US Embassy Going to Jerusalem/ ‘Dirty Cop’ Mueller Must be Fired

Congratulations to president Trump for having the courage to announce that the US will definitely move the US embassy in Israel from the modern city of Tel Aviv to the city of Jerusalem, the historic capital of the Jewish state and a scared city for both Jews and Christians.

This has been official US policy since 1995 when the US Congress voted overwhelmingly to support the embassy move. Now Trump is finally doing it.

This action is important since the moving of the embassy represents official US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Already Jerusalem is the Israeli capital city. Look at this from Breitbart News:

Jerusalem is, after all, the de facto capital of Israel. The Israeli parliament (Knesset) is there, as are the prime minister’s office, the president’s residence, the Supreme Court, and all of the executive agencies. Israelis consider Jerusalem their capital whether or not the U.S. recognizes it as such. As a practical matter, the change is symbolic. But as such, it is still extremely important.

Moving the US embassy there not only is a huge win for conservative Jews and Christians, but a significant shift in US policy that has constantly sought to mollify the Palestinians and other muslim groups in the Middle East.

We cannot mollify these people. We should move the embassy and officially recognize territory that Christians and Jews have been fighting to protect from the barbarians since the days of the Crusades and even for millennia before.

The muslim barbarians in the Middle East will protest the move but we should not care a whit. President Trump is a bold man in every way along with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu, who is a true conservative. This is the latest manifestation of their courage. Good work, Mr. President.

Here is how Wikipedia describes Jerusalem (Note: The muslim prophet Mohammed was not even born until the year 570 AD.)

One of the oldest cities in the world, Jerusalem was named as “Urusalima” on ancient Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets, probably meaning “City of Shalem” after a Canannite deity, during the early Canaanite period (approximately 2400 BCE). During the Israelit period, significant construction activity in Jerusalem began in the 9th century BCE (Iron Age II), and in the 8th century the city developed into the religious and administrative center of the Kingdon of Judah. During its long history, Jerusalem has been destroyed at least twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, and captured and recaptured 44 times. The part of Jerusalem called the City of David was settled in the 4th millennium BCE. In 1538, walls were built around Jerusalem under (muslim) Suleiman the Magnificent. Today those walls define the Old City, which has been traditionally divided into four quarters—known since the early 19th century as the Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim Quarters. The Old City became a World Heritage Site in 1981…

Robert Mueller Must Go

Independent counsel Robert Mueller, appointed to investigate the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, should be fired by president Trump immediately. has repeatedly called for Mueller to be fired.

Mueller is what is known as a “dirty cop”. Not only does such a special investigation require evidence of a crime – of which there is no evidence of Trump and Russia collusion – but Mueller has used brutal prosecutorial tactics to snare people like Paul Manafort over an issue that happened 11 years ago.

Ironically the charge involves Manafort collusion with the government of Ukraine in 2006 – long before Donald Trump had ever considered running for president – and then Manafort working for Ukraine through one of the most powerful Democrat lobbying firms in Washington, the Podesta Group.

Interestingly the Podesta Group suddenly closed its doors right after the Manafort indictment came out.

Hmmmm… What’s going on there?

That is what we all want to know. Tony Podesta headed the Podesta Group. He is one of the most influential Democrats in Washington and his brother John was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Naturally the Fake News media have barely mentioned a single word about the Podesta Group’s sudden closing.

As Mueller has swerved way off the collusion path, he has wandered farther and farther away from the mission he was assigned – to investigate a case for which there is zero evidence. It has turned into a catch-all, get-Trump campaign.

This is how the Deep State in Washington is seeking to keep its power – through dirty cops like Mueller who has stacked his investigation with Trump-hating hacks who use strong-arm police tactics like breaking down the door of the Virginia home of Manafort in the wee hours of the morning in an act of police-state intimidation.

Mueller has been cited repeatedly for dishonesty and incompetence throughout his career. Yet he is being portrayed as a prosecutor of incalculable integrity since this is what Democrats always get away with, like the Kennedys being portrayed as paragons of virtue despite decades of abhorrent behavior, including blatantly illegal behavior.

Don’t let Mueller’s starched white shirts and proper ties fool you. He is a Washington goon of the first order. His outfit is as phony as he is.

Even worse Mueller has a mentor relationship with fired FBI director James Comey who played the pivotal role in not prosecuting Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. No surprise there. Mueller and Comey are both Deep State hacks who are close to the Clintons.

One of Mueller’s suspicious staff members was Peter Strzok, who was fired last Summer. Not only was Strzok shown to be a Trump-hating partisan but he also oversaw the phony July 2, 2016 “interview” with Hillary Clinton over her emails which was not recorded and not conducted under oath.

Comey even has been reported to have started drafting his statement to exonerate Hillary three months before she was even “interviewed”.

It is time to ‘drain the swamp’ of people like Mueller, Comey, Strzok and hundreds more like them. Fire them all, Mr. President!

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