Trump Popularity is Solid/ Mexico May Elect Radical President

The Rasmussen polling firm, which has been the most accurate poll in the last 20 years, shows that president Trump and Obama had the same popularity (47%) near the end of their first year in office, Trump in December 2017 and Obama in December 2009.

The big difference is that the Fake News media have spent two-and-a-half years trashing Trump and fabricating the Russia collusion story while the same media have slobbered all over Obama since the day that he was elected to the US Senate in 2004.

So estimates that if the media were simply neutral that Trump would today have a 70% approval and that Obama at this point in 2009 would have had a 24% rating.

Even at 47% Trump is more popular than most leaders around the world. Then it is important to remember that most big American polls like ABC, CNN, NBC and CNN are ‘media polls’ run by Trump-hating media companies to make Trump look bad. So they should be ignored when they say that Trump’s popularity is low. also believes that there is a big backlash of sympathy that has built for president Trump after the horrible media treatment since he was elected. also believes that Trump’s approval polls will spike by 5 to 10 points after the Meuller investigation finds no Trump collusion with Russia.

This Mueller probe is one of the main things keeping Trump approval numbers down; this is why the probe was launched to begin with – to hurt Trump in any way possible.

Now here is the commentary about Mexico:

Mexico is a poor nation that may elect a far-left president next July to make things worse. We Americans should be concerned about this since Mexican politics affects the US in the flow of trade, along with crime, illegal drugs and illegal immigration.

Mexico currently has a $1.1 trillion annual national economy. The US state of Florida alone has a $900 billion annual state economy and thus Mexico’s weak economic condition is clear for all to see.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (called AMLO) is a left-winger who was mayor of Mexico City from 2000 to 2005 and who ran for president in 2006 and lost by a tiny margin to conservative Felipe Calderon. He ran again in 2012 and lost to Enrique Pena Nieto of the leftist PRI party. AMLO now says that he will run again in 2018 and he could win.

Calderon and his predecessor Vicente Fox, elected in 2000, were part of a reform leadership for Mexico called the National Action Party (PAN), the equivalent of the Republican party in the US.

Fox was elected after the super-corrupt PRI, the Mexican equivalent of the US Democrat party, had controlled Mexico with virtually no challenge from 1929 to 2000, causing the national economy to stagnate and even collapse during decades when strong US economic growth could have helped Mexico greatly.

Fox and Calderon ushered in reforms that have stimulated the Mexican economy and brought Mexico into the modern global economy. Fox and Calderon also were assisted by a lopsided NAFTA agreement which helped Mexico at the expense of the US.

To understand Mexico you need to understand its political and economic system. Mexico is controlled in every way by descendants of white Europeans from Spain who migrated to Mexico over many centuries after 1519 and the explorer Cortes. Many of these Euros are very socialistic people.

The native Mexicans are short-statured, dark-skinned Indians who make up a large percentage of the millions of immigrants, legal and illegal, in the US. They are the poorest Mexicans.

These Euros formed the socialist PRI in order to get and keep political and economic power. Their central government in Mexico City is like Washington – an elite bureaucracy that has taken as much wealth as it could while the nation suffered in terrible economic conditions. PRI has been riddled with corruption from the start.

Mexican presidents serve a single six-year term. After Fox and Calderon, Pena Nieto got the PRI back in power in 2012 but Pena Nieto and his party are falling in the polls from corruption. And thus there is an opening for a challenge from the conservative right and now from the far-left in AMLO.

The situation is described by Kate Linthicum in the Los Angeles Times. Each Linthicum excerpt is followed by a comment:

Linthicum writes: One of Mexico’s most controversial and resilient political figures (AMLO) formalized his bid for the presidency Tuesday, vowing if elected to wean Mexico off U.S. agricultural imports, increase aid for students and the elderly and consider amnesty for drug war criminals. comment: Yup, increase government spending and then make deals with the most vicious criminals. This guy is a true left-winger.

Linthicum writes: This time around, AMLO is leading in the polls, with a recent one showing him 12 percentage points ahead of his nearest rival. With Peña Nieto’s dismal approval ratings dragging down his ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, and voters anxious about rising homicide rates, high-profile corruption scandals and tense relations with the United States, AMLO and his supporters think the moment is right for his populist message. comment: AMLO is not a populist. He is a communist.

Linthicum writes: How (AMLO) fares in the July 1 election will depend in no small part on his own ability to stay focused on his message and avoid gaffes.

(His) recent off-the-cuff declaration that he would consider offering amnesty to those involved in the drug trade who agreed to rehabilitation was a reminder to many of his tendency to sometimes speak too freely. A recent poll found two-thirds of Mexicans disapproved of the proposal, which was publicly rebuked by several of Mexico’s top defense officials. comment: Obrador was just telling Mexicans who he really is. People on the left always make deals with criminals since they work with the criminals to rule their nations, states, cities, etc., just like Democrats in the US have worked closely with organized crime for the last century, primarily in stealing elections and controlling our cities.

Linthicum writes: What he sometimes lacks in discipline he makes up for in name recognition. Lopez Obrador became the face of the Mexican left thanks to his two previous campaigns and the months-long protest he led in the main square of Mexico City after his 2006 loss, which he blamed on vote fraud. comment: He is a classic leftist. When he loses an election, he declares it fraud and his supporters start protests, riots and violence. That sounds like the anti-Trumpers. They are all part of the same international communist movement.

Linthicum writes: Jose Antonio Meade, a Yale-educated former finance minister and the likely PRI candidate, has an impressive background in energy and the economy but is unknown to much of the Mexican public. His party, which has held power for all but 12 of the last 88 years, has been damaged by recent corruption scandals involving the president’s family and several prominent governors. comment: Oh, boy, a PRI candidate from Yale. Watch out for this clown. He is certainly an elite, buttoned-down New World Order globalist like Kerry, Clinton, Bush and all of the other Yalies. The Mexicans would be better off with a farmer as president.

Linthicum writes: The outcome of the presidential race could have big consequences for the US, which cooperates with Mexico on matters of security, immigration and trade. The two countries, along with Canada, are locked in tense renegotiations over the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

That pact, which abolished tariffs on goods moving between the countries and helped transform Mexico from a smaller, inward-looking economy to one of the world’s leading manufacturers, was for years a top target of Lopez Obrador, who blamed it for emptying Mexico’s countryside of farmers and fueling migration to the U.S. comment: The Mexican countryside has emptied out because farming today needs fewer and fewer workers with mechanization and consolidation after the shrinking of the old system of family farms. The same thing has happened in the US. AMLO is exploiting this natural phenomenon for his political advantage just like environmentalists are exploiting natural changes in the climate for their own advantage. These people are all the same. Everything is done to get political power. Everything…

Linthicum writes: Lopez Obrador told his supporters that while maintaining a relationship of friendship and cooperation with the U.S. is important, “we will not accept the mistreatment of migrants, or racist, hegemonic or arrogant attitudes.” comment: ‘Mistreatment of migrants’? No, friends, America has allowed millions of Mexican immigrants to come to the US illegally, stay here without fear, and send hundreds of billions in remittances back to Mexico. That sounds like excellent treatment to

Linthicum writes: But while Lopez Obrador has gone to lengths to portray himself as a man of the people who will stamp out the corruption of Mexico’s ruling elites, some complain that he has given few examples of how he’ll fix the problems. comment: Since he is on the far left he will not fix the problems. He will simply become part of the corruption himself.

Now here is a word about ‘green’ hysteria:

Green’ Hysteria Debunked Again

Look at this from The Independent news site in Britain:

A beach in Ireland which vanished 12 years ago has reappeared overnight.

The sands of Ashleam Bay, on the island of Achill, were washed away by a storm in 2005, leaving just boulders and rock pools.

But locals noticed the sudden return of the beach following a summer that has seen Storm Brian batter the Irish coast.

Sean Molloy, manager of Achill Island Tourism, told the Daily Mail that earlier storms had cleared the beach of boulders, before Brian brought the sand back.

“There is local folklore that stretches back hundreds of years that says this beach comes back every seven years then disappears again,” he said.

Malcolm Cooney, a local who has lived on Achill his whole life, said the bay is “always different.”

This story again debunks the hysterical ‘green’ myth which says that the oceans are irrevocably rising and swallowing the land and that that land will never come back.

‘Green’ mythology never considers the truth about nature – that it is constantly changing and that nature often compensates for itself and finds a balance, like forests growing back more vigorously after the trees are clear-cut or burned in a fire. Or long droughts are often ended by big storms, as we saw in California.

At the same time there is zero evidence that the seas are ‘rising’ anyway, or that they ever will swallow coastal cities. There are no cities that today are underwater after Al Gore said in 2007 that seas were going to rise 17 feet. Why isn’t every coastal city in the world building a wall around itself if this threat is so real?

Answer: Because everyone knows that ‘rising seas’ is another ‘green’ fraud like ‘climate change’ itself is. Al Gore is a national joke. Tens of millions of us roll our eyes and shake our heads when we hear his name. In fact Gore bought a beachfront home in California in 2010. So he’s apparently not too worried about “rising seas” himself.

Here’s another way that ‘green’ hysteria has been debunked:

Hurricane Irma made landfall on September 10, 2017 in the Florida Keys, an island chain over 100 miles long in the ocean south of Florida. These islands are very small; some are just a few hundred feet long, others a mile or two square, and most are just a few feet above sea level.

Not only did Irma’s winds destroy 12,000 homes, but there was a massive storm surge which always accompanies a hurricane. This means that ocean water ‘surged’ over the beaches and onto the islands, flooding homes and pushing sand off of the beaches and up onto the land.

After the storm beach sand was piled on some of the highways and parking lots of The Keys. It has now been scooped up and put back on the beach.

From the ‘green’ hysteria of the last few decades you would think that the Keys would have been washed away in such a storm. They weren’t. The Keys are pretty much back to where they were before the storm, and the cleanup is continuing.

So not only do we have no evidence whatsoever of ‘rising seas’ but proof that even a massive hurricane and its storm surge cannot destroy these delicate little islands. Amazing. It shows how resilient nature is. On the other hand, look at this from Newsmax from June 30, 2017:

A new island has formed off the North Carolina coast, emerging from the ocean along Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

The mile-long sandbar, nicknamed Shelly Island, is covered with seashells and multicolored pebbles that have been building since the late spring, according to CBS News. The new island has already become a buzz for tourists.

There are stories like this all over the world, like the beach story in Ireland. So while ‘greenies’ claim that the world is sinking, we have proof of the opposite.

One of the most prized pieces of real estate in the US is Palm Beach, Florida which is an island just a few hundred yards off of the east coast of the state, connected by bridges to the mainland. Palm Beach is 16 miles long and only one mile across at its widest point and just 500 feet at its narrowest. Some of the richest people in the US, including president Trump, have super-expensive homes there. It too is just a few feet above sea level.

Shouldn’t these smart, wealthy, well-informed people fear ‘rising seas’?

Answer: They don’t. They know the truth.

Finally here is a note from about president Trump, who also has an estate on a Caribbean island, versus left-wing billionaire Richard Branson who has property on a Caribbean island called Necker Island:

President Donald Trump’s estate on the Caribbean island of St. Martin survived Hurricane Irma nearly unscathed, while fellow billionaire Richard Branson’s private estate in the British Virgin Islands did not fare as well.

“Much of the buildings and vegetation on Necker (Island) has been destroyed or badly damaged. But British Virgin Islands Hurricane #Irma story is not about Necker – it is about the tens of thousands of people who have lost their homes and their livelihoods,” Branson wrote in an Instagram post.

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