At a time when Democrats have claimed that president Trump is hated, is ineffective and crippled, and cannot get anything done, the House and Senate have passed the most significant piece of tax legislation in 31 years.

President Trump will sign the bill soon, probably on Thursday. This will be a huge Christmas present to America.

In other words the Democrats are totally wrong… Again. Just like they were totally wrong about the 2016 election.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed the House easily 227 to 203 and then passed the Senate by a narrow margin of 51 to 48, along party lines.

There should have been 52 Republican votes but the coward John McCain went running back to Arizona for health reasons rather than staying and fighting for the American people with his vote.

The liberals are so unhinged that a female protestor exposed her breasts in the House chamber as the bill was passed(!)

This bill never would have come to fruition under any other leader. This was Trump’s bill and the positive effect that it is going to have on the economy is going to propel president Trump to re-election in 2020, predicts

Trump was elected primarily to fix the economy. Already he is doing a fantastic job. The economic numbers are great today just by dint of the fact that Trump is president, is exuding confidence, is ‘jawboning’ business leaders in the US and worldwide to believe in the US, and has cut reams of regulations.

Democrats said that Trump could never get to 3% growth yet that already is in the bag. In 2018 the economy is going to take off like we have not seen in more than 15 years thanks to this tax reduction and reform bill. There could easily be 4% and 5% growth next year. predicts that the Trump economy will produce as many as 25 million new jobs by 2025 when the president leaves office, or 12 million more jobs than Hillary Clinton would have created with statist Obama-type policies.

And the Trump jobs are going to be good-quality jobs. Even top Democrats admitted that Obama was producing too many low-wage and part-time jobs. Everyone knew it.

Congratulations to president Trump from A job well done…

Four of the most significant parts of the tax bill are:

*Repeal of the coercive Obamacare “individual mandate” that forces people to buy health insurance. This is going to have the effect of killing Obamacare. Great. This is the real ‘repeal’ of Obamacare.

*An associated provision opens up oil drilling in the 10 billion barrel ANWR “1002” deposit in northern Alaska. This will offer a whole new generation of fuel from this oil-rich region where there are many deposits like ANWR that also will come under consideration for drilling.

*The middle class is going to get long-overdue tax relief. Wonderful. With more money in their pockets they will spend it and stimulate the economy.

*Corporations and businesses are going to see their rate reduced from the highest in the world at 35% down to 21%. This will make America competitive with nations with a lower rate that are drawing jobs away from the US.

Poland, which has the most vibrant economy in Europe, has a 19% business tax rate. The stagnant German economy had a rate as high as 57% in 1995. Today it is 29%.

This business tax cut is really going to drive the economy. This will expand the middle class itself by creating millions of good jobs every single year.

In November 2017 alone we saw 31,000 new manufacturing jobs created after decades in which manufacturing jobs were declining. In the next decade we could see millions more good manufacturing jobs created.

The high 35% business rate was causing companies to flee our shores, discouraging businesses from locating here, and was sucking vast amounts of capital out of corporations. That capital now is going to go to better salaries, benefits and pensions and, most importantly to expansion of facilities through new investment in new technologies and products, i.e., more jobs.

AT&T announced within hours of the passage of the bill that it would give a special $1,000 bonus to 200,000 American employees. AT&T also announced that it will make a new $1 billion investment in the US.

Fifth Third Bancorp in Cincinnati, Ohio, announced after the passage of the Trump tax plan that it will pay more than 13,500 employees a bonus and voluntarily raise the minimum wage for its workforce to $15 an hour. Boeing announced a $300 million investment.

Comcast said it will give $1,000 bonuses to 100,000 employees and invest more than $50 billion in infrastructure investment over the next several years.

Expect many more stories like these. This is what we get when companies are allowed to keep more of their money.

The Democrats are in total panic. They did everything that they could do to block this tax bill by calling it a “tax cut for the rich”. Democrats say that reducing taxes is going to lead to less money going to the government, and increased deficits.

That is false. The three greatest economic booms in US history were preceded by reductions in the top tax rate in the 1920s, the 1960s and the 1980s.

In 1923, Republican president Calvin Coolidge and his Treasury secretary Andrew Mellon cut the top rate from 63% to 25%. This set off the Roaring 20s.

In 1963, Democrat president Kennedy cut the top rate from 90% to 70%. This set off the Roaring 1960s.

In 1981 Republican president Ronald Reagan cut the top tax rate from 70% to 28%. This set off the Roaring 1980s and did not reduce revenues to the government as Democrats predicted. In fact revenues to the government actually increased by a whopping 91% over 8 years from all of the extra economic activity.

The stock market was responding positively throughout 2017 leading up to the tax bill vote, expecting it to pass. The market is up 5,000 points under Trump. Stunning and unprecedented.

All other major economic indicators have been going up, up, up since president Trump was elected. They are going to go up more now that the tax bill is going to go into effect.

Democrats are deathly afraid of the improving economy. They know that they are not going to get any credit as the economy takes off. That is why they opposed the Trump tax bill.

As the economy improves throughout 2018 and as the phony Russia investigation turns up nothing on the president, Trump is going to see spikes in his popularity. This is going to be a “perfect storm” this is going to boost the president right before the mid-term elections of 2018, which will help Republicans and conservatives big-time at the ballot box.

Now here is a quick word about the federal judiciary:

Judge Alex Kozinski of the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has been accused of sexual harassment by many women. He will now retire.

The 9th Circuit is the notoriously liberal court. Fox news reported:

Kozinski’s retirement leaves five seats open on the 9th Circuit, with two more judges already having announced their intention to retire next year. That gives President Donald Trump potentially seven seats to fill on the largest and most liberal appeals court in the country.

Wow. Great news. Another huge win for president Trump. They just keep coming.

As candidate Trump said during the campaign, “We’re gonna win so much that… you may even get tired of winning!”

To which responds: No we won’t!

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