Tainted Democrat Victory in Alabama Shows Dangerous Trend

The slim victory by far-left Democrat Doug Jones in the US Senate election in Alabama is not a repudiation of president Trump or anything like it.

It is the result of a scorched-earth strategy by the media, Democrats and the Republican Establishment against a conservative at a time when Democrats are desperate for any sign of political life.

There never was a shred of evidence that Roy Moore did what he was alleged to have done to a 14-year-old girl 38 years ago. That act was conveniently “discovered” by the media in classic Democrat ‘dirty tricks’ fashion about a month before the election.

The only piece of physical evidence in the case was a high school yearbook allegedly signed by Moore which belonged to another young lady who claimed that Moore had assaulted her in 1977. But that lady, now 56, admitted that she had forged Moore’s signature.

This should have been a sign that the whole case was a fraud, but the clock ran out on Roy Moore. Under the American legal system, Moore is innocent until proven guilty yet he has never even been charged legally with a crime, never mind stood trial.

When former Republican Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty called Moore “credibly a serial child molester”, this is extremely dangerous to our Constitutional republic and the rule of law.

Now compare Jones’ victory to that of Republican Scott Brown for the US Senate seat held for 40 years by Democrat Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts. That election was held one year after Obama took office, in January 2010.

That was a genuine repudiation of Obama. Brown won that seat legitimately. There was no massive media onslaught against his opponent. In fact the Massachusetts media favored his Democrat opponent.

The Republican Establishment complicity in the political assault on Roy Moore is not going to sit well with conservatives all over America. This is going to spell big trouble for the Republican party in future elections. Conservatives are not going to stand idly by and vote for any Republican. Those days are over.

Another point to consider: How many tens of thousands of Alabamians out of 1.3 million votes cast – and Jones’ small 21,000 vote victory margin – were intimidated into voting against Moore simply by the anticipation of negative media coverage that would have smeared Alabama for years if Moore had won?

This shows the power of the sleazy Fake News media to interfere in elections in so many ways.

Now let us compare this Alabama election to senator Kennedy himself. On July 18, 1969 Kennedy was driving his car late at night from a party on Chappaquiddick Island off of Massachusetts with a 28-year-old lady Mary Jo Kopechne as a passenger. Kennedy is believed to have been headed back to his hotel to have sex with Kopechne.

Kennedy drove the car off a rickety bridge into the water, and he allowed the woman to drown as he spent the next 8 hours trying to cover up the crime. Kennedy then lied about the incident in public statements which did not square with the facts. Yet even after all that Kennedy never missed a day of work in the US Senate.

This shows the massive double standard that we experience every day in the American media. Rather than demand Kennedy’s ouster the media and Democrats simply dismissed the death as an accident for which Kennedy should not be penalized. After all, he was a Democrat.

Or how about Democrat Massachusetts congressman Gerry Studds who was only censured but not expelled from the House after admitting to a sexual relationship with a 17-year old congressional page.

Let us also compare Roy Moore to another Democrat ‘dirty trick’ on October 28, 2008 when incumbent Republican US senator Ted Stevens of Alaska was convicted on phony corruption charges by rogue government prosecutors.

Stevens lost his re-election bid shortly thereafter by just 1.25 points. Many Alaskans believed that the charges were a political hit job. And they were. In April 2009 CNN reported:

A federal judge on Tuesday set aside the conviction of Republican former Sen. Ted Stevens while excoriating the case’s prosecutors.

Emmet Sullivan also appointed an independent, nongovernment attorney, Henry Schuelke III, to investigate possible misconduct by the government lawyers who prosecuted the 85-year-old former senator from Alaska.

“In nearly 25 years on the bench, I’ve never seen anything approaching the mishandling and misconduct that I’ve seen in this case,” Sullivan said.

Stevens’ loss allowed the Democrats to get to 60 seats in the US Senate. Without those 60 seats, Obamacare never would have passed.

Friends, the war on Roy Moore is called “clearing the field”. It is a standard Democrat tactic. It means that Democrats win by clearing the field of opponents rather than winning elections legitimately.

Typically Moore’s accuser was believed immediately by the same Democrats and media who still refuse to believe that Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick after Broaddrick has claimed that rape for 20 years now.

Note: This election was a “special” election to fill the seat of Republican US senator Jeff Sessions who left the Senate to become US attorney general. This seat will almost certainly go back to a Republican in the regular election cycle in 2020.

This attack on Moore is very dangerous since Democrats and their media cronies are going to seek to gin up these stories for every Republican and conservative who runs for office from now on. And thus an otherwise good candidate who has even a minor problem in his or her past might be afraid to run. It is an intimidation tactic that we should fear greatly – trial by media.

The campaign against judge Moore was much like the Duke lacrosse case of 2006 in which three white Duke lacrosse players were accused of raping a black stripper. The media fomented national outrage at the lacrosse players but eventually the players were cleared, the liberal Democrat prosecutor in the case went to jail for misconduct, and the accuser is now in prison for murdering her boyfriend.

Unfortunately Roy Moore will never have the chance to clear his name in the same way. The election is over and Moore will be ignored from now on by the media.

Now, here is a quick word about terrorism. Look at what a top islamic spokesman said about president Trump. This is from PJ Media:

Terrorist’s Family Smears Cops

Nihad Awad, executive director and founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), argued that President Trump is “empowering Christian religious extremism in the United States” by announcing his intention to move the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Oh, sure, Christian extremism. This is utterly preposterous. This is a classic tactic of terrorists and their supporters and enablers to deflect attention from the international terror movement that is a crucial player in promoting modern-day militant islam.

Meanwhile the family of the failed December 11 New York City terrorist is claiming that some people were not treated well by the New York police after the attack. The implication is that the people were muslims who were questioned about the attack, apparently people in the terrorist’s family.
This sounds like a fake claim to deflect attention from the terrorist and shift negative attention onto the police.

Nikitas3.com has been saying for years that we must start dealing with radical islam by expelling all muslims from the US who are not citizens; halting all immigration into the US from muslim nations; and then proceeding from there to crack down hard on radicals still in the US.

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