New World Order Exposed, Explained

There are videos on YouTube of former Democrat vice president Joe Biden touching and kissing little girls and stroking their hair and whispering in their ears. Just type in ‘creepy Joe Biden’ to YouTube to see them. It is disgusting and goes far beyond any affection for a child. In one video Biden can be seen touching the breast of a little girl. She feels him groping her and pushes him away. This looks prosecutable.

Democrats are terrified of these videos and are doing everything they can to suppress them since Biden is one of their leading candidates for president in 2020.

We also have clear photographic evidence that Democrat US senator Al Franken groped several women. We can assume that he groped many more and that the women in the pictures were just the tip of the iceberg, i.e., showed a pattern. Franken is refusing to step down.

Bill Clinton settled one sexual harassment case with Paula Jones for $850,000; was accused of the sexual assault of Kathleen Willey while in the White House; and has been accused of the rape of Juanita Broaddrick for 20 years. This shows a pattern of abuse. We can assume that his behavior involved many, many women.

People like Biden, Franken, Clinton, the Kennedys and millions of others have been protected for decades by powerful forces inside the US.

On the other hand we have accusations from the late 1970s that president Trump and Republican US Senate candidate Roy Moore groped women. Moore has never been accused of this type of behavior before, even at age 70. The only evidence in the case of Moore or Trump is hearsay evidence (verbal allegations) which is not even allowed in a US court of law except under unusual circumstances.

Trump was accused of touching a woman’s breasts while sitting in the first-class section of an airplane in 1979. This accusation was made to try and defeat Trump in the 2016 election.

Do you really think that Trump would do that in public at a time when he was married, had an infant son, and was a rising media star with a rising fortune? Would he risk it all to grope a woman on an airplane for 15 minutes as it was alleged? With flight attendants walking past regularly, and in plain view of other passengers? does not believe this allegation for one second. Then notice that these accusations have only come out when Trump and Moore were running for office, which is a typical Democrat “dirty trick” that comes out every election cycle.

Former Fox News superstar anchor Bill O’Reilly even claimed in an interview recently that there is an audio tape that is going to come out of a Trump-hater offering money to a woman to lodge a false claim against the president.

In other words, welcome to The New World Order.

Yes, friends, this is how the New World Order (NWO) gets and keeps its power. It vigorously defends and covers up for its allies even in cases of gross wrongdoing and worse while anyone that the NWO disfavors is smeared relentlessly.

Unfortunately for the NWO the number of left-wing media people who have lost their jobs over sexual harassment shows that the power of the NWO is not what it once was. And this scandal is growing every day.

What is the New World Order anyway?

It is secular global socialism and anyone who supports it. Period. That is all that you need to know. It includes atheistic God-less communism. It controls billions of people and makes them poor while the NWO elites get rich, like the leaders of North Korea live in luxury while the nation’s people starve and are sent to prison camps for the slightest infractions. Or the tiny Washington/ Silicon Valley/ Wall Street elite thrives while tens of millions of Americans get poorer and poorer.

The New World Order is a reaction to the Old World Order under which Christianity was allied for 2,000 years with wealthy and powerful factions and political leaders in generally open, capitalistic economies.

The New World Order is atheistic and is allied with wealthy and powerful socialist factions. Meanwhile the NWO is allied with two global religious institutions:

*environmentalism, which is the pagan ‘religion’ of the left; and
*radical islam, which is allied with NWO communism and socialism in a global war on Christianity and on Western civilization.

The NWO is a failure because it rejects God and looks down at the devil. The Old World Order succeeded since it looked up to God, and does so today. The Old World Order sustained Europe and the United States for centuries when Europe’s and America’s very survival were considered tenuous at best. If the NWO had controlled Europe over the last 1,000 years Europe would be a rotting carcass today and America would not even exist except as a third-world hell hole.

The God-less New World Order destroys human life through widespread access to abortion and through social chaos, the abuse of women, hatred of the stable nuclear family and middle class, high death rates like in gay America, relentless decadence (Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein), and high crime and death rates like there are in black America.

Under the Old World Order life generally improved and prosperity increased for centuries as it did in the United States under the business tycoons of the late 1800s like Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, James J. Hill and George Westinghouse who made steel and produced oil and built railroads and manufactured and developed products and technologies that created a better world, along with mountains of prosperity and opportunity. This is called the “hard” side of the economy.

President Trump is like Carnegie and Westinghouse. He built his fortune the old-fashioned way, by constructing buildings brick-by-brick and girder-by-girder from the ground up over many decades.

On the other hand global economies have stagnated under the New World Order as the elites accumulate wealth, often quickly, through the “soft” side of the US economy like:

*the internet (Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook);
*computers, communications technology and information technology (Silicon Valley, Verizon, Comcast, Unisys, etc.).
*the media (Bloomberg News, Hollywood, the arts, advertising, publishing, etc.);
*investments like Wall Street hedge-funders and mega-billionaire investors like Warren Buffett; and also through
*outright theft like Joseph P. Kennedy who swindled the US stock market in the 1920s to get his family fortune; or
*devious means like international currency speculation and manipulation, as George Soros does. Even George Washington warned that such speculation is immoral.

The Old World Order embraced the middle class, as Trump does, as a successful channel for its ideals – prosperity, stability, honesty, patriotism, opportunity, optimism and faith in God.

The atheist New World Order despises and disdains the middle class since the middle class challenges NWO power. The New World Order relies on the votes and political support of “the poor” instead of the middle class.

This challenge to power was manifested in Europe over many centuries by rising prosperity and a rising middle class (the bourgeoisie) that challenged the established nobility and land-owning classes.

In the US today this “nobility” is in Washington. The “land-owning” classes are reflected on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley and in other super-rich and materialistic populations, even including real land owners like CNN founder Ted Turner who is the second-largest private landowner in America, with more than 2 million acres.

In America we see this challenge to established power in the rise of the “deplorables” and Trump voters who oppose the Washington Establishment and the billionaires of Silicon Valley, Wall Street, CNN, etc.

If you remember how the ‘hippies’ of the 1960s spread hatred for the middle class then you see the picture clearly.

Today we see NWO characters getting away with bad things as they have for decades. Here are three examples:

*Democrat US senator Ted Kennedy drove his car off a bridge on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in 1969. It landed in the water and his female passenger drowned. We know for certain from photographs that this happened. It is not a hearsay accusation. We knew it immediately after it happened. We also know for certain that Kennedy tried to cover up the accident in the hours after it happened, and then lied about the whole event in public statements that did not agree with known facts.

Yet Kennedy, a New World Order member in good standing through his corrupt father, never missed a day of work in the US Senate.

See how the game works? Meanwhile we are supposed to send Roy Moore into oblivion over hearsay accusations from 40 years ago.

*These videos of Biden acting like a child molester are all over the internet, yet the Fake News media, which are members in good standing in the NWO, refuse to even acknowledge that they exist. At the same time Democrat US House leader Nancy Pelosi is defending Democrat congressman John Conyers to the heavens over charges of sexual improprieties (Conyers’ wife served 27 months in jail in a bribery scandal).

*If you think that NBC executives did not know that Matt Lauer was sexually abusing and assaulting women, then you don’t understand the New World Order.

In short, the New World Order will do whatever it takes to protect its members and win elections and then destroy its opponents like president Trump and Roy Moore and like Christian Sarah Palin who resigned from the Alaska governorship after being harassed relentlessly with nuisance lawsuits from atheist NWO operatives in her state.

The New World Order cheats serially to win elections. We have seen Democrat voter fraud all over America over the last century including Al Franken’s first election to the US Senate in 2008 from Minnesota.

In 1960 Democrat John F. Kennedy stole the presidency through voter fraud. Everyone knows that it happened but it was never challenged because the NWO loved Kennedy and would smear anyone who challenged the election.

In 1948 Kennedy’s vice president Lyndon Johnson won his first US Senate seat from Texas through widespread voter fraud.

In another case the state of Virginia has become very liberal partly because the current Democratic governor – a corrupt Clinton crony named Terry McAuliffe – conferred the right to vote on 156,000 convicted felons who overwhelmingly vote Democrat. This is another classic NWO tactic, to enfranchise bad people and disenfranchise good people.

Meanwhile who is behind the attacks on conservative Christian judge Roy Moore?

It is NWO leader Jeff Bezos of Amazon, perhaps the richest man in the world today, who also owns the Washington Post newspaper which published the original accusations against Moore. This is how the NWO uses once-legitimate sources like the Post to do its dirty work.

This is also how the NWO has spread its tentacles all over the world. This is why Soviet communism, which murdered tens of millions of its own citizens, was only criticized hesitantly in the United States and even touted in years of reporting by an evil NWO shill named Walter Duranty writing for the evil New York Times.

The socialist and atheist New World Order controlled Europe throughout the 20th century. Fascism and communism are both manifestations of the NWO. Hitler and Stalin were both atheistic products of the NWO, along with their wars, mass murder and mass genocide.

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