) that concluded the war. By 1858 annual imports had risen to 70,000 chests (4,480 long tons (4,550 t)), approximately equivalent to global production of opium for the decade surrounding the year 2000.

So you start with 200 chests and go to 70,000 chests. Added note: The family fortune of leftist Democrat US president Franklin Roosevelt came from Roosevelt’s maternal grandfather Warren Delano who earned a fortune shipping opium into China. Here is more about this Kevin Saunders guy:

Saunders thinks that now is the right time because, he says, the drug (magic mushrooms) can help bridge the current political divide and restore a sense of community.

“The world is really hurting and everybody is at a loss about what’s going on right now with Trump, Brexit, the refugee crisis and everything else. I’m at a loss at what to do politically, but the only thing I feel like we could do is get psilocybin into more people’s hands,” he said.

Thus this lunatic and drug addict (see below) Saunders is blaming Trump and Brexit for the need for drugs. Ironically president Trump has never taken a drink of alcohol or taken drugs, and his children are sober and straight and don’t use drugs or alcohol. On the other hand it looks like most of the Kennedy family is on some type of drug or booze. This past Summer a father/daughter Kennedy team was arrested for drunkenness. The Guardian reports:

A profound magic mushroom experience helped Saunders get over a “debilitating five-year heroin addiction” in 2003, when he was 32. “I got to the root of why I made a conscious decision to become a heroin addict; I’ve been clean almost 15 years.”

So Saunders overcame heroin addiction by moving to another powerful drug. These people are truly demented. These ‘magic mushrooms’ are extremely dangerous. They are like the mind-altering and mind-destroying drug LSD, which was probably the worst thing to come out of the 1960s. The Guardian continues:

The husband and wife team Tom and Sheri Eckhert announced earlier this year that they were pushing for a similar ballot measure in Oregon, hoping to make it the first state in the US to legalise (mushrooms).

… Their efforts run in parallel to several promising clinical trials in which psychedelic mushrooms have been used to successfully treat severe depression, anxiety and addiction.

Again, you don’t address one drug addiction with another drug. It’s like a whiskey drinker switching to beer to cure his alcoholism.

You address the problems of depression, anxiety and addiction with a deep and transformative change in your heart and your soul like accepting God as a real force for good, and adopting positive outlooks and behaviors that God would approve of.

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