End the Welfare State & Make ‘em Pedal for Prosperity

“Everyone needs to pay something,” Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann said about taxation during a debate when she was running for the Republican nomination for president in 2012.

Amen… Good for her common sense, which we expect from a conservative. Since when are 47% of American workers exempt from paying federal taxes as statistics show today that almost half of all paycheck earners pay no federal levies?

Meanwhile why are so many ‘poor’ people at the bottom of the economic ladder allowed to pay nothing and then not work while collecting huge amounts of money from the government as the tax burden falls more and more on those who are paying?

President Trump’s plan is the best of all – cut government handout spending and replace it with jobs. It can be done easily. It works every time the proper principles are applied.

Nikitas3.com estimates that American taxpayers have dished out $100 TRILLION in anti-poverty programs in federal, state, local and private charity handouts and in in-kind services over the last 50 years. That would be equal to about $2 trillion a year in today’s $20 trillion annual US economy. That sounds like a rational and accurate number.

Yet we have more poor people than ever, i.e., these handout programs are not working and never have. If just $25 trillion of that $100 trillion had been invested in the private economy we would have A) given massive relief to tens of millions of taxpayers; B) eliminated the federal debt; and C) created enough wealth and jobs to eliminate most poverty and dependency.

Have you noticed that the state with the most serious homeless crisis today is the most liberal state of all, California? How can that be? Isn’t socialism supposed to solve everything?

Our current system has come about through creeping socialism where “the poor” have gotten more and more and more. Think about tens of millions of long-term, non-working, able-bodied, non-elderly handout poor; Social Security disability fraudsters; and single mothers and runaway fathers who have more and more children while relying on taxpayers to pay to raise their children.

This phenomenon has been growing for decades. They contribute nothing to our economy but they collect vast amounts of wealth from the taxpayers. This must end.

Indeed we are supposed to wring our hands about ‘the poor’ every single day while Democrats do everything they can to get more and more of them onto the federal dole in order to get more Democrat votes. This includes illegal aliens by the millions.

Sure, some of these people are legitimately poor and we should offer them some assistance, but not too much since too much assistance amounts to coddling and it just creates more dependency and weakness. And ‘working poor’ people should be helped as well.

On the other hand tens of millions of ‘poor people’ are simply con artists. They have been living comfortably off of the taxpayer for decades. I see them in my town every day.

Yet millions of these welfare cheaters will not work at all if you challenge them. Look at this from Breitbart News:

Thousands of people have dropped off the food stamp rolls in Georgia as a result of the state implementing work requirements for food stamp recipients.

More than half of the 11,779 people enrolled for food stamps in 21 counties, an estimated 7,251 people, have dropped out of the food stamp program—a drop of 62 percent, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

In short, many of ‘the poor’ run and hide when asked to work. This is well-known, like the homeless people who will not take jobs when they are offered. Because many of these homeless and poor are perfectly happy living the way they are. They don’t have to work or answer to anyone and they get enough in welfare or other handouts to get by, often to live quite well.

Rest assured, friends, that most ‘poor’ people in America are not suffering. They have food, clothing, shelter, and they often have cable TV, air conditioning and free government-funded cell phones that they chat away the day on. Poor people in America today have better health care, cleaner water and safer food than kings did 300 years ago. They also have electricity, which those kings never had.

But then they cry poverty and the Democrats go running to them with bags of taxpayer cash. It is shameful. They should at the very least be required to do some work in exchange for their handouts. Nikitas3.com has a proposal called Pedaling for Prosperity, which is at the end of this commentary.

At the same time law-abiding, self-reliant, taxpaying Tea Partiers who go to work every day and who are footing the bill are mocked and maligned by the same Democrat party and its media cronies. This is beyond shameful.

This dependency is a socialist strategy to overwhelm the government with costs that cannot be cut back because too many people depend on it. This is why Democrats want so many poor illegal aliens. It is a vicious cycle designed to destroy the economy so that the Democrats can take over with the votes of the dependent poor.

Thus it is time to finally demand that these “takers” contribute to solving this economic crisis. Because no government handout checks have been reduced in our current budgets while taxes go up and up and up on the rest of us and the national debt explodes.

So here’s a solution: Let’s start taxing the idle handout poor. After all, they have been getting everything for free for decades now, often amounting to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per person every year, often from multiple government sources. They alone have caused our national debt.

Does that not sound like a big part of our current problem – no giving and all taking?

And no, we will not tax them by asking them to fill out a tax form. Because they just won’t do it anyway.

No, we should simply take away their welfare check completely or cut it by 50% or or at the very least cut 25% from every handout. It’s easy. Just cut every single agency budget by 25% – food stamps, WIC, housing subsidies, etc. Bingo. No muss, no fuss, no tax forms. The cut is automatic. Then that 25% cut in every budget would amount to hundreds of billions of dollars saved by the federal and state governments.

These savings will automatically spark strong economic activity and create millions of jobs because responsible and productive people will see that we are getting serious about our government deficits, and they will work hard and invest more. This will then create millions of jobs for those dependent people. And for those who won’t work, let them suffer.

These cuts then will show the freeloaders what it’s like for tens of millions of working folks under Obama who have seen our incomes slashed and our taxes increased relentlessly while the “takers” have lived for decades without a penny of deprivation.

If you understand how many of these idle “poor people” live today, you realize that they are essentially living middle-class lives except without working for it like the middle class does or like the working poor do, or worrying about anything like the middle class does every day or like the working poor do. They are drawing down every government program imaginable and with zero conscience about it. Because they are trained to have no conscience by liberalism.

So let them eat cheaper but healthier foods like people in poor countries do, like more beans, rice and eggs and less Coke and Twinkies and iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.

If you go where the freeloaders are you will see them every day drinking bottles of soda, beer or whiskey, sipping coffee from the deli at $2 a cup, eating donuts, smoking cigarettes and talking on their free cell phones. Nikitas3.com has seen thousands of examples of it in my town alone over the last decade.

At the grocery store, I have seen food stampers buying bottled water! As if tap water is not good enough! Good grief!

This all needs to end because it adds up to hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per person per year and, in the final analysis, hundreds of billions in deficit spending. And we should take away their cable TV and air conditioning too. They do not need them to survive. Millions of working people live without cable TV and air conditioning because they cannot afford them. Now poor people even have pets. This must go as well.

These “poor” people are not Biblical poor or Calcutta poor who are living subsistence lives on the streets. Most of them have relatively high standards of living with food, clothing, shelter, medical care and everything else paid for by the taxpayer. They are not suffering, rest assured. It is time to cut their handouts after the government has taxed everyone else and everything else to the bone.

And since the Democrats go koo-koo over every cigarette smoked, we can give every welfare recipient a nicotine test. And those who fail should lose their handout. After all, they shouldn’t be smoking of spending money on cigarettes.

Another group needs to start contributing their fair share of taxes – the tens of millions of people who are working for a paycheck, but who pay zero federal taxes. This is because of available deductions, even when they earn $20,000 a year or $50,000 a year or more. That group is part of the 47% of workers who earn a paycheck but pay no federal taxes. They must pay something. We conservatives believe that we all should pay some taxes, but a reasonable amount like 1% or 5%.

What about “the rich” and big business? Shouldn’t we just tax them more? After all, they have plenty of money.

No, “the rich” already are paying plenty. In New York City the Top 1% of taxpayers already pays 43% of the city’s taxes while 1.3 million ‘poor’ New Yorkers pay zero. The statistics on the federal level are equally imbalanced. It is time for all of this to change.

And the more you tax business, the fewer jobs will be created since business will move away or stop hiring to pay all the taxes. That is why the American economy is moving to the low-tax states.

It has been proven that the more you tax “the rich” the more the economy goes down. The economic booms of the 1920s, 1960s and 1980s were sparked by steep reductions in tax rates for “the rich”. These economic booms benefited all Americans with jobs, prosperity and the best thing of all – hope.

(Note: Nikitas3.com would consider a special tax on rich Democrats since they always claim that “the rich” should be taxed more.)

Now here is the Nikitas3.com plan to make welfare recipients work for their checks:

First, a question: What resource always has value?

Answer: Energy does. Particularly refined energy like electricity.

So how could we ask that the idle poor and the welfare freeloaders start paying for their government handout?

Answer: We could demand that they create energy, specifically electricity. Under this plan utility companies would establish ‘pedaling centers’ all over the nation, particularly in poor urban neighborhoods.

These pedaling centers would have rows of stationary bicycles, like exercise bicycles. But instead of spinning wheels, the bikes would spin electrical generators. Poor people on the dole would be required to produce a certain amount of electricity in order to get their welfare, food stamps etc. Their handout would depend on how much electricity they generated.

It would force the idle poor to be productive in a way that could be precisely measured – in kilowatt-hours. And they would create the most valuable energy type of all.

Many techniques have been tried to get the freeloaders to work and have failed. Freeloaders were supposed to pick up trash under mayor Giuliani in New York City, but you often saw them sitting on park benches, as Nikitas3.com witnessed personally when I lived in the city. And that system frequently required that the freeloaders show up at a certain place, be transported somewhere else, transported back etc. etc. All very expensive and time consuming.

Meanwhile the welfare staters always lament that there is no possible way for these deprived souls to get the skills or education to become productive citizens. But pedaling requires zero skills or education. So why not have a Pedaling for Prosperity program in every city? It would have many benefits, like these:

*Since “freeloaders” are by definition able-bodied they could produce large amounts of electricity. Just think of millions of people pedaling and pedaling every day. This would help to solve our energy crisis at the same time.

*The pedaling centers could be located in buildings throughout poor neighborhoods so that freeloaders could not claim that they could not get to the centers or use some other lame excuse for doing nothing all day.

*There would not have to be any set schedule since freeloaders are notorious for their lack of punctuality. The freeloaders could show up at any time and pedal. Their work would be duly noted electronically.

*No pedaling, no handout. Period.

*The utility would get the electricity fed directly into the power grid.

*Fat freeloaders would have to get on the bikes too. No exceptions for obesity.

*Poor single welfare mothers could bring their children to the pedaling center and could watch their kids as they pedaled, and would not need expensive child care.

*Pedaling is easy. No skills or education are needed. Thus uneducated, unskilled people could produce one of the most valuable commodities of all – electricity.

*When freeloaders are pedaling and producing electricity they are not at home consuming electricity watching cable TV in their air-conditioned apartments, or spending taxpayer money at Dunkin’ Donuts. This is a win-win situation.

*There would be no talking allowed on freeloader cell phones during pedaling. That in itself will save taxpayers billions.

*Pedaling centers could be put in jails where “reduced sentence for good behavior” can be changed to “reduced sentence for productive behavior (making electricity)”.

*Crazy people, drug addicts, homeless and alcoholics could generate electricity too. It just requires you to sit there and pedal. No skill at all is involved.

*Poor people who spent time pedaling would not be wandering the streets all day doing nothing like they do most of the time.

*The pedaling centers would feed directly into the power grid so that the electricity would directly benefit the economy in general. This would begin to help to pay back to the economy in one miniscule way for the $100 trillion in handouts that the freeloader is getting and has been getting for the last 50 years.

Friends, there are far, far too many people on the dole in America contributing zero. Their handouts are not economically sustainable. We need to act. These pedaling centers are the way to go. In fact billions of the world’s poor could make Pedal Power a way to create wealth and electricity. After all, every nation needs electricity.

Pedaling for Prosperity! Another great idea that you saw first at the most enlightened website of all – Nikitas3.com

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