Conservatives, Republicans Finally Uniting Behind Trump

Donald Trump has had historically vicious opposition in his run for the presidency, and for his tenure in the White House. He has been rabidly opposed by Democrats, leftists, the media and Hollywood, but even by many conservatives and Republicans.

But lo and behold the tide is turning with these latter two groups. After a successful first year in office climaxing with passage of the tax bill, president Trump is now rising in stature among those people in his own party who did not trust him.

This is a major development and it became apparent in the December 20 celebration ceremony at the White House following the passage of the historic tax cut and reform legislation.

There we saw dozens of happy Republicans smiling broadly as Trump glad-handed two people who have been viewed over the last year by many conservatives as the enemy within – Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and Republican House majority leader Paul Ryan.

Just a few months ago, with the failure of the Obamacare repeal bill, McConnell and Ryan were being perceived by conservatives as nagging obstructors of the Trump agenda. After all, we knew that Democrats would never cooperate, but the Republicans too?

We conservatives were furious with the Never Trumpers on our own side from Rich Lowry at the National Review and commentator George Will to recalcitrant legislators like McConnell, Ryan, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, Bob Corker and Lisa Murkowski.

Then along comes the tax bill and whamo – unity. It was magical at a most crucial moment, to make the whole year come out right just before Christmas. These Republicans finally pulled together at the 11th hour to deliver to president Trump one of the biggest political victories ever for a US leader.

Trump ally and Republican US Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah even suggested that Trump could end up being the greatest president ever. And that is not idle talk. Trump is turning our nation around in historical terms just by his force of will and personality.

Don’t ever underestimate what has happened here. There is nothing like a big political win and a group hug among bickering factions to set things right. Now the president will be able to call on “Susan” and “Mitch” and bring them together on new legislative actions in 2018.

Then when the economy takes off next year and Republicans are given credit, anti-Trump mania is going to fade even more among both Americans at large and particularly among Republicans.

Then do not forget this crucial element: After months of investigation, the Mueller probe has found nothing on the Russia collusion story. This finally is sinking in with Republicans in Washington. In other words, they no longer are scared that Trump is going to go down and that they are going to go down with him.

President Trump’s achievements in 2017 were nothing short of astounding. Even without passing any legislation he repealed net neutrality, shrank federal land holdings in Utah, gave us 3% economic growth, eliminated reams of regulations, decimated ISIS and ended the wars in Iraq and Syria, made successful foreign-policy trips to Europe and Asia, approved new pipelines, built prototypes for the Mexican border wall, put a conservative on the US Supreme Court and fearlessly confronted his political adversaries. And on and on.

Now we have an historic tax bill that not only will give us 4% and 5% growth in 2018, and maybe more, but which finally will kill Obamacare and also open up drilling in the rich ANWR oil deposit in Alaska.

Polls show president Trump with current popularity from 35% to 48%, which is low-to-good for a president’s first term. But with the withering everyday assault by the media you would expect his popularity to be 10%. It is not since Trump is slowly but surely emerging as a strong leader and Americans are seeing that he really means business. believes that the president is really much more popular than the polls shows, just as he was in the election of 2016.

And as Republicans and conservatives rally around him, they will see that he is good for their cause too, as always has. After all wrote as early as January 18, 2011 that Trump was going to be elected president after hearing him do a half-hour interview on the Rush Limbaugh radio show the day before.

Will president Trump be embraced by every Never Trumper like the Bush family or Mitt Romney?

Well, that may be a stretch. But Trump is getting things done that Romney or the Bushes never could do, and so he may be getting some grudging respect, in private of course.

They must be secretly envious of Trump’s political skills that helped him to get elected, keep the Senate in the hands of the Republicans, suffer endless criticism in the media and still get a historic tax bill passed.

This president truly is transformative. He has overcome every single setback and bounced back stronger each time. Example: One week after an Alabama Senate election loss that looked like bad news for Trump and Republicans, the president repealed net neutrality and then got a huge political victory with the tax bill. believes that this tax bill has truly changed the equation, that Trump now has tremendous momentum to move forward with his agenda in the year to come, and beyond.

While his critics were sure that they were going to bring down Trump it is his critics who now are falling like dominoes.

Gee, I wonder what “low energy Jeb” Bush is doing these days?

Probably scowling at our “high energy” president and his achievements, that’s what. And comparing them to the train wreck of the George W. Bush presidency.

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